Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ten years younger--I'll take it!

Today was my check up at the ortho after having received my retainer--which I was told to wear 24/7 and I did.
I was not too excited about going this morning because of events yesterday.
And those events would involve going for the second time to get my lip waxed--yes, I know I whined about it before-- and yes, it hurt again this time. I went straight home afterwards and thought I hurt a tad more and was a lot more red.
Keith said he thought so tis morning but yesterday he was just too sweet to say anything. Last night before I went to bed it was still red in spots and so I got some aloe to put on it.
And yes, when I got up this morning it was still red.
Such a lovely thing to have happen right before you were going to have people right in your face looking into the space right below my red upper mustache area.
So...... I covered up the best possible with makeup and went to my appointment.
Feeling a tad on the U-G-l-eee side, I tried to look normal as people were asking me to smile so they could see the condition of my teeth. All the while thinking they are thinking --WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO HER LIP?!
Lying there in my chair-- wishing they would hurry so that I could just go home and hide-- the woman next to me decided she wanted to strike up a conversation. Normally, I would not have minded, but I did want to save her the trauma of having to look at my lip.
But, that was not possible without being rude so I smiled nicely and began to answer her questions about my brace wearing experience. There were comments of course on my expensive smile and then I mentioned that I had waited a little later in life to get braces.
And then the question!!!!!!............ How old are you----about 33?
I waited to see if she would follow this up by some comment like ---No, just kidding--45?
I raised my eyebrows and smiled sweetly and said--Really? No, I am 43.
Her response--Eyebrow raise--REALLY?
Me showing off my pearly whites----REALLY!

Can ya'll tell that made my day?
I needed that.
So today even with my red upper mustache area-
I'm feeling mighty good for my age.
And I will joy in the compliment!Guess it is a good thing I did not wear my disguise this morning.
Look what I would have missed out on.

And ya'll ------we have church tonight!!!!!!!!!
Help me Jesus!
And yes, I have to go--I am making dinner.


Debrand said...

I know how I used to feel about a zit! I'm sure everyone knew it was there. It must be a woman thing, bad hair and all that. Men could care less if they had a zit. Razor burn is a manly trophy, something to boast about with the guys. Our's are 'silky sleek legs', soft as a baby's bottom skin. God made us feminine because men wouldn't get the drift otherwise.

Edge of Design said...

How ironic. You have a lip wax so as not to draw attention to that area only to end up drawing attention to that area. Go figure! Do you recall your mother ever saying there'd be days like this?

freetofly said...

Who among us can't relate to these moments! The funnything is, somehow when I was younger, I thought we would outgrow it, that these feelings were unique to us "younger" at 42 (coming up on 43) I realize, nope! Same stuff happens! :)

What a hoot that you ended up getting complimented! God smiled on you!

Ally said...

I have to admit that I had a little laugh here at your expense... especially about your lip. I now wax regularly at the hair salon, but I used to do it myself at home. Well one day I made the wax too hot and ended up taking off not just hair but skin! So not only was it read it had 3 big red scabs... I was soooooooooo embarassed! I was like that for weeks! I hope that cheers you up!!!

Dee said...

Great writing! :) I guess I should thank the Lord a little more often than He didn't make me very hairy! But I do have some zits and they drive me nuts! D

Karen said...

That sounds like just the kind of thing that would happen to me, and has! I remember going to work with a red upper lip and just the day when I had to interact a lot. Doh! But hey - 10 years younger, now that would make it all so worthwhile.


MelanieJoy said...

Are you implying that you are old....because you know that I'm not that far behind ;) Already claiming to beat me to the Pearly Gates...haha (waiting just to the right I believe were the directions).

Denise said...

How funny ,, how very funny... and why in the world did your lip stay so red for so long........ I have my upper waxed about every 6 weeks. Hurts so bad but I love the way it looks afterwards...... and you got 10 years knocked off on top of a smooth lip...... What a day it was for you........ I will take 10 off of mine anytime....

Friend came home yesterday and I tried to see her today but she was in bed and asleep...... I tiptoed out and let her sleep.. I will head back over there tomorrow afternoon........ Thanks for all the prayers.........

Denise said...

YOU JUST BLESS ME SOOOOOOOOO... I will pound the pavement with you.. I will pray until the heavens open..........I will seek His face until His eyes turn toward mine...... I do miss that ... I long for the days when me and a few others prayed until God moved............ I so miss that.... and YES maybe were are here by divine appointment..... that makes my spirit man leap for joy within me.........

Denise said...

You make me smile beautiful one.

Lisa said...

Maybe she thought the red spots were acne? LOL

CrownLaidDown said...

You certainly are a beautiful young woman of God!

I tried to email a couple of days ago and it bounced...then our computer shut down. So sorry it has taken a couple of days to respond!

I love the beignets! They were wonderful and fluffy. Yum! The chickory was good with the warm milk and sugar, as you said. I would have enjoyed it all so much more if you were here with me to share it.

I will read Rahab soon!

Thank you, Sharon! You bless me. You are blessed and you bless.

Much love,

PS My college aged cousin just came back from a mission trip to NO. I wish I had thought to hook y'all up. I bet you would have enjoyed these college kids working hard to help.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad that her comment made your day! People always think I am much younger than I am. It used to bother me, but now that I'm old (30) I kind of like it ;)

Jessie said...

Well, the Word does say your youth is renewed like the eagle's..hmmm, I need some of that!

I enjoyed reading this post. You are so very real and I love that!!