Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a little errand

The alarm went off and she rolled to the side to silence the rude awakening.
Taking a moment before she rolled out of bed she looked to the window and realized it was going to be an overcast day. The perfect day for catching a few more winks. Her work out buddy was out of town so there was no rush to start the day.
Maybe she would come home after the school drop and go back to bed for an hour or so. She rarely did that...but the mood of the day seemed to warrant a little extra me time.

So with that on the schedule she skipped the making of coffee and got busy making breakfast. The morning went smoothly and before she knew it... it was time to do the school shuttle. Grabbing her coat to hide her sleep shirt she slid her feet into her crocks and was out the door.
The drop off at the front of the school took less than five minutes and soon she was headed back home to her warm bed.
Just as she was rounding the turn to home.... she heard the still small voice. She knew it well....and according to that still small voice...plans for the morning had changed.
Instead of a few more moments of sleep she was to grab a shower and get ready...... someone was going to need her today.
She figured maybe someone would come by and need her help....and so she sat on the couch doing some reading until mid afternoon-- waiting for the knock that never came.
Well maybe I got it wrong she thought..... so she grabbed her phone and purse and decided to get some errands run. She needed to find a Calligraphy set so that she could work on a birthday coming up.....she was not even sure where to begin looking. Living in a small town made such searches a little more time consuming. After trying two stores she decided to turn into a small store thinking that maybe they might have something left over from Christmas.

Pulling into the parking lot she noticed a man standing beside a car speaking to a just seemed a little odd. And so she was a little startled when as began to open her door she heard a tap on the window. Easing the door open she gave the man a questioning look. He quickly apologized but explained that he was in a bind and needed some money for gas. They had broken down and then once they got it fixed they did not have money to get gas to get them home to a town near by.
And at that a movie playing in her head she remember her devotionals from that morning. Jesus had been telling the people that if someone asked them for something they should lend freely without expecting it to be returned.
Smiling she reached into her purse and began to tell the man that just that morning she had been reading her devotions and had been told to give if asked. He laughed and mentioned that maybe she was sorry that she had read. At that she shook her head and said no she was not....... and that he might consider that if she had not read he might not be getting what he needed. He nodded in agreement and thanked her.
As she turned to walk off he called to her and asked her if her reading that morning had told her anything about being repaid.
Turning back around she smiled laughing a little....and with love on her face she let him know that yes it had addressed that issue too. And as a matter of fact it had told her not to worry about being repaid. She felt a powerful heat come over her body as she pointed to the sky and looking the man square in the face told him not to forget that God loved him dearly.
Her heart was so much lighter as she ran the rest of her errands. Finding all she needed she headed back toward the school to pick up her daughter.
Arriving a little early she sat in line and thought about her day.
She prayed for the man to truly understand that God had met him there that day. She hoped that he would see the events of the day as a set up by God. And that he would know God saw his need before it happened and had sent someone to help him out.
And then it hit her......she just had to laugh......."someone was going to need her today"!
It had happened!
God had gotten her to the right place at the right time.
And He had even had the person knock on her door...just not the one she had imagined.
Shaking her head she felt a little awesome was her God!
And with that she began to thank Him that He truly did speak to His sheep.
And not only that.... that He would use His sheep to make contact with sheep that still needed to come into the fold.

She was so glad she had not gone back to bed!


Denise said...

Praise God.

luvmy4sons said...

Aaaawh! What a wonderful story...God is so good! Isn't He? And you such an obedient servant and even more so an intune servant ever listening to that still small voice. Precious story. Thank you for sharing it. I love your heart for God and His sheep.

Oh Sew Good said...

You definitely have a talent for writing.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Beautiful Sharon! Just imagine if you had a tract that you could've given him to read later "if" he wanted to know more about Him!? That's wonderful!
When I saw you had written a post, I got giddy, too! My Sharon's back!!



D said...

You're back!!! Yahhhhhhhh! And I love the story. I love the new blog look and yet, the Mitford series is wonderful! I bought it and have read it numerous times. ((( hugs ))) D

MelanieJoy said...


Anonymous said...

I have missed you, Love your new look!!, when I walked with fear, I had one of our younger Pastors wife ask me hmm. . well she said, Who's voice are you listening to . . The Holy Spirits . . or. . the devils?
Who do you believe?
That did it for me, I was set free and have been free ever since Praise God!!For whom the Lord sets free is free Indeed!! Great Post:)