Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meet Juliet

You know after our Rusty passed away...after 15 years with us...I wasn't ready for a new dog.
And we were going to wait until we were in a home without wheels....but the heart wants 
what the heart wants. :)
Julia and I began to feel the need....and Keith finally got on boat.
Really...we didn't have to try to hard to convince him.....we just had to put our foot down about a smaller dog or we would have come home with something huge.
I told him he could get one when we get a house.......since there is only room for one dog in this camper.
So today we brought our newest baby home.
Julia and Juliet going for their first walk to meet the neighbor kids...the kids were almost as excited as she was about her getting a dog. That is sweet friendship!
Then it was time for a bath.....and a little snuggle time to stay warm while she dried.

They tell us that she is a boxer/terrier mix...she reminds us of Rusty without the pug.

Keith and Juliet.

Is that too sweet or what!
She is already close to 20 pounds at 5 months although she does not look that big....so she will get bigger.
Right now she is resting by me on the couch while I blog...I think her romps in the snow wore her out.

And although I really wanted something much smaller

I think she will make a loving addition to our family.
And MawMaw....just in case you are reading this.....Julia got Juliet a pink camo dog collar.
Thought you might appreciate that. :)


grey like snuffie said...

YEAH! The heart does want what the heart wants....

Amy said...

Cute little dog! Can't wait to meet her. Doesn't look hopeful for a walk around the lake this week, but maybe soon! As long as she gets out for walks, she'll never begrudge you the small quarters.

Winging It said...

She's beautiful! Love how the names worked out! Julia and Juliet! Lovely that Julia's friends were so happy for her! Sweet!

I'm good, getting ready to jump in the shower and run to church, Jason for music practice and me for Beth Moore Bible study! Then to work for a couple hours for both of us! :) YAY!

Love you!

Shirley said...

So sweet! I love dogs...don't know what I'd do without my little Missy. I know she will bring you much enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for yall i knew it would take awhile to decide to do it again but i'm so glad you did she is beautiful yall will lots of fun with her make sure you tell her about mawmaw lol good choice of colors a girl with style

luv mawmaw

SunnySusan said...

what a cutie....I will always have to have a dog in the home...

Denise said...

She is so cuteeeeeeeee.

luvmy4sons said...

Oh she is so adorable! I can see the boxer in her...she is precious. What a wonderful little present for you all! I will want lots of pics as she grows!

Pastor Lisa said...

Welcome to your newest addition...and that IS snow! Lots of of it! Burrrrrrrr! LOL! Lots of love to you all!