Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Sign Of His Love

This is a story that I read a few years ago in a Christian magazine. The truth of the story grabbed my heart. It became a visual reminder to me of His love and limitless patience as He constantly sends us reminders of His presence and undying love.


The story begins with a mother who is dying of cancer. Her only daughter is grown and although they are close, the path ahead sets the Mom on a path of great loneliness brought on by hours spent alone in pain. Finally the time came where she began to wonder if God had forgotten her. Her body was weary of its battle and her mind sought a sign from God.

Lost in the pain that was her constant companion she asked God for proof that He was with her and she had not been forgotten. In her bed she spent the day looking out the window at a world she was sure was passing her by. Late one afternoon she noticed a red bird as it landed in the window. It was beautiful and bright and took her mind off her pain for awhile as it sat there. It spent time walking back and forth, flying off for a short while to return once again.

The next day much to her amazement the bird reappeared. This time it came and stood for awhile looking in the window before it flew off. A short time later it landed in the window and stayed till the sun began to fade. Day after day she looked forward to first sight of it.

As time passed she could not help but realize who had sent her companion. And she was sure to tell other that she knew it was God's way of showing His love for her and that He had heard her and answered her prayer. He was there. Really she had always known that He had never left her…..but the red bird had become a visual reminder that He was there with her and that He loved her dearly.

Soon the time came and the woman went home to be with the Lord. She was in no more pain and with the one who loved her dearly.
And although her daughter was happy that her mother was no longer in pain-- she felt left behind and was heart broken. She did not how she could make it without her mother. She can not seem to be able to get past the pain and loneliness of having to live without her.

One afternoon while out driving through the country she began to call out to God as tears made their way down her cheeks. "Have you forgotten me, she asked? Don't you care that I am lonely? Didn’t you know how I would feel now that Mom is with You?" Pulling over to the side of the road she gave into the tears and wept from her loneliness and pain. Tears began to slow and taking a deep breath she lifted her head from the steering wheel and reached up to wipe her cheeks and blow her nose. Trying to calm herself so that she could get back on the road she looked around to clear her eyes. Trees to the right…trees in front…and the view to the left brought a cry of stunned amazement.
Right there before her eyes was a deep green field dotted with at least a dozen red birds at rest in the sun.

Putting her head on the steering wheel she poured her love back on God. She had not been forgotten and His presence was near. She thanked God for the sign of His love and for His patience in showing her He was near.


Athlyn Green said...

Hi Sharon,
I love the beautiful picture of the cardinal! Well done.

Anonymous said...

What a great story! thank you for sharing. Beautiful picture :-)


Denise said...

Such a beautiful story, I love the new blog look.

luvmy4sons said...

It IS such a lovely story dear friend. I pray you had a wonderful Christmas in your mountain abode! I pray for many blessings in the New Year.