Sunday, February 10, 2008

Watch your six--part 2

I pray that if you did not get to read the post before this one
that you go back and read it before you read this one.
I will say before I begin this---- this incident did not involve anyone in blogdom and I am not looking for a sympathetic reaction. I am sharing this so that you will see that we are in a battle. A battle to knock down every advance of the devil
with the word and truth and the love of our Father.
I have become aware that there are many people who because of things that have happened in church, refuse to go back and expose themselves to such pain. Let me say--I understand! Truly! That is right.... satan does not stop at the doors of the church and not go in like the ground is somehow hallowed--wouldn't it be nice if it was that way?
I posted the post last night and I repeated a warning I had been given to "watch my six".
Many times God brings people into our lives that severely test our resolve to respond in love--just the way Jesus would. They use every opportunity--probably because of past hurts--to try and drive away the very ones who could love them with an unconditional love.
There is a woman at our church that is like this.
I understand what God is trying to do.
I understand that He is asking me to love and forgive 70 x 7.
I thought we had passed a huge hurdle the other night. Thought we had moved on.
And then today at church---BAM!!!!
I was hurt. When you love someone--it can't help but hurt.

I am thankful for a pastor who knows me, loves me and will speak the truth in love to me.
I won't repeat all that was said--but bottom line.......I am to keep doing what I am doing.
Love her and then let God deal with her about the ball in her court.
I share this not because I want a pat on the back. Or because I want sympathy.
I share this because I want you to be aware that satan is all about trying to destroy the ones that God loves-me and this woman. He will use those who do not stand and appose his schemes. And if we are not aware of his schemes then we are likely to fall in line with what he wants.

For those of you have been hurt by God's people--this is me looking deep into your eyes--
I am so sorry. (xoxo)
Sorry that satan was allowed to reach into your heart and rip it from your chest.
And even more sorry that he used one of God's people to do it.
One day he will pay dearly for touching the LORD's anointed.
We are to love each other.
It is not supposed to be this way.
One day it will all be fixed--and we will live at peace and free from pain.

But can I say one last thing?
If you have been hurt--you can reach out to others. You can tell them that you love them and you are sorry. And although they were hurt by a sister or brother--you will stand and love them.
You will walk by their side. You will draw them close even in their pain. You will hurt with them.

When we can do that....then we will truly be His arms on this earth. And people will feel and know a little of the love that is waiting for them in the arms of Jesus.

I know that the woman today was being used by satan. I know that sounds pretty harsh.
But it is true. He goal is to steal, kill and destroy.
Don't get your eyes stuck on the wrong enemy. I think we give him a deep belly laugh when we do that. And the last thing I want to give him is the right to gloat.

I hope this has put a little balm on any hearts that are hurting.
Let's love the way we have been loved--unconditionally.

--This was in my email when I got home from church--it was from
a blogging buddy. She did not know about my day.

Think God was talking loud and clear or what?

Facing Opposition

Read Numbers 16:1 through 19:22

Dennis had sensed something brewing in the office for several weeks. He had only been the manager for three months. That was not enough time to implement the changes he thought necessary. He thought things were going well, but Michael, who had wanted his position, was determined to criticize his every move and sniff out any dissatisfaction in the office.

There was a knock on the door. Michael and a few other coworkers asked to speak to him. The meeting was not congenial. They vented their criticisms and their plans for getting his promotion reversed. He was floored. He needed wisdom.

Moses experienced opposition. Korah and his crew rose up in rebellion against him and rebuked him. They influenced 250 leaders, who joined them in turning against Moses.

When Moses heard this, he fell face down (Numbers 16:4).

Moses humbled himself before God in the presence of his accusers and demonstrated his absolute dependence on the Lord. God gave Moses the appropriate answer for his opponents.

Thought for Today: God helps you to face any opposition.

Quicklook:Numbers 16:1–7



Denise said...

You give me so much inspiration, and encouragement. Thank you sis, I love you.

Deb said...

Sharon, you are so right, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the Spiritual forces of evil!! Some people use that hurt as an excuse not to go to church. Forgiveness and Love is the key:) Hope this works out for His glory!

Karen said...

