Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things on my mind

I think this post will be a little of this and a little of that.
I want to thank God for this journey that He has us on. A journey that I am not sure is at its end.
Last night while sitting by the river...ahhh...I was thinking about Sarah once again.
She seems to be on my mind a lot lately.
I began to wonder how many times she thought that maybe her journey was over.
How many times she had the maids or servants arrange the many tents...only to in a few days or weeks--have them pack them up again.
Isn't this so like our lives?
We are constantly on a journey. A journey through this land that is not our home.
We have this deep seated longing for a place of rest. A place where we will finally feel at home.
Some of us strive to find our place in gathering memories and possessions.
They do not satisfy.
He won't let them satisfy.....He has something so much better waiting for us.
I shared awhile back about our dream of having a ministry place that would minister to those in the ministry. It has been a deep seated longing in my heart for many, many years.
There have been times when I wondered if it was just something that I wanted. A dream that I had made up to give me something to long for. Do you know what I mean?
During the conference Dad spoke to a man about this dream. You see, Mom and Dad have had this dream too. The man told Dad that he knew of maybe to ways to fulfill this dream.
The one that is closest to our dream in a town in TN.
It is already our dream in action.
There has been a couple there running the ministry for 30 years. I don't have many details about what the place looks like or even what the facilities are...but the couple is ready to retire.
I tell you that this makes me excited and yet a little scared. There have been many times when I wondered what God has been preparing me for. I have wondered why He allowed me the years in the culinary field -if not to end the end use it for His glory. I really have no desire to go back into the field of fine dinning in a restaurant. But how cool would it be to be able to use those talents to bless warriors worn out from service for their King? And there is the creative side of me that for the most part lays cool to use that to make the females feel special. And the passion I have to see the body of Christ whole.....up and fighting for Him.
And then God gave me a husband that is so talented with his hands. He can build and fix almost anything. He really does not want to go back into the masonry business. Wasted talent?
I don't think so. God has been preparing us for something. It is funny.. but, as I share my dreams(often unspoken) about what this place of ministry would look like....he smiles and says he has had the same pictures in his mind.
Is that cool or what?
Our God is a dream giver......and He is the one who makes dreams come true!
Could it be that the dream was a dream planted by God?
We shall see.
The couple is on vacation. And next week we will call and see if this is the beginning of our/His dream come true.
If not....we will stay here and start a home---until He says GO.

One more thing.
God has shown me that I am not to go to San Antonio.
And, I am really o.k with that. I never really had a peace about it. But, I knew that God wanted me to buy those tickets back in September. I did look forward to meeting some really cool ladies and giving them a great big hug(and I am not generally a hugger). And I looked forward to the special time with Beth Moore that we would have. And yes, the p.j party would have been a blast.....not to mention getting to travel and spend time with a good friend.
But, somewhere else there was a woman who was praying for God to let her go.
Money was tight and the only way she could go is if God stepped in and performed a miracle.
And He did.
He bought her tickets way back in September. How cool is our God?
And He made sure that she was signed up to attend all the special activities for the blogging girls.
And then at almost the last minute He provided someone for her to room with.
If that does not tug on your heart...... I don't know what will.
He loves us so tenderly. And when it aligns with His will...... He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. Don't give up on the dreams He has planted. Water them with prayers.
Don't give up the hope.
In due season you will reap the reward.
Be encouraged!
Our labor is not in vain.
Love you!
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Alisun said...

I am not sure where to begin this was a heartfelt post from a heart that is growing in love each day.
Sharon I will pray for all the new journeys in each day for you and wow a ministry that will be much needed it is really hard to build up others in a church and not have good food for yourself.
The tickets that is what God does I love to hear how he uses us for the gospel.

mandy said...

this story about Abe & Sarah packing up & moving .... it just keeps coming up in my life.

Janera said...

Sharon, I am truly blessed and inspired by this post. You know what? Electric Man and I have often felt that God is preparing us for camp ministry/missions, but it doesn't seem to be time just yet.

Thank you for listening quietly to His call and for your willingness to heed it.

The Ballinger Family said...

I always love to hear stories like that....tear jerkers and goosebump givers I call them. I am a pw and thought I'd drop in and say hi. I will be praying for your potential exciting!


Sharon, this post was such a blessing to me. I got excited just hearing about your dreams. I think that they are wonderful. What a great way to use talents that God has given to you,to be a blessing to those who have been in the ministry. I pray your dreams come to pass. connie from Texas

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Putting voice to your dreams is not "the kiss of death." Rather it is a way of putting faith into action and allowing God to work in the middle of our deepest desires. I, for one, think it would be fabulous for you and your husband to have this kind of ministry. As a pastor's wife, can I just say that this is so needed? We love to get away, but rarely can we afford to do something as nice as Billy Graham's "Cove" experience.

I'll be praying that the Lord leads in clarity and strength for your future.

Our time here is so short. I think I echo your heart when I say I don't want to waste one more minute doing something "less than" his best.

On pilgrimage with you...


luvmy4sons said...

I am sure God wishes He had more hearts like yours that was so willing to be pliable and open to His voice. I love hearing how He is working it all out. Hugs to you!

MelanieJoy said...

Hey Girl, you know I'm loving this post. I needed to hear this. I so hope that this place in TN is a glimpse of THE dream and place He has for you guys. Thanks for the comment you left me today...sounds like your voice is strong and upbeat. I'm so ready to see a glimpse of "something" He has in store. Love you sweet friend.

Amanda said...

This is such a heart touching post! I am leaving here feeling very blessed and inspired, thank you. My prayers are with you. Warm hugs from your sister by blood. xo

Anonymous said...

Such an uplifting post! It is exciting how God knows from the beginning what He wants to do for His children and we have the blessing of seeing it come to pass. I will be watching to see how it all unfolds for you. And I can truly say that even at my age, not quite as old as Sarah, He is still making dreams come true.

Sandi said...

I'll be praying for you and your journey to where ever God is leading you.

So often we read our bible and study what it means but not often do we take time to reflect what they might have been thinking. We can only imagine but it can be away God speaks to us too.

Joyfulsister said...


I just want you to know that I could really relate to this post today. In different parts of your writing I could felt such a stirring within the depths of my soul which only happens when the Lord sends me to read words that have some kind of confirmation in them. Let me tell you my sister your
words did that to me as I read. I see the heart you have to use the gifts that the Lord has given you for women and have been faithful in the little things, how much greater he will use you now for bigger and greater things ahead. As I read your post this is what I felt the Lord was saying to you..

Here I am, your Lord waiting, ready at your call. Bring me into everything that your heart desires. You will find such joy as you speak of me and share me with others, together we will climb higher, together we will touch hearts that are waiting to be filled with hope.

May God's blessings shine upon you as you journey ever so closely with him..

Hugz Lorie

Denise said...

You are such a sweet blessing to me sis, I love you. Keep listening, as God leads you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know!!! I know!!! Just when you think you've got God all figured out, He lets you know, you are human. Tennesee is a beautiful, beautiful state and I'm convinced you'd love it. I'm spoiled to have you here in NC but I truly understand that when God says GO, we GO!! Just a note to let you know that I am so relieved that you put God's will ahead of your own.

melanie said...

I am trying to figure out where God wants me and what I'm supposed to be doing. I just have no idea right now.