Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Learnig to meditate

For awhile now God has been asking me to come out and listen.
It was cool and the draw was strong--so I got my coffee and went out to meet with God.
Now if I could have just taken my heart and spirit outside and left my mind inside-things would have gone so much smoother. Meditating on God with a quiet spirit is not an easy thing for me.

The sky was a brilliant blue. The dark richness of our almost always green trees making a great frame for the blue sky. I could not help but wonder if I would have noticed the sky if not for the trees. My thoughts wandered here and there and I had to remind it that we were out there to listen. It always has something going-- when it should be being quiet and listening.
It evaluated the red shoes that were not the best choice for size 91/2 feet.

When I finally corralled my thoughts again I began to ponder the similarities between the sky and God and the green of the trees and us.
There are many times I miss the many ways the glory of God can show up:
Leaves in the fall. (Harder to miss if you live in the South)
How about the sweet face of a new born baby?
Or the chill in the morning air in the fall?
Or the smell of leaves burning as you enjoy a cup of hot apple cider?
(BTW-in my part of the woods, this a non alcoholic beverage)
These things fill up my heart and then it naturally overflows in praise.
So-- green leaves do not naturally draw praise for God from my soul.
And, I might notice a blue sky but it might not bring about an overflow.
But let one frame the other--and you have just caught the attention of my spirit.
I thought about how our eyes need to be caught in this over stimulated world.
Could it be that God put us in our little worlds to act as a stimulus?
When I am growing richly in the word of God and His love I draw attention to what most people might miss--God. I am in a way --His frame. That is a scary thought.
I can cause the picture of God to pop and for people to step back and say, "How incredible is that". Or I can live a sin tarnished life and when people see me they don't even notice the brilliance of God behind my dull exterior.
I want God to be able to shine forth like the light He is.

I think I heard God this morning through His creation.
I think I am going to enjoy this meditating thing.
No Ommmmmm's for me--just quiet.


SunnySusan said...

I have started taking a yoga class at the YMCA....funny I was thing that no way would he close the class in ooommm

He did...we had our hands palm to palm like we were praying....so...ya know what I did....I praised God....

It is so hard sometimes for me to meditate....I always have something going on in my head....I have shoes like that also...pink and black...now I want red....

Denise said...

This was such a nice post.

Sandi said...

beautiful! I just came across your blog today and I has blessed me.

Nicki said...

One of my favorite things to do is just sit and listen to God's creation. We have a lot of trees around our new house and I love to watch the wind sway the leaves and then stop and the start again...it's awesome. I can't wait until we do our screened porch so I can move my quiet time out there each day!! Thanks for the pictures!!

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

Great post! I live in a very urban area (right in the center of Taipei), so it's hard for me to get away from the hustle and bustle to a peaceful place. May I be more proactive about it in the future!