Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Year Of Romance

It is that time of month again! ;)

This past month has been a dosey! So much physical and emotional upheaval.
But, do you remember the verse where God promises to work all things together for our good- if we love Him and are walking according to His plan?
Today, I tell you it is............. TRUTH!

Most of you know that my father in law passed away about a week ago.
I had spent almost a year taking care of him while he lived with us.
There were many times that I struggled with him being a priority over my husband.
And, I knew that my husband felt it and understood the struggle.
We tried to take time when we could just to renew our perspectives.

Without being disrespectful to my FIL's memory -I almost felt like we had taken on a new child when he came to live with us.
You know how it is after you have a baby and all the family has to readjust to new schedules and routines? Well, that is where we were.
Now our addition has graduated and moved on to his eternal reward and we are experiencing a few new readjustments. :)
We are glad he graduated with honors!
We are proud of him.

Keith and I are adjusting together.

If you will remember I once described Romance as...... something that touches your heart.
We are both experiencing this at this time. It seems strange that at a time when both of our hearts are hurting that God would also allow the comforting taking place to
renew our feelings of romance.
But as I hold my husband and comfort him with touch and words--
my heart is touched.
The tenderness I feel reminds me how blessed I am to have him.
I thank God that He has taught me to trust my husband and feel safe with him.
You and I both know that without the above-- true romance is not even available.

So as we walk through the coming days and weeks I look forward to being able to
meet his needs both in words and deeds.
As we hold each other we are able to cry together and laugh together at our memories of time spent with Paw Paw.
It draws us closer together and touches our hearts.
And remember, a heart that is touched by a spouse---is a heart that has been romanced.

This post is a little strange--but it is where my heart is.
Hope it made sense.
Hard times do not have to drive the romance from our marriages!
And thus--all things can work together for our good.
He is a good God!

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Denise said...

Tee shirt contest is finished and a winner is announced and the design is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go and take a look and I will get out and about and get caught up on all my friends blogs……………….. I will try to read and find out what you gals have been up to this week…………..


freetofly said...

Jerry & I have not gone through loss like this together. Our family has been unusually blessed not to have experienced much loss. I know that in this world we can't expect to go on forever like that. But, the loss and hardships which we have gone through, we react in a similar way to, we turn INTO each other, and to God, each time. I pray that will always be true. I'm sure that's what God intends, why He said "it is not good for man to be alone!"

It is still something I stand in awe of though, when I hear of it, and witness or experience it. I am so glad that you and Keith are being drawn together and strengthened in your grief. I am sure that is part of God's grand design,(for a married couple to be strengthened and comforted by each other in hardships and loss)but it takes both of your willing participation, and I applaud that!

I pray you two will allow yourself to "honeymoon" a little bit. I think that Paw Paw would be thrilled for that!

Thanks, Sharon!

Tiffany said...

I don't think it is strange at all. I lost my dad in November 03, and my mom in January 06. My husband has been my rock. I felt sheltered, comforted, and understood durring these very low points in my life. It made me feel so secure in our relationship. For better or worse...well not everyone wants to talk about the "worse" part of marriage, but it is an important part of it. I'm sorry you're both hurting at this time, but I'm glad you have each other! Blessings!

Melanie said...

I don't think it's a strange post at all. That is how God meant it to be- to be able to lean on each other in times of good and hurt.

Hope you're both doing better day by day.

I've nominated you as one of my top 5 favorite blogs. Stop by my Meme Monday post on Livin' With Me to see.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Beautiful, Sharon. Praying the coming days and weeks draw the two of you closer.

Denise said...

Beautiful post sis, may you and Keith always share one heart, true love.

Kellan said...

I'm sorry about the passing of your FIL and I hope you and your husband become closer and closer as time goes by. It was a hard year, I am sure. Take care - Kellan

Denise said...

What a sweet post and it makes perfect sense……….. you always speak from your heart and you wear your heart on your sleeve……….. all things do work together for good as His word says.. and is it not wonderful that the Father God takes times such as this in your life to bring His word off of the pages and into your heart……. Oh how He loves it when His word is birthed in us………….. I am glad for you and Keith as you rest and renew and draw closer together……… what a sweet ending to the trials that you have endured……….. Our Father God is sooooooo good to us and He is ever watching……………

Love ya!!!

Sandi said...

Thank you for all your kind words to me. Thanks you for a reminder to not let hubby behind during this difficult time I no we are walking though.

Edge of Design said...

Time for romance, what's that?

luvmy4sons said...

Your post reminds me of that verse in the bible about how Jacob was comforted by Rachel at the death of his mother. Love it! Prayers for your both at your loss!