Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A laugh, a birthday, and a prayer request!

Thought some of you might need a good laugh today.
So for your pleasure....... I have posted a picture of myself. I found this on facebook last night. :0!
You just never know what might show up from the past.
I am probably around 16 or 17 in this that makes me feel a tad ancient.
See if you can find me.
This is our high school basketball team. I played from 8th grade through my senior year. I have so many great memories of these years. We ended up taking district or last year together. I think this picture is from my second year playing....maybe the third.
Remember the old jello commercial....."Watch it wiggle, see it giggle"?
During practice..... while we were doing lay ups...... we used to have fun singing that as someone was trying to hit their marks. Inevitably it would throw the person off...and we would all have a great laugh.
Honestly.....I would love to have the patoot that they were singing about. :)
Oh the days of being extremely young and in shape!

In other news......... one of our girls is having a special day today.
That's right......MelanieJoy is having a birthday!
So if you get a chance click on the cake and go on over and wish her a
happy 30 something birthday. :)

One last request.
We have one more conference coming up toward the end of this month.
Because of scheduling confusion
we are having problems with one of the families getting off of work.
That puts us short two teachers....not good.
I would ask that you would pray that God would work this out.
My sister teaches with me in our class and it would be sad not to have her there.
Yes, she and her husband are the ones that might not get to come. He works with my parents and she works with me.
Not only will we be short workers.....but they do consider this their vacation time each year. So please pray that God would provide a worker for their shop
so that at least she would be able to come.
Thanks girls!
* Update--(Prayer answered!......they have found a worker for the my sister is coming!)

That concludes this may return to your normal viewing activities!
Love ya!


Melanie said...

Love the picture from your past!! I am going to guess you are in the back row, 2nd from the left. Not sure though cuz it's kind of small.

Praying the schedule gets worked out.

luvmy4sons said...

Love the old pic! I would say you are number three in the middle back! It is weird to see us young isn't it? You look great! I swung by earlier and said HB to Melanie. So nice of you to draw attention to that! And I pray all the scheduling issues are resolved...may God be gracious to you.

Mimi's Toes said...

I spotted you right away. You are the 2nd from the top on the left.
Our God is awesome...he does answer prayers.

MelanieJoy said...

Heeyyyyy Girlfriend....thank you for the Birthday shout out!! You are the best...I mean it! I'm having a GREAT day =)thanks to some great friends like you!
I believe you are the one behind
#10 and 11! I'm glad your sister is getting to make it to conference. How about we all pray now for safe travel!
Love ya!

Denise said...

For sure the second from the left top row....... that was easy..... Praying for that schedule...... I have already been over to wish Melanie a Happy B-day!

Annie said...

I have found that Facebook can be so fun. I once took a picture of my feet and posted it with the poem from Emily Dickenson - "Earth is crammed with Heaven, and every common bush afire with God; but only he who sees, takes off his shoes." My Facebook friends thought it was a hoot.

Love your picture. So gland you found the teachers needed. God is good.
Blessings, Annie

jeanniegs said...

Yeah, we can go-minus Jay he is so sad, but the boys and I will see you soon!!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, I have no idea, but I enjoyed trying to figure it out. I usually have a pretty good "eye" for these things. Maybe my eyes are failing me as I grow older!

Thanks for your tender thoughts toward me in this time. Enjoy your weekend.


Sharon said...

I say you are on the back row all the way to the right, getting excited there??!! Hope you will let us know... great picture my friend!