Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To My Love

Your relationship with me began in my Fathers heart.
He planned and formed you -you were His perfect work of art.
My Father was pleased to give you to me.
It was His greatest gift but you came with a fee.
To make you all mine I gladly went to the cross.
I took on all that was broken to regain all that was lost.

I Love You!
Never More----Never Less

My love surrounds you and will fill you at request.
All you have to do is accept.
I give a life that is blessed.

Yours Truly;
Your Valentine and Groom
Happy Valentines Day



Andrew & Dawn said...

That's very pretty Sharon! Thanks for posting that song again - DH laughed! Sorry to ask you to do that but we're in Canada & can't download the songs from here. Thanks again! D

Sharon said...

Thanks for the comments. I have a group of women at church that I call, "my girls" we attend our womens group together. Some are married and some are not. I asked God to give me something to give them for Valentines Day-- this was it. Hope you have a romantic day tomorrow and you remember the wonderful reasons you love your Dh.
I love this music too--sorry you can't download it. I'll put some others up later.