Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Home" again

Hey is late but I wanted to take a moment to get on line and let you know that we are back home. That is our home on wheels. ;)
We got home late last night and it was good to sleep in my own bed.
I was not thrilled to be back to the heat here in Louisiana. While in N.C I actually could have used a jacket on a few of the mornings and a few of the nights.
One morning Keith let us sleep in and it was 49 as he headed out....... and that was in JULY!
I know that that was a little unseasonable for them but I was not complaining.

We had a good time.
I had a great tour of the back country.
We saw some great houses and laughed at what some where asking for those houses.
I gave Keith some new gray hairs--- as I screamed stop! stop! stop! every time he tried to back up on a mountain road. I don't know but there is just something about putting your life in someones else's hands as they back toward open air. :0
So, about half way through our time there I had to apologize for treating him as though he did not have the ability to drive. Yes, I am guilty and not proud of it.
He was very patient...although he did admit that I was getting under his skin. ;)
So on the third day-- we got a realtor to help us out with the driving.
It is amazing how much safer I felt with a total stranger driving. Or maybe it was just that I didn't think that she would take to kindly to flat land girl giving a mountain woman driving instructions. I am sure the finger imprints on the arm rest are gone by now. :)

We found a nice house. Needs a little work I think....but we will see.
We went through all the paper work and now we are waiting to see what God says.
Actually they are giving us a little slack about Keiths self employment. I guess if they had their way no self employed person would ever be able to move and buy a house.
Good thing for us that we know the owner of it all.
God is the one in control. Kind of makes you feel like, just thought that you would like to know that my Daddy owns all of this and He will be saying if it becomes the house I live in. If He wants us to have this house no one will be able to stop Him. we are.
We have now had an offer on our property in Covington. Please pray that we would have the wisdom to know if we should take the offer.
Till then....I am home and ready to start planning for our next conference
at the end of this month.
Thank you for your prayers....DON'T STOP!
I can't wait to hear what has been going on with each of you.
I'll be around to see you all a little later.
Love ya lots!


Sandi said...

I said a prayer for God to show his plan to you.

Oh the second seat driver. There were many times I was just like that with hubby. He got to the point once he stopped got out and said you drive. We laugh so much over that it broke the tension.

luvmy4sons said...

So good to hear from you girlfriend! I laughed aloud about the driving commentary. I can do the same thing. Then one day hubby did it to me and I realized how I must seem to him when I treat him like he is an idiot behind the wheel. Does that stop me from ever doing it any more? LOL! Not exactly! I will keep your situation in prayer. I know that God will provide you just what you need. Thanks for taking time to fill us in! Miss you in bloggy world sister Hugs and hugs!

MelanieJoy said...

It is so good hearing from you this weekend! We miss ya around here when you are away. :)
Excited it seems there was progress on finding a potential house. You told me about a half a million times concerning my job that if it were meant to be nothing could stop God. I'm still on my knees with you praying over it all.....
Love ya my friend! Good to have you "home".

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yes, you have had some answers to prayer! I love your paragraph about how your Daddy owns it all anyways. Maybe I will try that next time...

Denise said...

You will forever remain in my thoughts and prayers sweet sis, I love you.

Janera said...

Welcome back! I'm very glad I "found" you; you're a blessing!

Denise said...

Sooooooooooooo good to see you and I will pray about your home.... He has already walked through your tomorrow and He knows exactly where He is taking you..... What a journey! I do miss you and look forward to hearing what the Lord is speaking....... I have something to post , and hoped to post tonight but got home too late.... We are headed to bed and I think I will just sit down in the morning and post........

Hugs girl friend....... Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I read a little ditty once where the husband was giving similar directions to his wife as she was cooking eggs. Watch out! Don't flip it now. It's going to burn. Look out! Don't break the yoke! It was something along that line but the point was well made and well taken. I am excited for you though. It is cooler in the mountains but it's also so beautiful. It won't be long now, huh?

Alisun said...

I fell the same about my daddy owning it all and also wish the world would get on track with this but then I feel he makes me hold out for better in the end when my he feels it best. Just really hard to not know, praying for your family.

SunnySusan said...

I am praying my you lots...

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Praying! And miss you! Glad you're ok!!

eph2810 said...

Wow, North Carolina - that is a big move across the country.
I am sure that our Lord will give you wisdom on to take the offer on your property or not.

Blessings to you and yours...

D said...

Yah - so good to hear from you again! I checked here on the weekend -- must have been before your post. Oh well, glad to see it now. ((( hugs ))) I'm all for cooler weather -- how about coming to Canada???!!!! D

Mary said...


I'm glad you are home. Remember when Keith is backing toward air on those mountain roads that our Father is watching over you. I am also a nervous driver. I would rather be the one behind the wheel.

Keeping you in my prayers. God knows exactly where He wants you to be. I will pray that you and Keith are blessed with wisdom of whether or not to accept that offer.

Love you girl. Blessings, Mary

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Good news all around. Yes, keep us posted.


melanie said...

We have the self employment problem too. We'd like to move to be closer to our families, but what bank wants to give us a mortgage? Probably none.

Hope things are going well for.

freetofly said...

Great stuff! I so got the whole driving thing, and in those mountains (we use to go there a lot) I know just what you mean about that whole open air thing on the other side of the road! Phew!

Praying! You are right on track as God is The Last Word on your whole financing and such - His arm is not shortened! He is The Final Authority! Aren't you gald you know that?! That means you have the advantage come to think of it!

Praying for your whole sweet family!