Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thought I'd Share

So as ya'll know I bravely headed off for PA..on my own with my GPS....to visit with my friend Tracy in Mechanicsburg, PA. I left bright and early Thursday (5:00) morning and got there about 2:30. 
This is Tracy.
She welcomed me with open arms and I got the grand tour of her lovely home.
It was so good to be together....we haven't really seen each other in about three years. And since they have only recently moved to this area this was a great time to see her new home and spend her birthday with her.
We ate at a great restaurant on Thursday night and then went to see a movie.
On Friday morning we headed out for Amish country. I hadn't been there since I was in my teens....at which point I thought it would be nice to become Amish. It just seemed like a simple life without all the pretense and show....and I kind of liked that idea.
We stopped at a great place....if you are ever in Bird-n-Hand or Intercourse, PA....you must stop here.
I don't know why it is coming up this way......funny because it was not saved on my computer this way.
It was a great place with all types of fresh fruit and veggies, counters where you could sit and eat and plenty of other hand crafted items to buy.
Tracy ended up buying a shoo fly pie.....it was pretty good and brought back great memories of my last visit to Amish country.
Here are some pictures I took while there....although the Amish I am told do not like to have their picture taken....and I wonder why? :)

These were young kids making there way through time.....town. :)

Here was a young girl mowing the front lawn.
And I just thought this was cool.....those who do not feel the need to move with society..... and UPS....who keeps us on top of things.
It was just a very peaceful day.....the atmosphere just made you feel like you could breathe a little better.
I still think it might be nice to live like this. 
We also got to visit a great place with all kinds of shops and restaurants in Intercourse, PA.  Wish I could remember the name....but if you pass it....you really can't miss it.
We ate at a nice place and just enjoyed sitting by the window watching the world go by.
I will stop here....but I will be back tomorrow with our trip to Philly. 
Forgot to put this up....one of the Amish farms. BTW.....all these fields are plowed the old fashioned way....no tractors here. :)


luvmy4sons said...

Loved your pictures. I used to desire to be Amish...something about the slower pace of life...getting back to the basics. I know God has me where He wants me and needs me...

Looks like a wonderful visit! Weird about your sideways picture. A hassle the Amish do not have to deal with! LOL! Are they allowed photographs? I don't think so. Hmmmm

grey like snuffie said...

Seems so good...the simpler life and I'm sure it is in many ways. But I grew up around many different groups of Amish and Mennonites...the no picture is because you can be prideful having a picture of yourself and caring what you look like...at least those I was around had that view. But they also took GREAT PRIDE in living their simple life. We silly humans...no matter what we try and do our flesh rises up....God help us. So fun you could meet up with your friend and have an adventure.

Denise said...

Awesome pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Halfmoon Girl said...

You sneaky photographer, you! There are many Amish near my husband's family WAAYYY east of us. I told my mil that I wanted to take some photos of them and she said that they would get upset with me, so I didn't try...

Great pictures- the one of the UPS truck and the buggy is pretty cool.