Friday, April 22, 2016

What do you do?

In the land of facebook, all seems well.
Children are getting good grades and well behaved.
New homes are purchased and vacation pictures abound.
Verses pop up and all is well with each soul.
Or so it seems.
But what do you with reality?
Parents get sick. Husbands lose their jobs. Finances are tight. Children have no interest in the good and true. Emotions toss us like waves in a storm. Darkness descends as sickness seems to take over our bodies.
What do you do?
The reality is not often the picture we see presented.
Behind the scenes, we often struggle with the reality of life. It is not easy. Our souls cry out to God for relief. Fix this God. Change them, God. Do something, God. Do you really care, God? And so our minds race. We wonder what we are doing wrong.We look at other lives and compare where we are to where they seem to be. If can become our constant companion.
Today I stand to look out on life, my view is so limited.
I am reminded today that my eyes are not to be focused on life, instead, they should be focused on Him. How is this even possible? My reality is ever in front of my eyes.
Today I am asking Him for eyes to see.
Father, open our eyes. Let us see our lives and this world through your eyes. I don't even know what that looks like at this point. And though we want to flee from the chaos around us....let us stand. May we not be found with our backs to the enemy. May we not rest and become despondent. I know you are calling forth in us what we were called to be. You are asking us to trust that you see the finished work we will be and you are orchestrating the steps it will take us to get there.
We do want to resemble you.

It is well, it is well with our souls.

We are loved. We truly are.

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pam said...

He is calling us into who He wants us to be...hmmm, yes.