Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It Is Good To Be A Woman

When I was young I really used to wish I had been born a guy. Don't panic! I am not saying I didn't like being a girl. I've had a passion since I was very young to be able to proclaim the words of the Lord. Now in the Baptist church that I was raised in that was a no no for a woman. I remember when I was about 9 or 10 telling my Mom that I wish I had been born a man because then I could have become a preacher. Strange?
For years inside and probably on the outside I fought against male authority. I thought that should have been me. A little rebellion? Oh yes! As my relationship with God changed I began to understand the desires that had been planted in me from a young age. It is truly an all consuming passion. That passion to proclaim the truth to the body of Christ. To see us all walking in the power and victory that was meant for us.
Now, in the past few years I have begun to appreciate the gender He assigned me. I like me. I like the personality He gave me although sometimes I don't understand where it all fits into His plans for me. I know He is not yet finished. But this is my thought, do we realize that as women we have a better chance of understanding some concepts than a man? What about the fact that we are The Bride of Christ. As a woman I can connect with that in so many different areas. First it speaks to me of love. The love of a groom for his bride. And the fact that he thinks she is beautiful. And that feeling inside a woman when she realizes she has been chosen over all others. This man who will take care of her and make her feel loved and secure. And what about the whole intimacy thing--not the physcial part, the emotional. Looking in to the eyes of your groom and knowing as you look into his eyes that he knows you but still loves you. And that He wants you to be his. You are his prize. He has won you.
So with up turned face I will lift my eyes to my groom and say, "thank you for picking me". Thank you that when I look in your eyes, I see what you see in me. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. And most of all thank you for loving everything about me. Gray hair, fat, wrinkles and all. You love me ---you really do. My groom!


Dee said...

I can't see the 'My Two Moms' post...

BTW, this is hilarious -- I always wanted to be a guy too!! :) Scary. I felt ripped off -- until I read Maxine Hancock's "I Didn't Ask to be a Girl But I Love Being a Woman" (which my mom bought for me). I am sooooooooo glad that I'm female now. But it didn't seem as fun when I was a kid.

Sharon said...

Dee--The My Two Moms post is under the blog archive---2/18-2/25. I went a little post crazy so there were a lot of postings at one time. Check out the post either above or below this post it has a great picture.

Nettie said...

This past Sunday, we read Genesis and how God created Eve. For the first time, I could really see how God wanted women to be ... how much thought and concern He put into creating us .. can't help but feel loved by that.
Great post!!