Thursday, May 6, 2010

Surprise, surprise...well, not really :)

Just thought ya'll might like to know that I will be famous soon.
Well....kinda sorta. :)
I'll explain in a bit so you won't be looking for my name on the list of Pulitzer prize winners. ;)
We ended our Jobs Now program today with a real graduation.
It was kind of funny and very much unexpected. I was dressed to come in and pick up my certificates.....not dressed to walk the stage. And so since misery loves company I was glad to see that I was not the only one  dressed casually. And then of course they added to my discomfort by letting us know that the pictures they were taking would be put in the local paper. 
So....Hello! to Waynesville with me in my Capri's. So see I'll be kind of least you won't be seeing those pictures on the most wanted list. \o/
It was a beautiful time...ended by a sweet blessing from God. Remember that great talk we had about God at the end of one of my clinical s? I figured that it would be another that saw the fruit from the seeds planted...but God had a surprise for me. As I was leaving one of the young ladies asked for my number.....which I gladly gave. And then she ended by telling me why she wanted my number. You see she was one of those who has been seriously hurt by those calling themselves a Christian. There had been much damage done by the enemy and she had walked away from God and began searching elsewhere. She said she believed in God but did not believe the church was for her. But after our talk at the nursing home she had begun speaking to her husband about what God was saying to her.... oh she is a newlywed. She told her husband that she felt like it was time for her to return to the church. :) 
And she wanted my number because she doesn't live to far from me and she wandered if it would be o.k if she called me and maybe went with us.
Do I even have to say how excited I was? You see her husband lives in Florida...he is in school for the Navy and she is living here with her parents and doesn't know anyone in church.
 I told her I would be glad to have her join us. So God is working. If there was no other reason for me to go to school than to have this sweet one return to the was worth it all. 
Be praying for her.
Then I rushed out of graduation.....but not before I got a piece of the cake they had bought for us....and went to Julia's school to sit with her while she had lunch.
 Then off to a sweet friends house who had a graduation gift for me! And one that... I might add.... God provided so that I could go and take my state exam. He does supply our needs!
It was a beautiful day.....aren't they all when we are walking with Him?!
So tomorrow I will mail off my papers to get my test date. You can be sure I will let you know so that you can pray. :) There is another Christian woman from my class that will be sending in hers tomorrow too. We would like to be able to go together so that we can save some money on gas and have a little bit of support for each other. So we will see what God would be neat to find out that we had been scheduled on the same day. You can pray about that if you would.
That is it for now. 
Keep praying.....His moving!
Love ya big time!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Congratulations! God is using you for sure to minister to those around you. I know you will be a blessing to those you work with.

Pastor Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS MS. SHARON! And wow, a new career and lost sheep've done quite alright and I know Father is pleased! Love you soooooooooooooooooooo much! Doors are swinging upon for you and your beloved!

SunnySusan said...

Congrats to you and so awesome....God is working mightily...I knew it...doesn't surprise me in the least....PTL \0/

Terri said...

God is always working, just sometimes we are more aware of Him than others. I love that state of heightened awareness, wonderful huh?
So glad this part is behind you! Rest assured you have my prayers.
I kinda imagine u touch more lives than u can imagine,
You didn't ask but i have been feeling lead to say this.......think about getting ur RN. I see you being an amazing RN! Has anyone else told u that?
Will talk soon. Love you and congrats on course ending.

grey like snuffie said...

He's always, cool, cool

Denise said...

Congrats, so proud of you. I love you sis.

luvmy4sons said...

What a blessing to be able to see some fruit. So awesome to see God at work in your life! I know you will do just great on your test. Keep us posted and I will be praying.

Nise' said...

Congratulations to you and praise Him for how He works!

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Exciting. I'm glad that God uses you in so many ways and that you can share with this woman that you've had contact with. May God use you mightily! ((( hugs )))
Love you girl! Can't wait to meet you in heaven! :)

Sunny Girl said...

What a wonderful testimony (and more) Sharon. What a heart you have for others and I was very moved by the situation of the newlywed and God placing her on your path.

Can't wait to see these photos ...

Love Karen, NZ

Winging It said...

How AWESOME! Happy for you achievement! BUT, of course EVEN MORE SO that He shows you are right where you are appointed to be by placing you near 1 of His lost sheep! Praise God! I'm in Florida so I will be praying God will reach her husband as well! Beautiful. As I have gone back to the working world a bit, I have been strongly and repeatedly impressed that its not about the money, He will always provide through the methods He's about the people! The people He places in my path.

Love ya!