Wow Miss Sharon (said with an accent) you rock, what a godly attitude you have shown, because I know it can be so hard when you are hurt and attacked without expecting it or deserving it. We left the Church we were at in August 2005, but it was a combination of issues - a lot of misunderstanding over our son and being rejected...but more than that, at that point we could never have a service together as a family, one would be in the Creche with our daughter, the other up with our son and never the twain to meet up. Neither of us have returned to a Church full time since that period, but my lovely friend Claire has been a real light for Jesus at a timely time (sounds funny those two words) and we visit her Church from time to time and I hook up with the ladies Group there as well. I am so encouraged that you have such a good relationship with your Pastor. This post will touch and reach out to many I know.

MelanieJoy said...

I love the reminder of what you said in keeping our eyes on the real enemy. I've been looking at that person in the family as the enemy instead of satan. I was hurt big time within the church once and satan was ready to use it to destroy but I gave that hurt to Him and He used it for good.
Keep a friend said to me this week ;)

Amy said...

My pastor talked about encouragement today and about how Satan despises it and tries to prevent us from using it in the church. I enjoyed your reading your thoughts related that are similarly related.

CrownLaidDown said...

"They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love, they will kno-ow we are Christians by our love."

Even when people are unloving...and they hurt us. What makes us different is the Christ in us loving the unlovable.

I love you friend! GOOD WORDS!

Denise said...

Come by my blog, I have some awards for you.

Pastor Lisa said...

I am especially loving these last few posts!

I think we've all been there at one point. Experienced church hurt. And your pastor sounds very wise. Glad you're in a "safe" house.

Elgin and I had been battling a spirit that opposed worship in our church. You can't look at the people, you have to deal with the root of the thing which is spirit.

I'll say it again...the warfare is real...and the victories are real too.

luvmy4sons said...

So sorry Sharon. Conflict, hurts between brothers and sisters in Christ is so difficult. You are so right we must remember that Satan is the real accuser of the brethren. I had to leave a church because of a problem with a member. She had become inappropriately obsessed with em...stalking me even...I still on occasion feel guilt that I didn't stick it out longer to resolve things. I did try a while and gave it a good effort, but I was her addiction and I needed to be removed from the situation. I pray for her daily still. There was a lot of pain invovled in that. Hugs from afar! God is at work in you!

Jessie said...

I am so glad that you often post the "real" of life. I have a huge testimony to share from my own life in this area. One day I will have to fill you in.

Lots of Hugs!!

Nicki said...

Sometimes.......we give Satan to much credit. We just have to give him the hand and say "poof". I've experienced things like this with church friends, and God had to really deal with me on this. Your pastor is wise....keep on listening and keep on doing the right thing!! VICTORY!!

Nise' said...

"Do not gloat over me my enemy, though I have fallen (been hurt) I will rise, though I set in darkness, the Lord will bring light." Micah 7:8. A godly woman (my mom) always told me that I am responsible for the way I act and react ONLY, I am not responsible for the way others choose to act/react. I praise the Lord that you chose wisely (with your armour on).

Denise said...

I needed to hear that today...... the Lord once again reminded me of 70x7..... I will remember that and I will just love..... It is something that I know to do but sometimes grow weary of..... I want things to change so bad in this particular situation but it just goes around full circle.. Much like yours...... Just when you think that the battle has been won the enemy sticks his head up again..... We must remember whom we fight.... and it is not flesh and blood........ but I do have my carnal moments........

freetofly said...

Amen & Truth! Such truth! My heart goes out to you. Because though you KNOW who the REAL enemy is, you are flesh and bone, and it STILL hurts. Praying for your comfort and joy! Thank goodness that satan could not find a way to work through you to make this plan succeed. That other person is getting to truly experience God kind of love! Thank you for standing strong!

SOME thoughts towards a pattern we have experienced:

For some reason, our family has had several unique opportunities to experience church hurts. And I do not say that lightly. Many families have left for FAR less reason. But, every time my flesh said go, The Spirit said no, stay, I'm not done here. There is something for your family HERE.

We forgive, suck it up, move on, and continue to serve. EVERY time on down the road there has been a SWEET victory, a new depth, growth! And I can always look back & say wow! Lord, thank you that you kept us, vindicated us!

NOT saying there isn't a time to move on, clearly there are. Everyone's walk is different. We are all called to a little different journey. But, I have sensed that God was teaching me and my sons certain things about a church family. Don't know why. I leave that to him!

Speaking of the armor...there is a place or two that talks about His glory being our means our rear guard! I LOVE to claim that!


freetofly said...

I had to come back & remind myself! Good stuff, Sharon!