Saturday, January 19, 2008

Radio waves--stay tuned in

In the past
I have thought often of God speaking to His body through waves like the ones that a radio picks up. There is music and words floating through the air all the time--but we don't hear them unless we have a device that has the ability to receive them.
Our radios and stereo's are really such incredible things.

I have noticed lately that the message from God for His people is all about testing. It has been the strongest message in my life at this moment. I had a friend call me about a Christian program she was watching that was all about testing. Another friend called me and she was being touched by the story of Joseph and the testing and refining he went through.
I have gotten two morning devotions in the email this week on testing and refining.
Then this morning my devotion from Mr Oswald Chambers was on what to do
during the darkness of testing.
It is all over the place.
But...... just like the fact- that you will never hear music coming out of your radio unless you turn it on---YOU WILL NOT HEAR THE VOICE OF THE LORD unless you tune in.
He is speaking. \o/!!!! The silence in my life lasted for so long. But the truth is ---He has never stopped. He has a message for His people.
It is for the entire body.
If you have the Holy Spirit living in you--you have a receiver.
There are things you can do to make sure that you are strongly tuned in to hear the message.
Make sure you are straight with God. Yes, make sure there is no sin blocking the air waves.
Hide His word in your heart. Then you will be able to recognize when you hear His voice.

Here is the devotion I got this morning. He who has a receiver--let him hear.

The Purpose of Crucibles
TGIF Today God Is First, by Os Hillman

The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord tests the heart. - Proverbs 17:3

This proverb describes one of God's strangest mysteries. It is a description of God's formula to refine the human heart in order to bring out its finest qualities. The significant leaders who make the greatest mark for the Kingdom had to experience their own crucible and fire. Without it, the dross can never be removed from the human heart. Without it, the encumbrances weigh us down. God understands the human heart. He understands that for us to become all that He hopes for us, there are seasons of fire. Joseph went through many tests. Succeeding in the test qualified him for greater responsibility. The greater the use in the Kingdom the greater the crucible to prepare the right foundation. Some of God's greatest crucibles are found in the workplace where we live every day: the employee who betrays our trust, the client who refuses to pay, the vendor who falls short of our expectations.

Each of these is a test from God to find out how we will respond. What tests are being brought your way today? His grace has been provided that we might pass the tests that He brings before us. Should we fail, we need not fear. His grace is sufficient for this as well. Ask God for the grace to walk with Him in whatever tests He has placed before you this day. He is able to accomplish what He wants for you.

Pretty cool?
God is telling His people what He is up to.
I think that is amazing.
That means that what we are going through
does not have to be because we have sin in our lives.
It could be that He is getting His people ready for their mission!


freetofly said...

This is so timely, Sharon and you are dead-on. While we go thru the battles of testing it is hard, but those moments we can glimpse the purpose is exhilerating!

Thanks for putting together this encouraging post!

Make me shiney, Lord!

Denise said...

You make my spirit soar sis, bless you.

luvmy4sons said...

Amen dear sister! AMEN!

Denise said...

Many years ago I asked the Lord to teach me His voice.. I prayed and prayed ...Lord teach me your voice! One day I was headed to work. I lived in Sand Springs just north of Tulsa and worked on the south part of Tulsa.. Long way.. There were two ways for me to go to work and each morning I would make a snap decision as to which way to go.... Just as I was nearing my intersection I heard "don't go left" somewhere in my spirit....... I thought oh that is silly and just me.. I was running a bit late and left was the quicker route... I turned left.. It put me on the Broken Arrow Express way just a few miles ahead... About 2 miles into my way to work the traffic started to slow.. then crawl, then stop... I had no idea what was ahead as you could not see for miles except the cars... We were getting out of our cars and standing talking .. by process of word of mouth a few minutes latter we learned that an oil tanker had jack knifed across both lanes into the median.. He overturned and oil came out onto the road totally covering my lanes and into the median........ What a mess...... No one hurt but a really really big mess......While standing talking to other commuters I was thinking about my morning and why in the world this had to happen today.. and a still small voice whispered to me... "I told you not to turn left." I laughed out loud.. ( I guess people thought I was crazy" ....... ahahhahahah What a hoot is our Father God...... He starts us out with baby steps and teaches us ..... I learned a great deal that day.......,and I had plenty of time to think on it.

sorry this was so long... but wanted to share... I love your post .... How wonderful it is to communicate with the maker of the universe.....

Phyllis Williams said...

Wow! Talk about ' a word in due season'!!! Thank you so very much...