Sunday, February 10, 2008

MeMe Monday++++ some awards

Something For Everyone!

Melanie over at Livin With Me
is helping us all not get behind in those sweet little Memes and awards. Remember that some are new to blogging and we want them to know what it feels like to have the love passed on to them.
That is what Meme and awards are all about---passing on a little bloggy love.
I still remember my first. I got so excited! My hubby thought I was loosing it.
No, I did not go and purchase a dress to receive my award--I didn't loose it that bad.
But I still enjoy see those words--Come on over to my place I have something for you-- and I do enjoy passing them on in turn.
So here goes.

The first several came from Melanie of............. Livin' With Me.
She was feeling "bloggy generous". She has a sweet heart. You should check her out.

This first one is going to go to someone that I think has a quirky sense of humor--
I find that interesting.
That would be Kentucky Woman. She makes me smile.
That is a good thing.

This one goes to Denise at ShortyBears. She sends me little things by email that have been the voice of God at times. And you know--- her heart makes my day.

This will go to Dee. She is an oldy and a goody--and I just love this girl. This will also go to Nice of Thus Far The Lord Has Helped Me--cuse she has been here through the thick and thin and she has such a sweet heart. She also has a bloggy giveaway going on.

I think this one has to go of Karen of Karen's Ramblings. She is a cool cat for sure!
And I think her kids would agree.
Also I think I shall pass this on to Mary of Mary's Writing Nook--she is a super cool grandma! I love the time she spend loving on her grandson's.
And she has a little giveaway going on.

Just saying this up front--none of those who get this award remind me
of the picture in this award. :)
This goes to MelanieJoy. I think the walk she is walking is totally awesome. There is also Denise of The Samartian Woman---you inspire me and make me think.
Not that I need anything else to think about because I keep my brain pretty busy. Just ask my man -around bed time it moves into high gear unless I can manage to shut it down. I think he would like to have a light switch to switch it off.

This goes to all my girls!
You always show me kindness that makes my heart a little fuller. Maria of Free To FLY, I have enjoyed so much getting to know your beautiful heart--thanks cuz! Also I have just begun to get to know Do You Weary Like Me----ya'll need to go over and meet her. She has a heart for God a lot like Maria. Wonder if they are sisters? Hmmm--I think so!Which reminds me if you don't have the above button please take one if you are a SISTER.
If I stop to list all of ya'll my hubby is not going to like any of you. And we wouldn't want that.
So be sweet --
Take this with LOVE!

That is and you and you and you and you and you..........well, you get the idea.
Thanking God for you all.
But there is one that I would like to mention.
Do ya'll know our girl Connie over at Little Red Hearts From God?
She has inspired me with her work with our brothers and sisters who are on their way home to meet the Lord. She walks them there. What a testimony she has.
She is a light that guides them home.
She recently lost her Dad. That is right--she walked her Dad home.
She needs some prayers and some bloggy love. She is our sister.
If you get a chance--- go and tell your sister that you are praying for her.
And then don't forget to send up a little prayer to our Father for her and her family.
Thanks for being a light.


luvmy4sons said...

You overflow with the love and joy of our Savior. Thank you so much for your kind words. And I think Maria and I are sisters...but then again aren't we all! Love ya!

Denise said...

You are so sweet, thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate the award. I love you.

BunnyGirl said...

I love the way you do this, encourage people and share the love. You have a special place in this group of women bloggers, the wonderful "greeter" who instantly puts people at ease and welcomes them whole-heartedly.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

Thank you my dear friend...

I will honor this....

walking those Home is a privilege and with that carries great responsibility....

you are a blessing.. you are an encourager...

Love you

Nise' said...

Thank you my precious sister! I love those kitties, too cute.

MelanieJoy said...

Thank you my YOS...You're the best!

livin with me said...

You are so deserving of all your awards. We all know we can always depend on you for an encouraging word.

Tiffany said...

This is my first time to visit your blog, and I've really enjoyed my stay! I really love your last 2 posts on spiritual warfare. And I wanted to let you know I visited Connie, and left her, what I hope will be a little comfort and encouragement. Thank you for letting everyone know she was in need of a blessing and comfort from her sisters and friends in Christ. You are a sweet friend. Well, I hope you'll hop on over to my place sometime for a visit. Blessings!

Brother Raphy said...

NO doubt! everyone who come across this post likes it....It is a blog full of love inspiration and helpful information. Keep it up!!!

Edge of Design said...

Hello lovely lady! I've missed you. I really enjoyed your past few posts. I do want to add a comment. I was one of those who God used a counsellor to apologize to me for all of the hurt "Christians" inflicted on me. Now I know that I allowed it. I had forgotten that there are wolves in sheeps clothing amongst us. I had forgotten that we sometimes yield to the enemy in a moment of carnality, in a moment of weakness. I would like to believe that all hurt is not intentional but some of it is. It's only made me stronger and wiser and for those lessons and benefits I am thankful.
How was your trip to the mountains? Did you get any snow?

Halfmoon Girl said...

You are a special lady Sharon. You spend a lot of time building others up- what a great gift.

You are so good at keeping up with awards. I always intend to have a night where I sit down and do housekeeping on my blog, but it just doesn't seem to happen to often!

freetofly said...

Sharon, you rock ! You are such a loving and cheerful person! The devil MUST get a migraine instantly when your your eyes open every morning!

Love is the GREATEST weapon we have! It NEVER fails!

Thank you for the gift! It's an honor, Cuz! :)

And yes, Leslie & I ARE sisters! LOL! :) (Like she said though, we all are, I LOVE the feeling of community we have on here!)

Gotta run, my husband has been off the last few days, thus my erratic PC time!


Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

What a wonderful post you have spent some time on this and it shows, you do a great job of blogging and spreading the love our savor has for us.

Thanks for always being encouraging!! I look forward to meeting some new bloggers.