Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unexpected Treasures by Dr. Mikel Brown

 The Cadence Group recently asked me to do a review of the book-- Unexpected Treasures by author, Dr. Mikel Brown. Here is an introduction to this-new to me-author.
Dr. Mikel Brown was born in the fifties during the mid-civil rights movement. Raised part of his life in Cabrini Green Projects in Chicago during the sixties and later moved to predominately-white suburbia on the South Side of Chicago in 1968; he has seen his life go from one extreme to the next. While being the only black family in his Chicago Southside neighborhood, young Mikel endured extreme prejudice. He could have made the choice to become bitter, but he decided to become better. Excuses are claims to your missing resources and they stifle your creativity to be resourceful. When the obvious is a fact, facts are subject to change. Two negatives will simply short-circuit your power, but if you combine the positive and the negative-what you have is a release of power.You  become empowered to live life to its fullest.
"Your life is not short of lack the knowledge to be resourceful," says Dr. Brown. Your treasures are neatly stored and compiled in one of the most unexpected places--you! 
After reading the following on the front cover of the book..... I have to admit that my intent was to read through the book in order to do the review I had promised I would do. I have never enjoyed reading self help books.....the store shelves are loaded with them. I tend to think that there are too many authors out there that claim the right to help people based on their own life experiences....and this tends to put me on my guard.  Add to that the fact that I could not find anything on the front or back cover about God being the essential ingredient needed to achieve this success.....well, I began reading with a slightly critical eye. Dr. Mikel, says that by reading Unexpected Treasures-you will be introduced to 72 ways to uncover your hidden wealth....hmmm.
While reading through the book I noticed that each new chapter...each chapter is only two to three pages....seemed to jump to a new subject. Eventually it dawned on me-- this book is like the daily devotions so many of us read each day. There is a new gem to be found in each chapter! And on top of the time I had made it through a chapter or two Dr. Brown brought God into the picture. And for Dr. Brown..... each new picture(day) must begin framed by the hand of God.  He clearly states that success in our lives will only begin by bringing God into the picture at the beginning of the day..... and ending the day with the only One who can keep our life on the right path.   He talks about the principal of sowing and reaping and how we will never be able to escape that godly principal. Dr. Brown also covers some great guidelines to help us control and guide our thought life. There are many biblical principals found in this is kind of like have a godly mentor on hand... 24/7!
 I think this is a highly resourceful book......and I will keep it on hand to reread in the future.So many Christians need to be able to move beyond their past....and this book is a great stepping stone.
Here is a little more information about Dr. Brown.
"Dr. Mikel Brown is an author, businessperson, and a religious leader who resides in El Paso, Texas, with his wife and three children. He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with more than 27 years of experience.
Dr. Brown has has helped many people achieve success in business, marriage, personal development and peak performance. He is the President and CEO of CJC Enterprises and owner and CEO of Power Communications Network, through which he conducts seminars and special events. He is the author of Building Wealth from the Ground Up and How to Fix Your Marriage without Using a Hammer."
Dr. Mikel Brown
Published by CJC Publishing Company
(If you click on the name of the will be taken to Dr. Mikel Browns web page)  


luvmy4sons said...

What a delightful surprise that must have been. I love how God has His people everywhere! Blessings!

Denise said...

Nice review sis.

Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

It has been too long since I have been here... Things here have been in turmoil for some weeks now. Losing Dad just one week now seems like a dream and I keep wanting to walk across the yard and talk to him. I had no idea a heart could hurt like this...... I hope to be back to blogging soon and trying to catch up........

Love ya gal and please pray for mom. She just cannot remember from dad to day that dad is gone..... She grieve anew each morning.....

Terri said...

Hi Stranger! Been a busy summer here, but think of you always! Will check out this book! It sounds wonderful!
Seems I am just now ready to admit the damage done to me as a child by my well meaning grandmother. Work and write through this, followed by the reading of this book, perhaps all wounds will finally heal. I love you sharon!