Saturday, January 30, 2010

White days

 How are you doing?
Don't you  wish sometimes that we could just have a back and forth conversation?
But since this is mostly one sided..unless of course you leave a comment.....
I thought I would fill you in out what has been going on in our neck of the woods.
This past week seemed to fly by.
I had an interview this past week with an agency that provides care for handicap adults. The lady was really sweet.....even asked if I was sure that I wanted the job since I have a younger child. You see the hours were horrible.....3-9 three to four times a week and rotating weekends....and occasional over nites where you only get paid till 10. That is just strange.
Anyway, I did not take it......just don't feel a peace about being away from Julia so often....she really needs a Mom at this age.
Then it was Keith turn.....they are opening a Tracker Supply Company here soon....and Keith had an interview. It was a mass interview and from that they would pick others to come back for another interview.
He got a call yesterday that he would be having another interview on please be praying about that if you would. Keith would LOVE working for this company I think...he is a real people person and he loves anything to do with the great outdoors. Did I mention that he likes shopping there too? :)
I don't know if I mentioned that I was going through the process to become qualified to substitute in the cafeteria system and in the classroom....but that is what I have been up to.
I went Thursday to have a TB the result yesterday....I am all clear. And as the nurse told me what I wold have seen if I hadn't been.......let's just say that I am glad I did know in advance what could have happened to my arm. :)
And yesterday was the class we had to take to be prepared to be a substitute in the classroom.
Nothing like watching videos of school lock downs, hearing from nurses about all the "lovely" things I could be exposed to from the bodily fluids of sweet children.....and finally learning that I might just sub for children who don't understand what I am saying because of language barriers.
But overall it just seemed like a lot of information-repeated over and over- that a person with basic intellect should know. 
And because of snow coming in.....a 6 hour class turned in to a 3 hour class!!!!!! \o/
I have gotten all of my paperwork turned in...the board will meet on the 8th...and at that time I should be ready to enter the school system.
Joy, joy! ;)
And, I don't know if I have ever mentioned that I never finished college.
At the time I was one math class from getting my degree.....after 7 years of college!
Nothing like not being able to decide what you want to do and add to that changing colleges 4 times.....and then because of family and a child I just decided to work and leave school behind.
Wellllll.....I think I may go back and finish up.
I have gotten the paperwork to order my transcripts and when I get those in I will go in and see  what I need to finally get that piece of paper that this world loves so much.
And I think it will feel good to have finished something and closed out that area of my life.
And finally.....I have just been able to get picture from the illustrator that did pictures for the childrens book I wrote and am trying to get published.
If you remember the story is about a little seed named Kyle and all the fears he has about growing up.
I thought you might like to see the wonderful job that Holly Turner did.
Wish I could print out the whole story here....but that is probably not wise.
But here are some pictures.
These will be painted if the publisher would like to use Holly's work.
I so hope that they do.....she really brought the book to life.

  Don't you just love how she portrays the farmer....and she added the dog and cat to the pictures...I love that touch.
Notice the little smile in the picture below.
  Hasn't she done an incredible job?
Now we will just have to see what God has planned for this little book.
I have the next one forming in my will be neat to see it come to life on paper.

Ya'll have a great weekend.....hope you are able to get to the house of the Lord tomorrow!
Be blessed!


Mary said...


I'm so glad you are getting into the schools. I did volunteer work, and yes, there is a danger of all the things that kids can pass on, but it's not likely to happen.

I will be praying for Keith's interview and also for you and your family, who is always on my prayer list. But a special prayer going up for Keith's interview.

I absolutely love the illustrations and you are wise not to give too much information out here. I really want a copy when the book is published, so be sure to let me know. Melissa's boys would love it. Both of them are very into stories about nature and growing things.

Take care, my friend. Your welcome cardinal flag is lovely and there little creek just fabulous with the snow all around. Enjoy.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Lots of things happening! Will be praying for Keith's interview on Monday and for your future as a sub...

Your book looks wonderful! The concept is great as kids love gardening and such, and knowing you, there is a back story to it that talks of something deeper!

The illustrations are beautiful! Great job, Holly! I look forward to purchasing my copy!

Take care!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

How cool Sharon! Those illustrations are just precious, and you have now peeked my curiousity.

You go girl...


Denise said...

Sweet sis, Eddie and I are covering you and Keith in prayers. We love you, never forget that.

MelanieJoy said...

Wow, I love the illustrations/pictures that Holly has put to your storybook!! They are fantastic!!! It appears God has paired together two of His very gifted ones. I can't wait to purchase a copy ;)
I'll be praying about Keith's interview!! I know you'll keep us update......
Love you~

Winging It said...

I can't wait to buy one for ea of my nieces and nephews! The illustrations are lovely and I know as the author how gratifying and thrilling it ust have been to see someone grasp your work in such a way.

Ohhh I am soo praying for you in regards to Keith's job!!! Lord, I know you hear us right now! How awesome would it be for Keith to be working in a place like Tractor Supply! We pray! We trust! We thank You in advance because You really do know best!

Keep us posted sister girl! Love you and I think of you every time I see cardinals!

luvmy4sons said...

So many wonderful possible road opening up before you. It will be so neat to hear how god leads you down them and what He does with it all. I will be praying about Keith's interview. I laughed aloud about your typical. Nursing is just as bad repeating and repeating and repeating! What lovely illustrations for your book. That is so awesome! I love your heart sweet sister!

Amy said...

I didn't know you had written a children's book! Even if the publisher doesn't like it, we'll have to get a copy for us, because we like gardening and books - that yours is both combined!

Exciting news about Keith's follow up interview tomorrow. We'll keep praying about this job for him. See you soon!

Kim said...

I am praying right now about the jobs on the horizon. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Jack Foster said...

Hey Sharon, let us know when the book will be out. Judging from your blog, it will certainly be a wonderful, God glorifying book. Holly has done some wonderful drawings for it as well. I did make it to the house of the Lord today and He was amazing! as usual :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow I am blown away Sharon, you are amazing! You have a lot of opportunities here and clearly many giftings...good on you for considering going through the School system again and the subbing stuff at School too - and this story and illustrations are wonderful. I will want to buy one too.

Been praying about Keith and the interview too.

Sandi said...

Hey did Keith ever get the job with Tractor Suppy? That is my husband and grandson's favorite store.

SunnySusan said...

wow...I don't read for a few days and much going on with you...praying for all the requests...neat that you will go get that "paper that the world loves"...I would too...and Keith...did he get the job....your book is awesome...with my "steel trap" I totally forgot that you did this....awesome ya girl...