Thursday, October 18, 2007

Practice Mindfulness

One of my sweet ladies from my church gave me a little book called, "101 ways to Relax and Reduce Stress". Years ago she had spent time taking care of an elderly family member and she knew the road I would be traveling. It has some great ideas.
Things like, keeping lavender oil in your medicine cabinet--because it is great for headaches and reduces stress. Take deep long breaths-shallow, short breaths create tension.

The one that I decided to share was titled-

Discover the Sacred in the Ordinary

"Just and ordinary Day," you sigh. Nothing special, merely commonplace. Take another look. Yes, it's the same sun that shines every day, but it is bright with God's love and care. That coffee or tea you're drinking took may hands and much human ingenuity to land in your morning cup.
Go outside and enjoy the weather. Rain or shine, the blessings fall on everyone--the good and the bad alike. Spirituality is not something for Sundays only, and you don't need to lock God in a cathedral. This beautiful, heartbreaking, wonderful world is and ongoing love letter from God. Read it!


I love my morning coffee. The only thing that would make it better would be to be sitting at the window above. I hope those people know how blessed they are.
Back to the coffee. :)
The thought that someone planted it and that God took the time to care for its growth-that makes me smile. He watched it giving it sun and rain. Keeping little pesky bugs away from my beans. That makes me smile too. I can almost hear Him say to some little bug, Nope you can't have that one-its for Sharon.
Kind of a cool thought.
And then some man or woman ,who was not being paid what I feel my coffee is worth, stood out in the heat and gathered the crop.
Add to that my coffee cup, coffee maker, and the cow who made my half and half---wow!
Thank you God!
I think maybe I will savor my cup tomorrow morning just a tad more.

Earth's crammed with heaven,
and every common bush afire with God.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Almost forgot-- this little book was written by Candy Paull


Denise said...

All I can say to this is, wow!!

Anonymous said...

I popped over from Ann's blog, and was happy to sit awhile and visit. I love your header... it speaks volumes.
I've been challenged and heartened and encouraged tonight! Thank you for being willing to be so transparent in an edifying way. That's a rare combo sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Yours is one of those posts that cause you to take a deep breath and breathe a sigh of relieve. A good stress reliever. Thanks!

Ally said...

Yes.. I agree... if youcançt enjoy the simple things... well... there is something a miss! I feel the same away as you do about coffee, but for tea. I love my cup of tea, but especially my first cup of the morning. Thanks for your comment. I´m feling a bit "fragile" these days... that is what my mum used to say lot!

Abby said...

thanks!!! i had a very "ordinary" day and needed to see this!!

and i will definitely appreciate my coffee more tomorrow! (which will help on the 9 hour drive to the retreat!)

Nicki said...

I had to smile as I'm drinking my cup of coffee as I read this now.....I never thought about how God really does put so much thought into all of our little details such as coffee!!! =) I'm with you! We need to enjoy the simple sweet things and never forget them!

Daisy said...

Ahh... Food for thought! Scrumptious!