Monday, March 1, 2010

Mentor Stalking/A New Day

So...... I feel like talking.
So.... I thought I would come here and talk about what is going on in this mountain girls life.
Well....I don't know that I can carry that label totally....seems I just don't sound like it...yet.
But I do feel like I am starting to fit in at church a little bit more.
Does anyone know what it is like to go to a new church?
I have been going there for almost two years but still felt like I was a visitor.
And then last night during our Hosea Bible study I felt something change. One of the women who has lived here all of her life spoke about how the people in this area tend to be a little clannish.
As the newbie I spoke up and said that I had noticed that a bit....but that it was day we would become part of the group. (I thought...hmmm maybe after we have been here 20 years)
And then...
I was totally surprised when about an hour after we had been home- I received a call from her.
She was afraid she had offended me and said the Spirit would not let her rest till she called and apologized.
I do remember thinking during our conversation that I wondered if any of these women would one day open their lives to me......but I wasn't in the least offended.
We had a great talk and then she invited me to lunch....I was really surprised.
And then today-- I got a call from another woman that I have been working with in Awana's....and she invited me to come to a Pampered Chef party. My first thought was..oh no, how do I get out of this?
(No...not a fan of those sell parties where you usually feel like you have to buy something)
But.....she then went on to say that it would give me a chance to get to know them.
Surprise! That really touched my heart.
A little something else about this past week.
I was on my way to a I had to take to see if I could take the CNA class...when I heard someone on the Christian station talking about mentoring.
This has been a huge topic for me....has been for several years. So...watching the road...I turned the radio up just in time to hear the man say that it was each persons responsibility to find a mentor.
That was a different that I had never really considered. I guess that I just thought someone would tap me on the shoulder and say....Hi, I am your mentor!
But hey....I was up for something new...time to be brave! 
There is an older woman at church that I have been watching....not stalking...just watching. :)
I heard her give her testimony several months ago...and was pretty intrigued. She talked about her prayer it had changed her life. And how she and another woman at church have been prayer partners for over 20 years.
And then Sunday before last we had a great move of the Spirit in was just heavy.
I looked across the sanctuary..remember I go to a Baptist church.....and I saw her get up and begin to walk the back of the church. I could tell she was praying. That got me excited. It has been so long since I have walked in that realm. Those times of being caught up in the Spirit....times when you knew that your prayers were being used to fight a battle in the heavenlies. I miss that!
I think you know where I am going. Sunday morning I had a little conversation with God and told Him that if I ran into her...even though you have to remember 
she really does not know me....I would ask her to mentor me.
Sunday morning...didn't see her. big deal.
Then Sunday night as I was trying to round up my crew....there she was
Doesn't sound like I am going in for the kill does it? 
But..unfortunately she was talking to someone and I needed to go get Julia from the other side of the church. O.k God....if she is still there when I get back...I'll ask her.
I never knew our church was so big....but with Julia in tow I finally made it back.
And there she was! 
So.....bold as you please.... I walked up to her and just asked. 
No need to beat around the bush. 
I don't know if I took her by surprise....but you know I did feel the need to give her an I asked her to pray about it. :)
And she said she would.....would pray about now I wait.
Pretty exciting.
I do have to throw in the fact that hubby was standing there when I asked....he knows her because he goes to Wednesday night church and Sunday night service. I go too... but I am in Bible study and Awanas.
After I gave my little spiel.....he was sweet enough to lean over and warn her. :0
Yes, he reached over and put his arm around her shoulder and told her that she had better beware because I was really going to challenge her!
Bless his heart.
I will tell you that I just had to keep my mouth shut.....well one of us had to.

Tomorrow will be a new day for us/me.
I have court tomorrow morning...and it will close out my GAL case. 
And unless God appears in a burning bush and tells me to take another one...I won't.
I do feel like He brought me into the program for just this case.
And then from court I will run for my 1:30 meeting to find out if I am going to be starting CNA classes at the end of this month. I am still not sure what God wants me to do. I am not sure if I see myself in this job...please pray about this. At my 1:30 I think I will find out if the government is going to pay the full price of the is not cheap. I have been asking God to show me if He wants me to do this by providing the means for me to go.
I guess I still don't feel settled about the whole thing.
We will see.
Then tomorrow when I get home from all the running...I will be greeted by the newest member of our family.
Her name is Juliet...which means little Julia. Guess who picked that name out? :)
As soon as I get some decent pictures I will introduce you to her.
(Julia is reading over my shoulder and said that I forgot to tell you that Julliet is a dog..sorry.)
I guess that about does it.
Thanks for listening to me ramble. :)


Amy said...

I love to read when people ramble... that's the most fun. In fact, besides the radio, yours is the first grown-up converstaion I've heard/read all day!!

It is a funny feeling to have your whole life in a place where you are always reminded you don't belong. How neat that these ladies are reaching out to pull you in!

Denise said...

I really loved this post, and I love you sis.

luvmy4sons said...

Can't wait to see pics of the new addition. What kind etc...keeps running through my mind.

I know you were a blessing in your GAL program. And I know that you will be a blessing to your mentor too if she comes along side. Funny I see you more as a mentor not needing mentoring!

I understand about new roads...and not being afraid to traverse them...did a post on that today in fact. Love you sweet sister.

grey like snuffie said...

love to follow through your ramblings...we all live this way...isn't it so cool that God already knows the things that you and I are pursuing, hoping and searching onward we go abiding with is the only known we can have. Looking forward to seeing your new dog...I so miss not having one but the time is not right for us to get I will enjoy yours!

Winging It said...

I wanted a mentor for years! God has done it differently for me thought. But, I am praying for you and really get a sense how much this means to you, bless Keith's heart! :) LOL! Made me chuckle! CNA? Certified Nursing Assistant? Well, whatever it is I am praying for God's good and wonderful plan for you! And much wisdom and favor!

Love this whole post & you!

Shirley said...

I love to listen to you ramble. Makes me feel like I know you even though we've never met. God knows your desire is to please Him and He will lead you and show you just what it is He has for you to do. Sometimes we have to wait...while in the waiting time, He is preparing you for whatever it is. Hugs to you, my friend.

SunnySusan said...

Ramble away for you..and your a neat thing...