Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Lately, it seems as if there have been many STOP signs from God.
No, you can not go there. No, you can not build here. No, you can not plug that well.
No, you can not go see Beth Moore.
No, not yet!
And like the bull that is driven crazy by the color red--I have at times become very aggravated.
Yes, angry, depressed and put upon also.

I noticed this sign Sunday.
I could not get a straight on picture because I was driving. But, after I stopped and pulled up a little to see what was coming from the left around the corner and then turned to check the right- I noticed a different picture.
Then of course I had to back up so that I could take a picture. :)

How the front represents my life at the moment. I feel as if I have come to a complete stop in many areas of my life. But we all know if we linger to long at a stop sign someone behind us will be only too nice to let us know we have lingered too long. And so we must move or be pushed out of the way. I wish someone would push me out of the way right now--at least I would see some movement somewhere in my life. ;)

If I had not had to stop and look I would have missed the back side of the sign.
The back side of the stop sign was filled with the growth of a vine with tiny little red flowers.
It was beautiful. If in the aggravation of the delay I had let emotion override me I would have missed the picture.
And as I look back over the last few months I know I have missed some beautiful things.
All caught up in the stops--how many things of beauty did I miss?
How many words from God spoken through another?
How many lessons in God's word did I miss because in my flesh I just did not feel like reading?

Thank you for your patience God.
Thank you for providing signs of your love along the way.
Thank you for slowing me down so that I don't miss the small beautiful things of you.
You know what is in this hard head of mine. You know what must be done to get my attention.
Please do it.
Just please, could we get going soon?
bended knee


CrownLaidDown said...

We call those stops Selah moments..."now pause and think about that" is what Selah means.

Praying that as you are in your Selah moment that His grace will bless you and His face will shine upon you and give you peace.
Love ya!

PS How did the tan come out?

Dee said...

Oh you sound so much like me! Your 'meditating' made me giggle, me, me, me, and the stop sign, what a neat reminder of HIM! Rest in Him! D

Denise said...

Thanks for always making me think, love you.

Ally´s Antics said...

I can just so identify with this Stop situation you are sharing... right now there are stop signs in some areas of my life and I am getting insecure waiting!!!! But I am trying to Be still and know that he is God!!! Loved this post!

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

Thanks for this post! There's so much for us to learn when we're stopped and "forced" into these seasons of waiting.