Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Good Morning,

A sweet friend reminded me of the importance of writing down what God allows me to see. Sometimes what I see is in the physical, such as a beautiful flower and then sometimes He allows me to see pictures that are spiritual in nature.

So I am going to talk about what I am seeing right now in the spiritual.
 How many of us are carrying around burdens? Those burdens may be emotional or physical. Over the years, I have been taught how to properly lift a heavy object. If I follow that advice it will eliminate unnecessary strain on my body. There are times when it is necessary to use those lifting skills and yet I find that the object is entirely too heavy for me. My body quickly lets me know that what I am attempting to do will bring about damage to my body.  If I am wise enough to listen, I will quickly put the object back down.
Recently, there have been burdens that I have been trying to carry. The burdens are there and I want to move them out of the way. They are aggravating and they just need to be fixed so I can move on to new things. My CNA recertification is due and in order to send the paperwork, I needed a registered RN to sign the papers. The company I work for said they would be able to take care of this for me so that I could keep my CNA. And yet, the situation was not being taken care of in a timely manner. So on Monday morning, I told God that I was going to turn this over to Him. And by yesterday afternoon, the situation had been resolved. Were there actions I had to take to bring about this resolution? Yes, there were. But, the burden had been rolled over to His shoulders too.

Today it is almost as if God is saying, Did you really understand what took place? Let's try this again with a different burden and see if you learned anything. And so this morning I found myself looking at another sizeable burden. My mind started racing, the fixer began to try and figure out how to move or get rid of the burden. And the Spirit rose up and said, Let's talk. He suggested that I sit down and read what Mr. Chambers had been inspired to write today.

I sat down in my chair and picked up the devotional and ask God to speak to me. When I turned to today's date, the title made me smile. He goes before us and prepares the way. And here is the title,What To Do When Your Burden Is Overwhelming. He knows the road ahead. He knows that we are weak and yet we want to play like we are strong.

I was reminded this morning that the burden is not to be thrown off. It is not to be ignored. But I am to take the other end of the burden and place it on His shoulder. When I am weak...which is always....He is strong. He created us that way. Sometimes we just need a reminder that it is alright to glory in who we were created to be. Yes, we are warriors. But we have to remember that all that warrior garb is His. And He created how it works properly. If like little David, I try and wear armour that is not made for me....I am going to be weighed down and I will trip and fall.

So today, I will not be running from this burden. That burden is mine to bear......but only half of it is mine. I think I will find today that I often forget that burden is even there. As long as I am not walking faster than He, He will be carrying the weight of the matter. :)

Psalm 55:22 Casting today!

Remember....YOU ARE LOVED!


Anonymous said...

Sharon, your post reminded me of Jesus' Words in Matt. 11:29-30. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me today! -Tiffany

pam said...

The fixer....that is so how I too often feel. Slowing down my first responses, reactions and choosing to listen, to see where He is in everything that is and happens.