Saturday, April 10, 2010

Real Quick

Just wanted to stop here and say Hi!......real quick. :)
School is going well....I ended another week with a fried brain.
And I might mention that that is what happens to a brain when it is over exposed to studying...not drugs.
I got laughed at in class by a few when I used that term....seems this "MawMaw"
needs to watch what terms she uses. 
All went well this past week. I enjoyed our classes and did well in my labs and test.
We are getting ready to enter rough waters this coming week.
It is our last week of class time.
In that week we WILL manage to cram 10 chapters worth of stuff involving STD's, Respiration, Physical Anatomy, Cardio System..........into my already full brain.
I am not sure....but it seems to me that this brain might just be a tad overworked at this moment....and possibly a little behind on filing all that has been put into it in these past weeks.
We shall see just how awesomely made my brain the week progresses.
If you remember...or you could do it now...pray for me this week coming.
I will have a test Tuesday, and a test and a final exam on Wednesday...YIKES!
And although, not getting an A in this class will not change my GPA.....I still want to know the info and get a good grade. And because of your would be nice know that I will not to have to go through this week with a knot in my stomach.
Ya know what I mean?
After next week....we start clinicals. 
Those will only last for a week (8:15 to 4:45) and then the mock testing for our State test.
So we really don't have much time has gone by so fast.
I tried the other day to snag a picture of our lab...but it was a no go. When I told them I was going to put it on my blog you would have thought they thought I was some type of celebrity.
I would have had to get special permission and written approval....all for a picture or two of a dummy.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know about something that has been going on in our class.
I am sure if you have ever been in a Nursing home....or maybe in a have experienced those that would rather have their teeth pulled than serve you with a sweet attitude.
Bless their hearts....but we have about 5 of those in our class. My heart really hurts for them and I have spent time in prayer for them.....their actions and words reveal who they are serving.
Because you will be who you are no matter where you are.....they have chosen to cruelly pick on the one lone male in our class. He is a little odd and a tad older....he admits to having ADD and he kind of lives in a world of his own...but he is so sweet.
After about a week....I had had enough...and I spoke up to them and one of our teachers. I think the word first spoken to them was.....BEHAVE!!! was like being back in the worse possible grade school experience you could imagine.
I have had the honor of becoming this guys partner in lab so that he does not have to endure their ridicule all the time. There are a few other Christians in our class.....the depth or lack of depth of the relationship shows.
Now that one other lady and I have joined the hit list......some are starting to step up to the plate.
It is great to see them joining the side they should...instead of staying silent.
If you stay are not innocent.....your hands do not stay clean.
You have to choose a side.
I know that if you are not out in public working you might not experience this often.......but there are those who are being hurt and they need those with His heart to rise up. That is us!
We do have a teacher or two who are Christians....and in an after class chat session one gave some info about her life and husband. She mentioned that she was a Christian and that after years of loving each other she was glad that she and her husband would spend eternity in heaven together. The male in our class spoke up and said that he would like to know that for sure...but the coin had not landed yet. Do you know the jump that took place in my heart beat? Each morning on the way to school I pray for God to use me. How incredible would it be for me to have the chance to bring this brother into the fold.
Please pray for him.....the Spirit is calling. :)
Well.....I guess this was not so quick....but it is what has been stirring in my heart.
I love you guys.....I'll try and post again toward the end of the week when I will be able to breathe again.
I think of you often and thank God for the word of your testimony....keep it up!
Thank you in advance for your prayers. 


luvmy4sons said...

I love your version of quick! (: *grin* Good for you to stand up! Good for you for succeeding in this class! What an experience you are having and what a blessing you are and will continue to be! Love ya!

SunnySusan said...

Wow...God will and is using you mightily..Amen and are in my thoughts and prayers too you

Denise said...

I love you sis, and I am very proud of you. You can, and will succede. Praying for you.

grey like snuffie said...

good to have an update...praying He grants you His strength and clarity of mind for recall...that He would plant the info deep within your wonderfully made brain for future use.
So many Christians and non-Christians need His love. They need our prayers for fertile soil and ears to hear truth.... they need love...He will care for the rest. Recently God has really been impressing on me to pray for Damascas road moments for people. Those kinds of revelation are so intimate for all of us.

Pastor Lisa said...

I'll be praying Ms. Sharon!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, lots going in your group. Who knows what will happen as you and others live out your faith. Will be praying for you this week. Sounds like they are working your brains awfully hard!

Terri said...

Rest assured I will keep you in my prayers this coming week. I just know you will do well. Too many of us are
praying for you!
So glad you befriended the lone guy in the class. What a shame adults can act that way. And we wonder what's wrong with our kids!!
Let us know how the week ends!
Love Ya!
Terri Baker

Terri said...

Terri again. I just want you to know how very much your comments mean to me. I can only imagine the pressure and the work load you are carrying now and to think you find the time to read and comment almost
sends me to tears. I should have known Jan would only set me up with the best.
As you read on, you will find I lost my way for a while.
Writing has returned to me and brought me back to Him and my own path.The path I am meant to be on.
So never think I take your words for granted. So glad you are seeing a little of my heart.
Every time I sit in front of the computer I hear; This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.

Sandi said...

praying for you sweet lady. Try not to over load the brain. I like to tell my kids at exam time. Remember to breath. A deep breath will relax you.

Oh Sew Good said...

Breathe! :) I love what is happening with you in your class. It's amazing. Sharon, anyone can get a good grade but to get a good grade and have an outstanding attitude are exceptional. You will have both. :)

sanjeet said... are in my thoughts and prayers too you
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