Friday, June 26, 2009

A little of our trip

Well it is good to be home!
It was a hot trip and it is good to be back to our cooler mountain weather.
We were gone for two I thought I'd fill you in on what we did....cuz I know you are dying to know. ;)
We left here and made our way through Arkansas. It had been years since Keith or I had been in that direction. Let's just say that youthful memories were a lot nicer than what we say. Next year we have decided to head through the mountainous region instead of the way we went.
But we had fun.
We took a duck ride in Hot Springs. (Not something that I would recommend unless you are really desperate for an experience that is different.) :)
Then we heard that Diamond Crater State Park was not far away.....I couldn't resist.
Who couldn't use a few more diamonds?
Of course it might have helped to know what we were looking for---- and to have gone dressed appropriately. We arrived and took our tools out into the huge was soooo hot!
But we stayed for a few hours.....and I had the pleasure of receiveing a mud bath by a little one who was more concerned with playing in the mud puddles than looking for diamonds.
One day she will enjoy those little rocks more than the mud. :)
I would have loved to have stayed one more day.......and had a serious go at it....but I am happy with the "rocks" I have. :) But if you are ever in Murfreeboro...check it out. Here is the link-
Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Then we headed toward our conference in Texas.
As we were traveling I looked up and saw a town that was vaguely familiar.....Glenrose, Texas.
Then we remembered that this was the town where the Creation Evidence Museum was located. We have been talking about trying to visits this place for a few years now....but it was never on the way to any place we visited. If you watch TBN you will probably have heard of Dr Carl Baugh.....he has a program on all things that prove the story of our earth as told in the Bible.
Julia didn't want to go in at first.....but once she started looking around she was glad she had not stayed in the truck.
I took some pictures and I would like to share them with you.....I think you will like them.
Dad was really excited we were going to finally get a picture of the human footprint overlaid by a dinosaur footprint.
You see each year at camp Dad starts off his session with the kids talking about creation.
It is so important in a world that is trying to devalue the truths taught in the Bible.
So here is the picture.
For all those who try and tell us that man and dinosaurs did not walk is proof they are wrong.

They would also like us to believe that some creatures we know today....were smaller.
This was found not far away from the museum...I believe.
Julia was nice enough to pose for me.

There were videos to watch and all types of fossils and replicas of fossils.
They had two really unique displays that had been lent to them.
First they had in cases the oldest full collect of Bible scrolls. It was pretty cool. Each scroll was pretty big......we are blessed to have our Bibles.
You would need a truck just to be able to carry all the scrolls that have been placed together in our Bible. This scroll is the book of Daniel.

Next there was a beautiful tapestry.

Oh that they would know that the one they wait for....He has already come!

This next display really caught my attention.
I don't know why but maybe because I have always been fascinated by the temple.

When Iraq fell this door was taken off of a synagogue that had been closed down but not destroyed. The older man who had been left to care for the synagogue brought in his son and they dismantled the doors and carefully turned them into a donkey cart. The cart was then carried across the borders until they came through India and then to the United States.
The doors were beautiful.

Once they got the doors to a museum....they found a surprise in one of the side panels.
There was a panel that slid up revealing quite a few treasures.
There were scrolls of scripture and tiny alabaster jars.

I just love history.......the depth of the riches that God has left for us as a trail to His throne--it is limitless!
This last piece is an old hyperbaric chamber.
During the times before the flood our earth was just like the environment in a hyperbaric chamber. The air was so pure with oxygen that a man could run for over a hundred miles without getting tired. The ice canopy that surrounded the earth kept things pure and filtered out harmful rays from the sun. And because the sun filtered down through that ice.....the world took on a pink hue...nope you would not have been looking up into blue skies.
This place is filled with many more incredible things. I could go on and on!
If you are ever in the would be a good place to check out with your kids.

That's it for me! These old eyes are getting blurry and it is time for bed. I promise to be around tomorrow to catch up with you all.

Hope you are doing well.....the deaths in the media are weighing heavey on my heart.
Don't forget to pray that as these people think about the ones we have lost
that their hearts and minds will be turned to our God.
Love ya!.......He loves you more. :)


Denise said...

Welcome home dear sis, so glad your trip was so awesome. I love you.

Sharon Brumfield said...
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SunnySusan said...

Hello my friend...I missed you..glad you are home sweet have a very beautiful daughter....
Neat museum. Love the footprint
Love you....

Melanie said...

That museum looks amazing!! And what a cool footprint with man and dinosaur together! Can't wait to hear some more about your trip.

jeanniegs said...

Should post a link to the museum.