Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This and that and shots...oh my!

Goodness it has been a busy week or so.
It seems it has been non stop and I am having to snatch bits and pieces of time to come here and keep up...so be a tad patient as I get used to life on the busy side.
But then I don't think I even have to ask do I?....that is why I love you so! 
So....Saturday and Sunday I spent the day with two sweet little ones. My friend Amy had duty...and since her husband is off being trained before he is deployed....she needed a grandma in training to watch her kids.
So bright and early...it was beautiful with the sun coming up over the still snow covered mountains....I made my way to her house. The kids and I did great...we always do....but the new dog...lets just say that I was not a welcome house guest. Poor thing...he had had a rough life till Amy got him a few weeks ago.  Hmmm..I do hope that I did not bring back unpleasant memories. :)
Day two was much better. Amy's little girl loves to put the leash on the dog and he will follow her around for hours. So since he refused to follow me outside the first day to go to the bathroom...the second day we improvised. Can I just say that I feared an explosion the first day.....9 hours is a long time to go without going.

The next day I let little bit put the dog on the leash...and then very slowly I approached her and picked her up.
Now like a slow moving train we made our way out the back door into the yard...where little bit then put macho/previously emotionally hurt dog....on zip line. And wala! we had water works!
Who knew taking a dog out to the potty could require such imaginative thinking?
After that first time...we had the system down pat.....and I guess after the relief we offered...he decided he liked me after all. I was glad to finally part of the family.....I don't think I have ever had a dog dislike me before. It was quite a relief when he finally walked over...without the growl.... to let me rub his ears. :)

And then Monday I raced in to register for my CNA class. All of that went well and the color of my scrubs will go lovely with my eyes! That is was a pleasant surprise...who wants to be stuck wearing pepto pink? 
And get this...I have to have proof that I have had my MMR shots.
And guess what....I have no clue where I would find that info.....so....I get to get them again! Joy! Joy!
I wouldn't think this would be good for a body...but if the nurse says it is a must do..it must be o.k.
I'll be taking care of that lovely task this week. :(
After that bit of good news it was time to run home because we were moving.
That's right.....moving a full 7 campsites to the right. Can I just say that it was the easiest move I have made?
It was. We moved down to the end by a family that has children Julias age. We had fun barbecuing with them last night...I have a huge grill and so when Beth looked out her window and saw what I was doing...she asked if her meat could join ours. It was kind of fun and we all love our new home-site. It is closer to the fast moving part of the river....so we have great sounds for sleeping. 
Why tell you about our move?
Just thought you might need to know we have moved
in case you decided to come for a visit in your home on wheels.
Goodness..how fun would that be! :)
At this moment Beth and her hubby (our new neighbors just in case your brain is working like mine lately) are at the hospital getting ready to welcome another life into the world.  So this grandma in training is once again child sitting. We are packing this camper wall to wall tonight with sleepers. Well...not literally....but if someone else shows up they will have to take the floor. Aren't I a lovely hostess. :)
I guess that is about it...I shall let you know if there is an adverse reaction to the shots.
I hope I won't end up being a case study.
Love ya'll dearly...I'll be back soon with the next saga from our home on wheels.


luvmy4sons said...

You can ask for a titer to prove you are immune. I too have had multiple shots of that vaccine being an RN and I do believe it has contributed to many of my auto immune diseases. No proof of that. I insisted they test my son instead of giving him a booster and he was immune only having just the one shot as a toddler! Would love some pics of the new family member. Hope the new move is a blessing. Thanks girlfriend for your prayers and friendship. It is precious to me. Love ya!

SunnySusan said...

I'd sleep on the floor...haha...do you have a RV or a regular pull trailer...
Pepto Pink....too funny...

How fun a group bbq...we haven't even taken our grill out yet...it was very windy and cold today...but we don't have snow on the ground...

Love ya...

Denise said...

Thanks for the update sis, love you.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hey there, Sharon. You've been busy! Glad you have flattering scrubs- very important :) I was struck by the fact that the woman living next to you is giving birth while camping...they must be living there full time too. I know how you ended up camping, but as a Canadian from up here, I am curious if many people are doing this as a sign of the times and the economy? Glad to get an update from you, hope you don't have to actually get another MMR shot.

Amy said...

Let me know if you need some chicken soup! Thanks for putting up with crazy dog (and kids) for a couple of days, it really is wonderful to know that everyone's in good hands!

Did you get to wear clogs with your scrubs?

grey like snuffie said...

My Naturopath doctor brother is not a believer in those shots...there is a blood test that can prove if you still have enough levels of the stuff in your system to not need more. Well actually I'm not sure if it works for MMR...it did for the DT whatever shot for our daughter...that way she didn't have to get another one. He's a big believer in let the body get sick and fight off stuff...it makes us stronger and doesn't create new problems. But the world is always trying to think it understands and try and fix everything to perfection....I know the whole vaccination thing is a sensitive issue...I know a few do die from childhood diseases but big brother of mine says LOTS of other health things down the road as adults are caused from those things...not sure why.

And look how God fills your days even though you don't have a job...praying His provision for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to invite you to my new blog (I will be closing D’s Health & Weight Loss Journey soon).

Hey Denise, great story! I'm curious about all the campers also -- is it a sign of the times? I'd love to visit you there - the BBQ sounds great. I LOVE camping but I'm not sure if I'd like to do it 24/7!! ((( hugs )))

Rick Supplee said...

Wow, what a great spot you live in. You are so right to open your arms to everyone about you. They can see God in you and who knows what happens!

Terri said...

Hey Sharon, my homeless friend! I neglected to mention in my last post you are living our retirement dream! This lifestyle has appealed to us for years. Of course in my opinion, you have chosen one of the most beautiful places on earth! Keep the camp ground stories coming. I"ll gather round your campfire, waiting for the next tale!
Terri Baker