Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our past

Peter Marshall

A few weeks ago I finished reading a book that had been one of my Grandfathers favorites.
It was.......A Man Called Peter.
The book was written by the wife of Peter Marshall, after he died. It was an amazing book.
He walked a walk that brought great glory to our Father. If you get the chance... I highly recommend it. His faith walk inspired many and has boosted my faith.
Mr Marshall would have not liked this book to have been written while he was still alive.......he wanted the glory to belong to God alone. But after his death he gave his wife his approval to write this book....the approval came in a dream. You'll have to read the book to get the full story.

Besides being the pastor of a large church in Washington......for a short time in the late 40's he was a chaplain of the senate. Each time they opened he would offer up a prayer to God...not a God....THE GOD.
When asked at first to submit his prayers in advance in writing by two days.....he was a little disturbed.
How would that go across with God? How could one pray a prayer from inspiration if it was planned in advance?
But someone reminded him that God knew what was coming and the Spirit could place on his heart what was needed.
And so Peter prayed and wrote those prayers so they could be typed out in advance.
Soon those in attendance began to wonder how Mr Marshall could know in advance the private things that were going to be discussed, and things that had happened in private.
Here is one of the prayers that he offered to God--

Rev. Peter Marshall, D.D., Chaplain of the U.S. Senate at the opening daily session of Congress, May 27, 1948:

"Lord Jesus, as Thou dost move amoung people and see what men are doing today, how sore must be Thy heart.

Thou whose head was cradled in straw must often reflect that straw was not as coarse as man's selfishness.

Thou whose hands were spread upon a cross and fastened with nails much often reflect that nails were never so sharp as man's ingratitude.

Hear us as we pray for this poor blundering world, in which the nations never seem to learn how to live as brothers.

They resort again and again to methods that produce only more bitter tears, methods that only add to misery and subtract nothing from problems.

Heal them that need healing, make strong the wavering, guide the perplexed, befriend the lonely, give faith and courage to those whose spirits are low.

Lift up our heads, put a new light in our eyes and a new song in our hearts, and we will do better and be better for the sake of Thy love. Amen."

Pretty powerful don't you think? And soon..... instead of arriving late.....congress arrived early so that they could hear this man talk to God. He was known for his conversations with God. Men whose hearts were distant to the Almighty......came to know Him because of the boldness of this mans relationship with God.
He died at a young age leaving behind his wife--Catherine Marshall author of Christy and a son Peter Marshall who is also in the ministry and an author. Some of you will realize right away that the son wrote The Light and The Glory. All in all a family powerfully used by God.

My mind has been lingering on what is needed in our time...and so this morning as I was watching Charles Stanley, I was pleased to hear the guest speaker. He talked about our Christian heritage and how much of it is simply being erased. I was astounded to here and see how those rewriting our history.....simply get by without quoting any source. And they get by with it because most of us do not know the truth about our our Christian heritage.
There are many sites available that tell the truth about our history.
Our nation was found under the authority of God.....many of those who signed our Constitution were followers of the one true God. And like the program said this morning.....just because we rarely hear about them does not mean that all of congress followed the few who did not follow Him.

I thought it would be interesting to see what types of prayers are starting off congress today...did you know you could read them online?
You sure can. And reading those prayers might inspire us to pray for some fire to visit that meeting hall again. Just like in the beginning when they would start off..... not only with prayer.... but with Bible study that would sometimes last three hours. How far we have come!
Here is the link to the site that allows you to see what is being prayed over our "voice".
Opening Prayer 6-27-2009

May God once again raise up men and women who have such powerful relationships with Himself that our country will once again see the Glory of our LORD.

A short bio of Peter Marshall


SunnySusan said...

I remember reading about Marshall and his time as Chaplin...he did have some pretty powerful prayers...we do so need that again in this time

Halfmoon Girl said...

What an interesting man- I have seen that book many times- I better pick it up and read it next time. I have enjoyed some of his wife's books. You have got me thinking, and now I am going to go see if they pray in our House of Commons. I know there was a fuss because our Christian Prime Minister says "God Bless." at the end of his speeches. Canada is far too politically correct- verging and many times crossing over into stupidity!

Denise said...

Such an awesome man.

luvmy4sons said...

I read that book YEARS ago. His wife was an amazing person as well...Our hearts' have they changed? Good question. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much...may we have many men such as Peter Marshall praying for our nation!

Pastor Lisa said...


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I watched that particular service at Charles Stanley's church. You're right; so powerful and telling.

Our country is floundering. Sadly, Christians have not understood the "slow fade" of our history. It's time to step up for God and his truth and bring back the "glory" again.

Peter Marshall was a remarkable saint of God.

Hope all is well. We recently traveled to Gatlinburg and passed signs for your town. Wish I'd known your number!


Sandi said...

I will check this book out too