Friday, May 15, 2009

10, 9, 8, 7......explode!

I have had a little situation going on lately that has revealed my heart.....or the potential of my heart. :)
We were blessed when we moved here to be able to get Keith on with a new insurance company.
The insurance policy has an HSA account attached to it so that we deposit money and he uses a debit card provided to pay for any medical expense.
Now the whole set up process should have been fairly easy. They sent me an envelope with paper work to sign and a deposit slip to fill out and send to use to deposit money into Keith's account.
And that is where the problems started.
Ops!, their bad..... they should not have sent out all the paper work with only one return envelope.....sorry for the inconvenience. And so instead of the paper work getting sent to the right and the check disappeared into never never land.
Because they could not seem to find what I had sent ....they again requested the same paper work and a new check....promising that they would not cash the original check should it be found.
Can you guess where this is going?
Yes, boy oh boy......they cashed them both!
But of course I did not realize right away what had happened.......not until two days later I got another call from them asking....once again....for the missing signature card.
And somehow on that "sweet" phone call I found out that both checks had been cashed.
It is funny how the person on the phone kept changing the story and tried to keep getting me to repeat the facts. Meanwhile I went to our account to find that yes, we were indeed bouncing check$. But now on her end....oh yes, the computer was now showing the correct details and it would be sent to investigation right away!
I have to admit that after an hour....I was not getting any more patient.
No, I could not speak to a supervisor....and Yes, someone would call me back the next day.
After we ended that call .........
Yes, I had a little repenting to do. :(
Then came the day for the call back and at almost 7 at night I had still not received a call.
So....I called.
I will not share that call with you.....I was treated horribly. Or maybe you could say that I was treated as a horribly rich person who had thousands of extra money just floating around in our account for such a time as this.
Needless to say the problem did not get taken care of and the lady on the line basically told me to quit bugging them! I kid you not!
Can you share in what I am/was feeling?
So I told the woman thank you and I hung up.

About that time I looked down at my computer to see an email coming in from Charles Stanley.
Wanna guess at the title?

The Deadliness of Anger

And yes, if you would like to read the short devotional you can click on the title or the eyes.
God was going to make sure that I had no reason not to follow the instructions in the following verse.
“Do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil” (Eph. 4:26, 27).
He is faithful.

And so goes the life of a believer who is walking it out........"patiently" (sometimes) waiting for God to complete the good work that He has begun....and promise He will finish!
AMEN....and AMEN!


Nise' said...

I can relate. Feb 1 my hubby's job changed insurance providers, everyting was supposed to remain the same, just different paper shufflers. Each day he came home something was taken away in our coverage. It was all we could do not to explode. We tried to get clarification and got 10 different answers and the money we would owe began to add up! I had to just let it go. Three months later original coverage has been returned and our group got an apology letter. He is faithful!

Sandi said...

I can so relate to what is happening. I've been there right down to being told to stop bugging them. No I didn't get the bounce fees back I had to consider it a lost. I know your anger and fustration. You are not alone.

melanie said...

I have had a similar experience. And you know who was affected by my anger/frustration? ME! Those people on the other end of the phone didn't care how upset I was.

Things will work out, you know that. It's the patience thing that is soooo hard.

Oh Sew Good said...

I've been in similar circumstances however, not insurance companies. I did report the company I was dealing with to the BBB and I'll tell you what. I got my refund a.s.a.p.

Oh Sew Good said...

PS: If that happens to you again, put a stop payment on the first check first.

Shirley said...

So sorry this happened to you....
we often wonder why....when God's
Word says all things happen for a reason....He knows....we may know later....but....I now how hard it is to not be takes a good Christian to control that....
I so hope things work out for you.

Hugs to you.

luvmy4sons said...

Oh sweet sister! My heart rate rose just reading the post. Those types of situations challenge me greatly too! I watched hubby once though..and he becomes sickeningly sweet. He will be bold and positively assertive with this kind sweet wording and tone so that there is nothing to get angry about despite what he says...when I manage to do it, which is not as often as I like, it works quite well...Sometimes though I think we are just responding to wrongs...and it's true righteous indignation...but often the people are employees and not responsible...still someone taking responsibility and doing a good job right is so hard to find and so aggravating when they don't! I think you did amazingly the end I try to remind myself that the Lord allowed this...this is a test... I want to pass it well...I don't always pass! LOL! Thanks for your transparency. You are NOT alone! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about all the mixed up junk. But I am so glad that it was another lesson learned. I hope that I gave you a shock by this comment. I luv u!

MelanieJoy said...

I like what Leslie was saying about another test....
After reading this and then getting your message shoulders dropped for a moment until you reminded me we are choosing to stand on His promises.
Oh your faith encourages me. My sister was with me when I got your made her stop and thing about her situtaion not being as bad.
Love you Girl!!!

Denise said...

Sorry you had to deal with all this mess, praying for you, and loving you.

b. said...

Hi! How are you?

I really, really need prayer.. do you think you could visit my blog and bring any other Sisters in Christ over too?

God bless you!

Oh Sew Good said...

RYC: I don't know how to change the color of the comments. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Oh Sew Good said...

I got the font thing figured out. You should be able to see it now. Also, I was able to get the music video I wanted to share on there so I hope you'll come back and give it a listen.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

It's hard to know where to draw the line in a situation like this. Your frustration is warranted; how you handle it is a difficult quandry. I know what I would do; but it seems a scheme is a foot, and I'm not sure that God condones scheming.

Praying for the right conclusion for the situation and for your peace in the middle of it.


Mary / Mariah said...

I'll pray for you , God is so good .
Thanks so much friend for your prayers . My eye is still swollen and am hoping when that goes down I can see better . Please pray for my sight to clear soon . It was so hard and thick it took more work to get it off . I can see objects but no details with that eye .
Thanks friend .

PW said...

How are things? You seem to have some good advice and empathy. I hope this situation is resolved soon!!

PW said...

Thanks for visiting my one site (I actually have two, one is a book readers/gardener type; the other is more of an inspirational/discussion on various Christian related things and memes.

Praying that you get it resolved this week. HUGS

btw, I've added you to my following list.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Do you think that lesson even applies to insurance companies??? just kiddding- but that is certainly an aggravating situation. God is bigger though, isn't He?