Sunday, January 24, 2010

What you are looking for

I have just been so blown away by the works and words of God.
Out of the darkness and silence is coming truth that expands this shrunken heart.
I have had some incredible time lately with Keith that has brought much healing to us both spiritually.
Friday the planned day got a little transformed when God allowed Keith and I to spend the day together
getting his- new to us-truck.
While on our way he began to open up and tell me some of the things that God had been speaking to him...and surprise, surprise....God had been speaking the same things to me. It was so sweet.
I'll talk more to you about those things as details grow.
But we are seeing God begin to use us in areas that we would not have imagined.
Those seeds that were planted....He is nourishing a harvest.
And then today at church...well it was just a blessing.
Our pastor talked about Paul and how he cried out to God to remove the thing that was causing such pain and aggravation in his life. But God in His great wisdom was not about to remove whatever it was..... because He knew what  incredible gifts Paul would receive because of that pest of the enemy.
I have so often cried out for God to get me out of things.....and yet things did not change.
I have seen ropes hanging that I thought would provide great escape routes.....and yet when I reached for them.....they were forever elusive.
And the truth is.....sometimes what we are longing for so deeply....
can only be found in the circumstances we are in. 
Did you hear that?
Sometimes the horrible circumstances you are in....have been allowed by God
to give you just what you are longing for.
Maybe you are longing for a closer walk with God....and you are reading the Bible and praying...but seem to be getting no closer to what you are longing for. And then life tips and flips.....and God  offers you a chance to lean in and see His face and Him at work. You and I have a chance.....we can get angry and pout and scream for God to change things NOW....or we can turn and run straight into the arms of our Daddy God.
And boom!...when we choose to run to Him....we get the longing of our heart.
He is all about teaching us and giving us the good things He has planned for us.
How about this scenario.....
You look at your marriage and it is not what you would love it to be. You begin to petition God on behalf of the marriage that you know He wants you to have. All of a sudden your husband seems to get even more distant and arguments and strife increase. What in the world is going on! This is not what you asked for...isn't God listening? Maybe the enemy tells you it would just be a whole lot easier to take what was and just settle for less. You have a choice. Either listen to the enemy and forget asking God to change things....or KNOW that God is at work and refuse to listen to what your physical eyes are telling you.
I pray that you will press in to God and let Him work with your silence and prayers.
He is mighty to save!
I know I am probably rambling....but if this encourages one weary is worth it. :)
He loves you so! I have learned so much lately of His tender love.
Tomorrow I want to talk about how He- through our circumstance- has totally expounded on His character as my Daddy God. I learned several years ago about Him being my loving Daddy God....not a God who sits in the heavens watching and waiting for me to do something wrong so that He can smack me on the head.
Yes, He hates sin....but He does not hate me.
And as a gentle teacher.....He is ever willing to patiently teach me the right way.
It just dawned on me today that He has been busy revealing to me- through our circumstances- another side of His character. And if He had changed our circumstances when I wanted Him to.....I would have missed such a blessing. So if you are willing to read....then I want to get this on "paper" so that I will not forget it.
Thanks for walking .....and for walking forward with this sister.
Keep walking....HE is faithful!
He is faithful to complete that which He began in us......His blood sealed that promise.


Denise said...

Such a precious blessing of a post sis, love you.

grey like snuffie said...'s always good to be longing for something...especially when it causes me to press in and abide.

Oh Sew Good said...

We must guard our heart with all diligence. I think we need to be on overtime to ensure we don't let any root of bitterness spring up either.

Bev Brandon said...

Sharon, I just had to stop by for a sec to tell you what's on my heart. I have been deeply touched you. You have left me such encouraging comments that stick! And I wanted to say thank you for letting God use you to speak to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love Bev

luvmy4sons said...

To get in our hearts that God is always good. ALWAYS...that nothing about our circumstances changes Who He is and His thoughts and intentions toward us. I, too, have had circumstances that I thought were NOT good be an answer to prayer. Funny this post goes along with some musings I had when I was reading Genesis in my post today. I love hearing your thoughts! Headed over to the next post!

Winging It said...

So glad to hear these wonderful movements in your situation, especially about you and Keith, and things God is showing to each of you!