Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time to go

Heading out Saturday

All my bags are packed
I'm SOOOOO ready to go
Im sittin here by my com pu-TOR
I hate to type a post that says goodbye
But the dawn is breakin
Its early morn
The truck is waitin
My man will be blowin its horn
Already Im soooooo ready
I could die

So com ment and leave a smile for me
Tell me that youll wait for me
promise that you won't for get-- bout meeee
Cause Im leavin in my A va lanche
Dont know when Ill be back again (I wish)
Oh gals, I hate to go(that is a fib) :)

Evry place I go, Ill think of you
Evry song I sing, Ill sing for you (what a hoot)
When I come back, Ill bet you'll be wai-ting

So com ment and leave a smile for me
Tell me that youll wait for me
promise that you won't...... for get bout meeee
Cause Im leavin in my A va lanche
Dont know when Ill be back again (I wish)
Oh gals, I hate to go(that is a fib) :)

Oh baaaaaaaabe, I hate to go........................... ;)

Can' t you just tell my heart is giddy with excitement?
I am going to the MOUNTAINS!!!!!!
Dear God I want some snow on those mountains. Maybe He could have his ^^j^^'s
fly some in.
But, even if He does not answer this southern girls prayer with a YES! I will still be praising Him as I fly down those mountain paths on my 4 wheeler! I'll have the wind in my hair--unless it is to cold then I will have a hate on---and I will be praiseing my God for the mountains He made just for me. Cuse He did ya know. He loves me that much. :)
So I will be going back to see and listen to the wind mill--awesome experience.

I will be praying that my man does not get us lost. Although I am sure that new GPS he got for Christmas will come in handy.

Yes, he already knows how to read a map. Which is a good thing since I am map challenged.

By faith I am packing some heavy duty cold weather clothes because God promised to give me the desires of my heart. (Just hope they are His desires at this time too. Because you know I don't want to get something that is not for my good) ;)Can we at least pray that I get some temps so that it is necessary for me to wear more clothes than the above picture?
This was from this past summer
Yes, I know, not every one does well with the wind blown effect.

So that is it for me.
Like Moses--I'm going up to the top of the mountain and I will be speaking to God while I am there. I'll let you know if I see a burning bush. How cool would that be?
You guys behave.
And I will be praying for you as God brings you to mind.
I will not forget to pray about the needs in your lives.
Love ya'll.
See ya toward the end of next week.
I'll bee back!

(that was supposed to sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger) ;)


Deb said...

You crack me up!!, Have a safe trip, and HAVE FUN!!! God Bless You and Watch Your Corners:)

Cindy said...

Have a GREAT time!!

Denise said...

I am rolling on the floor here, you are too funny!! Have a great time sis, and have some fun for me too!! I will be keeping you in my prayers, I love you.

SunnySusan said...

Have a wonderful, fantastic, restful and blessed time my sister

Karen said...

Have a great time in the mountains! It sounds like a glorious thing to do, romantic and snuggly. Any big old bears up there?

Edge of Design said...

My mind is going Tilt! Tilt! Tilt! Why would anyone want snow on a holiday yet? Yowza! Oh but I do hope you have a wonderful, refreshing, relaxing, exhilarating time. Enjoy and as much as I'll miss you blogging for a bit, I am very happy for you to have a special break!! Looking forward to your next blog already!

Sandi said...

Love the song. I sang along with you. Enjoy your time away.

luvmy4sons said...

Praying for your safety! Love that song. That is too funny...I sang it aloud as I read! Good job! Have a great time.

Nicki said...

Have a great time! I'll miss ya!!! Praying for SNNNNOOOOWWW!!

Mary said...


This made me laugh. I do hope you and your hubby have a great time and that there is a little snow on the mountain for you.

I will be praying for your safety while you're having all that fun.

Love and blessings,

Andrea said...

that was a HOOT!!
i hope you have a most FANTASTIC time!!

Dee said...

I love it -- was singing along! LOL I'll send you some snow from here - how much do you want? Not sure if the postal service will take snow...

Have a super time away! Enjoy! & relax! D

BunnyGirl said...

Wow, I'm jealous. Have a fab holiday and enjoy those mountains. I'll just have to pretend I'm up there with you.

Pastor Lisa said...

Enjoy the trip!

Nise' said...

I love it that you were singing yourself right out of town! Have a wonderful, wonderful time and may you be blessed with snow, 'cause quite frankly I had my fill of it and it's your turn now!

Regina said...

Wow, have a beautiful and safe trip! By the way I loooovvvee John Denver!
Enjoy your time away!

livin' with me said...

Have a wonderful safe trip. I hope you get your snow!

Bev Brandon said...

Lift your eyes once to the mountains for me...

eph2810 said...

Yes checking in with you...and see that you are having currently a great time in the mountains. I hope that the Lord will answer you prayers for some snow.

Have a blessed time and say a prayer for me (or two)...'see you when you get back (I hope...).

Be blessed today and always.

PS: Loved your poem :)

Lisa said...

Enjoy it to the fullest, then come back and tell us all about it! :o)

Regina said...

Wow, I forgot just that quick that you were gone...
It's gonna be a long lonely time here in the blogosphere without you...
But enjoy your time away!

Denise said...

You are funny and I was singing along....... hahahhah

have a great time.............


livin' with me said...

I have an award for you when you come back- on my Monday post.

Kate said...

Ok, I was thinking those mountains were a bit green. Praying for snow for ya...I am so with you...snow on mountains is a MUST.

Denise said...

just coming by your house...... just to say I miss you...... but it is just Monday and I bet you are having toooooooo much fun.........


Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

Oh man have a great time I too love the mountains and the picture of you and your daughter is beautiful. I love the view.

Mimi's Toes said...

You are crazy girl. I love Peter Paul and Mary songs. Love the mountains...I can send you some of our 12 feet snow drifts in a cooler...Thanks for praying for all of us.

freetofly said...

Sharon, can you see that you are surely loved? A great vacation in beautiful mountains, with your wonderful man! and waiting for you at home is all this blogosphere love!

Just wanted you to know that I have been thinking and praying for you & yours! Can't wait to hear something good when you all get settled again at home!

Take your time! Pace yourself!

Denise said...

Just peeking in the window to see if you are home.......ahahhaha I have good news to post tomorrow morning........ God is so good and watches over His kids..........


Denise said...

I miss you, hope you are having fun.