Friday, November 16, 2007

This is for Ally

1. Five things found in the front rooms of my house.

This is my man building me the first fire in our fireplace. I was very excited.
Thank you baby.
This is hanging in the dinning room. It was a gift from Linda for my birthday. I love the cabin scene. I have always had a desire to live in the mountains. In the upper corner there is a little red bird. It did not come on the tapestry but it was placed there at the request of my friend because she knows that they are symbolic to me of God's love.
Love you Linda. :)

This is me of course. I have always wanted a house with a real wood burning fireplace. And although this house is not mine--I did get a fireplace for the cold season. Yesterday I got my first fire. I am a very happy woman! See it does not take much to please me. It is a beautiful fireplace--thank you God!
I used to tell people I collected lighthouses. But then I ended up with a massive amount of lighthouse objects. So-- I no longer collect. But I bought this a month or so ago because I just loved it. There is a man standing in the doorway of the lighthouse. The waves are crashing around him but he is safe. I felt like it was very symbolic of my life at this time.

This of course is the place I sit when I talk to you. If I don't watch it, it may end up with a permanent butt imprint. That is o.k--I'll just flip the cushion. ;)
This is a little something sitting on my mantel. I just like the combination of colors and textures.
The cinnamon sticks I just bought yesterday.

2. Five things I have always wanted to do
1. Have a large cabin in the mountains and bring in people who are in ministry to pamper body, soul and spirit.
2. Write a book that would really change the way people think.
3. Travel with no thought of expense
4. Take my Mom and Sister out of the country and pay for it
5. Meet someone here on earth who can tell me what my future is so that I can make sure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. ;)

3. Five things found in my bag(purse)
1. My wallet
2. A list of all Paw Paw's meds and doctors
3. Altoids
4. Two pens
5. Paw Paw's watch that needs a battery change

4. Five things in my purse (wallet)
1. Discover card
2. Bank card
3. Insurance cards
4. Empty Fresh Market gift card--hint, hint, Mom ;)
5. Copeland's gift card with 10 dollars on it.

5. Five things I'm currently into
1. Blogging--duh!
2. Helping Paw Paw
3. Studying the gift God gave me
4. Beth Moore's study The Psalms of the Ascent
5. Can't think of anything else. God's got me on the basics these days.

5 people I am tagging:hmmmmm.........if you would like to share--I would like to read. Your safe. Relax!
Have a blessed day--because you are you know. Love ya!


Denise said...

This was fun sis, love learning new things about you. I love you.

Kellan said...

Hey Sharon - great answers and I too love a nice fireplace!! Thanks for not tagging - I have 4 tags I'm already supposed to do. Thanks for coming over and leaving such a nice Anniversary wish. Take care and see you soon.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Your couch looks comfy and I bet those cinnamon sticks smell wonderful! Have a great weekend.

BunnyGirl said...

Hey Sharon,
It's another nomination for a meme - 7 random things about yourself.

MelanieJoy said...

Enjoyed the peek into your world. Enjoyed the pictures too but am kind of fond of the ones you emailed me last night =)

Karen said...

I love these photos, beautiful fireplace - and you're looking great yourself :-)

I have always admired that Lighthouse picture, we nearly bought it but had bought a similar one a bit earlier that year.

Yes get that log cabin, I feel a calling to come and be pampered (I have a passion for log cabins, even though I've never been in one!)

I'm reading a really good book by Joyce Meyer "I dare you", basically about God's plan for our lives, the steps, reaching out and going for it. As is the case God's ways are so not ours and the chapter begins with serving and checking out what our gift areas are and going with those first. Very good read.

It's so funny God gives me words for others etc, but often for myself I find myself thinking - urggh...where am I going, what ought I do? Over and over again.

Karen said...

Get those logs chopped, build that ark, I mean cabin - we're on our way. re prophetic words - it ebbs and flows and changes I think as we grow and learn and where God places us. We should exercise our spiritual muscles, it was when I was in a group with like minded Prophetic Intercessors that faith was released and there were many 'words' and utterances for the Nations, the Church, individuals whatever. I seem to have a strong heart for individuals at this point in my life.

Melanie said...

Wow- what a beautiful fireplace. I am so jealous (that green eyed monster). We had a fireplace in our home before we moved here and now we don't have one. I miss having a fire on cold winter nights. But- I'm glad you are able to enjoy it.

Nise' said...

Love the fireplace. Always wanted one of those as well. But am thankful for my hot tub...a different kind of heat! LOL

Regina said...

What an awesome fireplace! I love them to look at but I surely don't want one in my house (Don't like the smell, another reason I hate burger king also!!)
Nice facts about you too!

Regina said...

By the way you are certainly correct Satan knows he is on notice and has stepped up his attacks. now the saints must launch there counter attack! We have to stop letting the enemy gain ground on our battlefield!

Anonymous said...

Your comment "I used to collect lighthouses" made me laugh. I guess that was sort of an OOPS then, yes? Hope you're doing well these days and that things are going just as good for your son.

Anonymous said...

Hey, permanent butt marks are what makes a home a home, right? ;o)

Dee said...

Love it! I absolutely love wood burning fireplaces too! Love sitting by them and reading my bible or book. We have two in this house although we don't use the one in the livingroom, just in the family room. Maybe I'll post a photo on my blog. Love the lighthouse pic. ((( hugs ))) I'm gonna email you.

Nicki said...

You're fireplace is great!! What a great house a pool and a fireplace!! I enjoyed seeing more of where you live. I'll be doing that soon too! Have a great weekend!

Mary said...


I love your fireplace. We're hoping to put in a gas stove before next winter. I've always wanted one. We could have a fireplace, but I think it would take up too much room. I would be happy with the stove.

Love your photos, especially the one of the picture of the cabin. I too would love to live in the mountains.

My daughter has that picture of the man standing in the door of the lighthouse. It is awesome.

Take care, my friend. Blessings for a great weekend.

SunnySusan said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lighthouse pic....what an awesome pic.

I really like knowing more about you.

CrownLaidDown said...

I wish I could have Thanksgiving with you, friend!

Of course, you know, I am one of the ones who does not know what to do with meme's. Eventually I will learn, sigh.

Please have some bow-tie pasta and spinach dip for me at Copelands. My mouth just watered!

Love and prayers to you, friend!

CrownLaidDown said...

PS I will buy your book...and give it to all my friends!

Kate said...

We're really blessed to have an open fire in our living room here - we never thought that a move to London would bring a working fireplace, and we love watching the fire. I've always had a hankering to stay in a log cabin. I've had a thing about lighthouses since I was a child and my grandmother sent me a bookmark with a picture of a lighthouse and the words "Jesus said, 'I am the light of the world.' - this had a huge impact on me.