Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Season and Soldiers

Do you think that we will ever get used to the seasons that we experience as a child of God?
As an earth bound person.... I find no surprise when the weather starts to cool and the leaves begin their turn followed by their migration to the earths floor. And yet......I am often caught by surprise when as a believer something happens and the path that was so clear before suddenly disappears. There have been  many times I was so busy enjoying the scenery that I was surprised to find myself knee deep in the brambles. How in the world did I not realize that I was no longer on the path. that I have the revelation...and a few briers in my shins......what will I do?
 Sometimes pain is good. It not only wakes the flesh...and stops it from doing further damage to itself....but it also wakes the spirit that has begun to drift like a raft cut loose by a raging current.
 Why the sudden need to be found standing?
I wish I could go into the details.....but God knows. I will say this....a couple that we have come to love and respect has experienced how cleverly the enemy can use those who have been blinded by his schemes. I thank God for this couple because I don't know how Keith and I would have made it in this last year and a half without them. God knew what we would need...and He provided it through this godly couple in our church. We are not the only ones touched by them.....our daughter became part of the family of God because of the ministry of the husband. Many more marriages were helped by this couples faithful witness.
And while I drifted.....the enemy worked......and I was not at my post consistently like I should have been.
We have experienced what they are experiencing...being the target of the anger,  the betrayal and being treated like you are the enemy. The pain is almost like experiencing the death of a loved one.
Could God have stomped out the flames that the enemy lit? Most certainly!
Will God use this for His glory? You had better believe it!
The situation has made me spitting mad. Not mad at those with feet walking this earth....but mad at the enemy. Mad at the physical and spiritual pain that this brother and sister are living in.
Mad that I allowed similar situations a couple of years ago to sit me down and snuff me out....or so I thought. But what I find is that there is still an ember. An ember that was lit long ago....and ember that The Holy Spirit has continued to fan. 
Is it important to heal and get healthy after a spiritually potentially mortal wound?
I wanted so bad to jump right back up on the "horse".
And yet....He continued to say, "Peace be still".
And like a pouting child.....I decided that if He wanted stillness..... I would just not move!
I would feel the stirring...and get all excited that this time of sitting was finally over.
But when I rounded the next week....still I sat. 
But as I have comforted this sister with the same comfort I was given.......I have gotten a clear
GET UP NOW! from God.
He did not make us have our rusty armor become our tomb.
Did you hear that? As I was typing that I got a clear picture of my armor.
But unlike armor made of silver...that once pitted looses structural soundness......the living armor given to us by our God....once cleaned it becomes alive with the eye blinding glory of our God.
We are all called to be soldiers.
Some are called to march ahead and proclaim His glory and the favor of the One leading us.....and then come the ones who have been made ready for the "hand to hand" combat. We each have a assigned position.
Each soldier has an you know yours?
And if so......are you manning your post? 
In a side note...:)......finished up class this week \o/!
And as God provides......I will go and take my state exam.
Thank you for all your prayers.....I do thank God for you as He brings you to mind.
You are precious!
And you are gently and greatly loved!


Terri said...

Well my dear friend, you have said this far better than I ever could! Beautiful!
I wrote a looong email to you in response to your comment. Something I wanted to share but it would not go to Yahoo again. Funny the email is so much like your latest post. Guess we both have gone down a similar path. May we both now shine!!!
To Armor and Lunge Lines :-)
In Joy,

Denise said...

Beautifully said sis, love and prayers to you.

Halfmoon Girl said...

How encouraging and motivating...the last half reminded me of the Psalm we read this morning- I think it was 57? It talked about God marching out ahead of us. We talked about how we need to follow, and not run ahead!!!

Anonymous said...

I know, isnt' that the hardest bit to wait it out and ride it out without knowing exactly why and how it will pan out. You are a warrior and I could imagine this gleaming armour as you shared in your blog post.

So much of what God is doing in these times seems to be about our attitudes, our responses, our willingness - all the stuff that is not seen by the world or is hard to explain when you are in it, but I so see a process of refinement that has been going on in your life, and some strong 'grit' in your spirit.
xxx (This is Karen in NZ by the way - tomorrow girl)

SunnySusan said... the rusty armour becoming our!!!!Onward Christian ya girl

Oh Sew Good said...

Are we referring to the sting of betrayal? I've been there. Painful is an understatement.

luvmy4sons said...

What I liked about this post is the divergence of what you heard from God and that both were okay but it was all about listening to Him and abiding by His timing. Sometimes peace be still...sometimes a warrior at work. So hard to balance true indignation at sin when we walk in this sinful flesh of ours. So important to be Spirit filled when going to war with the that we exude God's grace and love while also His holiness and defending what is right and good! Will pray for a wonderful result on your test! Love ya girlfriend!