Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cloudy.......but necessary!

You know...... I know something is up when I can look at this
and it does not bring that familiar swelling in my chest
as I think about the awesomeness of my God.
I mean really, how can you look at His creation...and not feel the finger prints left on your heart? The evidence of His hand squeezing your heart so that you have to catch your breath....because your heart is now beating
the way it was meant to.
Sometimes I have felt a tad guilty by the feelings invoked at such times.
Almost like I wanted Him to be sure that I was more touched by His glorious presence in evidence in creation...than just the mere beauty of it all.
Pick up any number of books in a book store and you will see that they were just lost in the beauty of the moment and not the beauty of the creator.
I never want to get to that point.
That point where my eyes capture the finger print of God and my body, soul and spirit fail to take a deep breath........... that breath that seems to take in the glorious presence of my God.

So yesterday when I was having my devotions....reading through the names of God....the Name for the day was............The Glorious Lord.

Here is a little bit that caught me.
"Creation is a refection of its Creator; all the beauty about us mirrors the majesty of God. Whether it's the tiniest snowflake or an immense galaxy, all of creation testifies to the splendor of Christ's " mantle of majesty." The psalmist writes, "The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship" (Psalm 19:1)"
"All creation is "window dressing" for Christ's excellence. It all points to Him. And just as a king's palace with all its royal furnishings reflects something of that king's personality, so creation reflects the magnificence of our Lord's nature and character."

By the time I read that....... I was nodding in my spirit!
Yes, that is how I feel when I step into this world He has created and is creating. His creativity is still at work. And when I see the smallest detail that is there because He chose to put it right in that spot just growing "wild".............I truly feel like the clouds have opened up
and I am breathing the glorious air of heaven.
Does that make sense?
It is like every other breath I have taken has been laden with pollution...but for one brief moment He allows me to breathe the very air of heaven.
Why would I ever want to miss that?

So today I will take a moment or thank Him for evidence of His hand in His creation..........Yes, even for rain that change the clear creek to a cloudy creek.
Because even when things appear cloudy....that is evidence of His hand at work.
Without the cloudiness in one area of our lives.....another area of His creation would not have been nourished.
I will endure the cloudy for a bit......because I know that the view of the nourished will feed my soul and spirit.
Now think on that for a bit!


Shirley said...

Beautiful, beautiful post....and
pictures. I cannot view God's beauty in creation without my heart just ooozing with praise and thankfulness...even thankfulness for my sight. I don't want to ever take for granted the gift of sight and hearing....for I love to hear the birds. God is so, so good. You, girl, live in a beautiful part of this world...the mountains and the streams....oh, how I love it. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your words..just wonderful. May He bless you always, my bless me.

Denise said...

I am always amazed at what will move our spirit man to unspeakable joy. The gifts of nature and the fragrance of a flower. The sight of a rainbow or the sound of the morning songbirds. How our spirit man longs for communion with the Father and how quickly he responds to any stimulus we might come upon. Music..... it smooths the soul or stirs the spirit..... Today I am stirred by the words of a Godly man called David Wilkerson. My spirit man heard the voice and recognized the Holy Spirit in his words.... My spirit responded..... I am broken

MelanieJoy said...

You know, today in class my photography teacher was asking if you had two weeks and enough money...where would you go? Most of them answered the beach...but for me it was the mountains! Why? Just as you say...nature brings me sooo close to Him. I agree at the feeling it brings. My photography teacher you know what his subject matter is?? Cracks in the sidewalk and pavement. All these things we have to look at in Art so ugly and sad. He thinks because God said He made man out of clay that God used clay so He could practice what He created!!!! How do they miss it? I'm so glad my heart belongs to I can experience Him in his All. I pray for him....

Denise said...

Such a lovely post, bless you.

luvmy4sons said...

I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean. I have been there...Suddenly seeing creation had a much deeper meaning...It REFLECTS the glory of God! Such beauty...such imagination...such diversity and intricate see it in a light of reflecting God...Amen!