Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just a little pet peeve

Can I share a pet peeve?
It has to do with my years in the restaurant business
and the training I received during those years.
I have always enjoyed cooking-even as a little
girl I loved it when Mom and Dad gave me an easy bake oven. I have just always loved putting things together and having them look good and taste good. And of course I don't put things together just for my own good--I do like others to participate in my enjoyment. ;)

I spent years training at school, working horrendous hours in fine dinning restaurants in order to perfect my trade. I knew it would be rough when I was accepted into the school. We went through an interview with 5 professionals who basically tried to change our minds and convince us we did not want to do what we thought we wanted to do.
Close to 150 tried to get in the school in New Orleans.
Thirty made it into the three year program- only 6 graduated.
The schooling was not as bad as the long hours (forty mandatory) in the
restaurant of our choice.
We were the grunts, so for the first year--it was rough.
I had not worked at any fast food places in high school- so this was a new world for me.
A rough world. A spiritually dirty world. I fought hard for my place in this world.
I was good. I was not where I was supposed to be spiritually during this time--so I took all the credit for my success.
It was not until I had been in the business for over 7 years and then got out because I was pregnant with Julia--that I finally returned to the Lord. I know now that the success I achieved was because God allowed it an provided for it.

All of the things that were drilled into me during those years of training are still there. I enjoy cooking great tasting things. I enjoy seeing the enjoyment people have when eating something I have fixed. Just to let you know--I don't cook "fine dinning" everyday.
There are things that I know when I am preparing certain dishes. Ways of seasoning that make a bite--- a full taste bud experience. That did not come naturally--it came by training.
Learning how to use different seasoning and how to taste for the seasoning to see if enough of a certain thing was present-that was all a part of the job . Something I would never have gotten if I had decided I knew more than my chef instructors.

Now for the pet peeve.
And let me start by saying this. If you know you have tasted something and you can not abide the flavor--I understand.
I get pretty perturbed when someone has never tasted something and refuses to try it-- because they say they know they will not like it.
Guys, I am not talking about something like worms or a 1000 year old egg.
Just normal stuff put together different than they are used to eating it.
I even say, take one bite and if you don't like it--don't eat anymore.
And they refuse.
And next time I cook something good I am tempted to tell them they won't like this either.
I know--bad girl. ;)
Now why in the world would I go into all this detail for a simple pet peeve?
I think at times we are this stubborn person with God.
His word says, "Taste and see that God is good".
And yet.........
How many times do we think that maybe we are not sure if we want to "go there" with God.
Maybe what He has planned for us, is not what we had planned. Maybe it is not "all good".
And maybe God enjoys things that only GOD can enjoy. After all we are just human and we like human things. So we pick and choose what we will take from Him.

He says, "It is all good".
And by our actions we say, "Well, I am glad You think so---- but I know it is not for me".
How often by my actions have I told Him I knew better than Him?
Do you think God has any pet peeves?
How about this?
God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.
Kinda of sounds like He has a big problem with pride?
Maybe the next time something good rolls around He won't try and convince me it is good-
He'll just let it roll right on by.
Maybe He won't push His goodness on me until I, in humble adoration, go back to Him and admit--sometimes I don't trust you God. Sometimes pride blinds my view of your goodness.
And, I am sorry God.

Like a little bird I sit mouth wide open---waiting, waiting to taste and see that God is good.


Mary said...

Great post. I can see why it would be a pet peeve. I am always willing to try a new dish. My grandsons tried that trick of refusing to try certain things just because they didn't like the name of it or because they thought it would taste gross.

In our family we have what we call a "No Thank you serving." That is, a little bit to taste and then if you don't like it you don't have to eat it. The "No Thanks serving," is mandatory - no ifs or ands about it. My grandsons have learned to love many dishes this way and I think everyone should have to take a "No Thanks serving."

I have a little treat for you over on my blog. Enjoy!

Abby said...

mmmm soo good...didn't see the connection coming...but sometimes it's good to be knocked off your block by surprise :)

i wish i could eat some of your good food!!! peanut butter and jelly is getting a little old ;)

try2bAsunbeam said...

Boy we go from fasting to talking about good food!! I sure do like you! *giggles*

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

Just tell anyone who complains that it's good missionary training! ;)

Denise said...

Awesome post, really enjoyed it sis. I would try your cooking anytime, love you.

CrownLaidDown said...

What about sushi?? I just like things cooked...that's all I'm sayin' :)

But God? Oh, yes! He is good!

And Sister, you can do some good cooking, I being the key phrase! Hee hee!

Praying for you Sharon! Hope I made you laugh :)