Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Campground

I have had a few questions about where we I thought I would fill ya'll in on life in our campground.
We live in a beautiful area of the smokey mountains....kind of down in a valley in the city of Waynesville.
Along the side of our campground runs a beautiful have seen it in some of my previous snow pictures. It is crystal clear and stays cold year round. The kids love playing in it...and it sports some pretty nice size trout.
As you can imagine it adds so much to our enjoyment.....the sound is wonderful.
We are not the only ones living here year round.
There are about 15 residents...some families and a few single people.
There are a few who leave campers here and use them as a home when they are in the area working.
For the first year...we have almost been here two years....we really only got to know one of the families.
When we moved our camper this week we moved next to them.
Why so many people living in a campground?
I would have to say that the story is not the same for everyone.
You know our story.....we remain until He tells us to leave.
Some are here because they are on disability...and this is what they can afford.
Some are here because they came to this area because of its beauty and decided that they love the community. You would be surprised at how you come to depend on the people living around you.
I think in some ways we probably are more neighbors than some in "real" neighborhoods.
If you need something you ask.....we have helped with water problems, electrical problems, heater problems.
And occasionally my brother picks up a load of bread from the day old bread store.....and we fill our freezer and pass the rest out.
And you know in the last post we were able to help with babysitting.....and help Beth get to the hospital to have her baby when their car ended up with a flat at the last moment.
There are a few here who have some serious health issues and Keith has been blessed to be able to pray with the husband of one before the husband followed the ambulance carrying his wife.
We share meals.....and give when we have extra.
Not all those living here are what most people would choose to label know uneducated homeless people.
Yes, it was a shock last year to find out that we are considered homeless.
We have people with college educations...who have worked hard and now find themselves without jobs.
And there is a retired policeman who lives here.....he looks like a real biker dude. :) He is the one who is going to help us train was sweet of him to offer.
If you ride through the campgrounds in our area you will find that many of them have full time residents.
I don't know their stories...but I know that they need and me.
Did I ever think I would live in a campground?
Do I long to move?
It is funny how at peace I am here.....I feel I belong. My heart is becoming linked to the people here....and I know it is part of His plan.
Soon we are going to schedule a barbecue for the whole campground....Keith and I feel it is something that God wants us to do. The weather is getting warmer and it will be a great opportunity to meet those who stay indoors during the cold.
I do pray that we become bolder in our witness.
We want to touch their lives as He would have.
Can't you just imagine Him here? Pulling in in His camper and slowly reaching out to those He sees....those rarely seen by others. It kind of excites me....and the thought of pulling out of here one kind of makes me sad.
So that is the story......the story of our time.. so far.... in our home on wheels.
Thanks for the questions....feel free to ask anytime.
Here is a little something extra for you.
I know we are longing for spring.
..which means flowers, strolls in the sun and lemonade.
And while we may not get to enjoy the first two can enjoy the smell of the lemonade.
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Crystal said...

My dad just retired in December, they are in their early-mid 60's & they are getting ready to hit the road full time in an RV. They're putting their house up for sale this week & leaving everything 'known' as home to see the wide open road. I WISH I could say they were called by Him, but I can't. I can only hope they'll end up next to you or someone like you someday in a campground, somewhere & that whoever it is will witness to them & share the love of Christ with them. =) I think the bar-b-q sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!

grey like snuffie said...

so cool...we must be careful how small we make the box of what is "normal" or we could miss so many God moments of loving

Oh Sew Good said...

Okay, I am about to exaggerate so brace yourself. I almost fell off my chair when I read that you've been there for 2 years. Yikes! Time truly has flown. I remember when you first got there. I do have a question. I'm wondering how your friend/exercise buddy is doing these days.

luvmy4sons said...

I can't believe it has been two years already. I love your description of where you live. I also love the heart I see reflected in this post. So unassuming, so humble and willingly obedient. I love how god takes our preconceived ideas of others and various life circumstances and shows us humanity...and helps u to see past outward appearances. God bless you and Keith for your ministry there. I think I would LOVE to come to this barbecue! Blessings sweet sister!

Shirley said...

Oh, Sharon, your life sounds just wonderful to me....when you are in God's will, you do have joy and peace
....He is using you there. You have such a loving heart that only comes from God Himself. I would love to be your neighbor.

Sandi said...

I'm a hermit or something. I know people live in campgrounds but thought the numbers were very low. What an eye opener. I know campgrounds how campers there all year round in our area but just never really beleive they did around here.
That's for an eye opener and something I need to talk to God about I'm sure there is a lesson here too for me.

Anonymous said...

I started a Christian blog about a month ago and I would love it if you would stop by and give me your opinion :) In Him,


Thorns and Myrtles

Terri said...

Sent an e-mail to you however it came back twice saying you have no yahoo acct.Have others had this problem?

Terri Baker

Regina said...

Sharon! What a fabulous post! When the time is right I know you will get bolder in your witnessing, but in the mean time don't forget that by showing love and being a Godly example you are still being a witness!
Stay blessed hun!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

My husband told me about smokey mountain and wanted to take me there someday.
And by the way, we both love going to campground, too. We miss it.

Jackie said...

Beautiful post and blog! So amazing how the Lord will use us in the most unsuspecting places. Sounds like your unlikely place is a God thing!! How wonderful!

I'm following you now and hope you'll stop by my place for a visit....I love meeting new sisters in the Lord

Sweet Blessings!