Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Sign Of Your Love

Lord, I lift my heart to You
purify it
renew it
and fill it
with the fire of Your Spirit.
Lord, when my eyes drift to
the world around me
Lovingly draw them back to Your face.
When my ears hear the call of another love-
send Your sweet words
my heart to embrace.
And when my feet stumble
and right themselves
on the wrong path
gently put Your hand
in the way
and let me see
the sign of Your love
In the palm of Your hand.

I don't know why this morning this little piece reminds me of fresh picked fruit
being pressed through a fine sieve.
I see the fine mesh screen with blackberries being pressed and ground into the wire surface.
Below sweet dark juice flows out ready to be turned into jelly for the winter months.

Each person who takes the time to reach through the thorns for the berries usually does so knowing the pain that will come inevitable as one of the thorns makes its way through sleeves to delicate skin. But the thick juicy berry....... they know will be worth the pain.

Lately I can't help but think that God has felt that dealing with me has been like picking black berries. He knows what the final out come will be and so He reaches in to pluck the fruit that has been produced. But because of my flesh.....I know many times He comes away hurt.
And again it seems I cause Him to shed blood.

And once again He holds up His hand and He says......See, this is how much I love you.

There have been a lot of briers lately in my life. Situations that have seemed to block my view of Him. I know He is there.......times like this morning remind me of His consistent love.
But I miss the times of sitting at His feet without a care in the world.
Times when I would just look into His face and relish in the fact that I was His.

May we all take some time today just to sit at His feet.
Rest your brow against His knees and wrap your arms around His legs and just breathe.
Feel His hand as it comes down to gently rest on your head.
And hear the smile in His voice as He says........Welcome back.

Love you guys. Have a beautiful day with Him.


Michelle V said...


Oh, that was so beautiful, and I love the picture you painted of resting at his knee!


Denise said...

So very lovely sis. I want to rest at His feet always. I love you.

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for His story over you today--to be WONDER-filled.


Becoming Me said...

I loved this. Very beautiful analogy and well-written as always

luvmy4sons said...

Oh sweet sister. I love your heart as well. Beautiful, beautiful words that show a beautiful, beautiful heart after God. Praying for you!

MelanieJoy said...

My niece is sitting beside me and she said look at that red bird (the one you have in the corner) and I promise she started singing Jesus Loves Me. How cool was that- thought you might enjoy that one.

Mary said...


I love to take time to sit at the feet of God, but like you, it seems things have gotten in the way of this lately. I am not where I was at one time. Briers have been prickling God and he reaches out to me.

Thank you so much for sharing this.


Denise said...

I love the picture of the fruit being squeezed to produce the juice...... He squeezes....... knowing that in the end there is much gain...... I too have neglected sitting at His feet..... I am using this week to correct that....... He is my life line and I need to reattach!

Halfmoon Girl said...

mmmm, that was nice. I like the image of resting at His feet.

Sandi said...

Thank you for sharing. I was getting ready to write a blog about stumbling and thought I'd visit my friends first. I guess I really do need to write my blog today.

Anonymous said...

If we listen and listen well, there's a lot we can learn from children about the Lord. I appreciated that comment about the red bird and the little girl's song a lot!

Nicki said...

That was beautiful my sweet friend. I love your heart so much and I know He does too!! I pray that you will find wisdom in Him today!!