Monday, May 12, 2008

A Little Of This And That

As we have been getting ready for our move we have begun to take pictures of some of the jobs that Keith's company has done. I am very proud of my man. His guys do some beautiful work. The homes are a little bit more than I would ever want.....but the people here will enjoy his work for years to come. Don't you just love the fireplace on the bottom? We have taken pictures only in one of the subdivisions he has worked in. The lots in this subdivision go for around 200,000 so you can imagine what the homes go for.
I am thankful that some people have this much to spend on the homes they live in.
God has blessed us with the work here for about the past 11 years.
We look forward to seeing where God is going to take us next.

I do hope that each of you had a peaceful day yesterday.
Our was very nice.
It was fun to be able to spend time with my family--we had a pretty large group.
Dad got the chance to baptize one of his grandchildren. My sister had Dad take care of it in her pool right after lunch. This little man is a hoot and I do believe God has big plans for him.

This is my oldest Michael. It was good to have him come for a little know teens and their busy schedules. I had Keith grab the I could capture a Mothers Day with Michael. This will probably be our last together for awhile since we will be moving and Michael is not coming with us.
We also took some mother daughter pictures.
I do not enjoy having my picture taken...but sometimes ya just have to.
On the right is my baby sister and of course mom is in the middle.
We were being a little sill...but we love our Mom!

Off to take care of some necessary stuff!
Have a great day!


Dee said...

Beautiful photos and a beautiful family! You ARE beautiful -- ((( hugs ))) I must have missed where you're moving -- am still praying for you. Remember God is before you! Glad you had Michael home on Mother's Day -- I'm sure that did your heart good. D

Alisun said...

Great brick work!
Family phots are great, I did not get to see my mom yesterday but hey she knows I love her.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Do you have any answers about where you are moving too yet? Glad you had a day with your family yesterday. The baptism was touching- very cool that your Dad got to baptise his grandchild!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, tell your husband he does beautiful work!

Nicki said...

GREAT stuff!! He's awesome!! Glad you had a good mother's day!! Praying!!

luvmy4sons said...

Beautiful work! I know God has great plans for you guys next. Moving is such work. But like Abraham I know you go out in faith trusting the Lord. Praying for you, for Michael, for the move. And you looked great in your pictures! Beautiful!

Denise said...

Wow, Keith does such beautiful work. I am glad you enjoyed your day yesterday sis. That is great that your dad baptised his grandchild. I love the pictires of your family. I continue to pray for Michael. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Glad you had a great day. love the picture with you and sis and mom:)

Sandi said...

I enjoyed the family pictures

Michelle V said...

Hi Sharon, I found your blog on the Siesta Fiesta blog. I am also a Siesta headed to the Fiesta. I really like your blog and the pictures. Your husband does great work.


MelanieJoy said...

Wow Keith is very talented. Glad you guys had a good weekend. Go forth and conquer that list Girlfriend!! Praying God gives you the stength and energy to get done all you need to do. Wish I could help. Here's to traveling companions and balcony people!!!

Pastor Lisa said...

Beautiful work!

I've got a great bit of irony for you. My neighbors right next door are also "Sharon and Keith." What are the odds?!!!

Mimi's Toes said...

Great pics...your son, mom and sister are so precious...Glad you had a great Mother's day!

Mary said...


I love the work that your husband's company has done. It is beautiful. I would love to have a fireplace, but we don't have room for it. Instead, we think we might put in an old fashioned gas stove. We've seen a few we like. One had a glass front and looked much like a fireplace. I believe the proper name for these stoves is "free standing fireplace."

Take care and enjoy your day. Glad to see the pictures of the baptism and you with your family. Michael is a nice looking boy.

Love and blessings,

Denise said...

Love your pictures...... and your hubby has really created some beautiful homes...... I would also love a fire place but I think that we are going to replace our wood burning stove.... it is not a pretty but it sure does heat the house.........

I pray that your day was restful..... hugs