Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Birthday and braces

Yesterday was my youngest s birthday. She was very excited about turning 10--a double digit birthday in her words. In our house we have the long standing tradition of getting to pick what will be fixed for your birthday dinner. Last night we had Shrimp pasta with a basil roasted garlic cream, served over thin pasta. Also, we had a little healthy salad and hard rolls.
For her cake this year she wanted a cookie cake. It is not the most beautiful thing--but she loved it. It was actually a brownie/chocolate chip cookie cake. Pour the prepared brownie mix down first and then drop cookie batter by spoonfull onto brownie batter. It was sweet.

It was nice to have everyone in our immediate family there. Yes, Michael even graced us with his presence. In the red is my Mom with her beautiful white hair.

Paw Paw and my Dad enjoyed some conversation about fishing on the river.

Julia loved all the things she got. She even enjoyed the clothes she got. Amazing!

Michael and I grabbed a picture while he was around. You can't see them very well but I wanted to get a picture with my braces because they were coming off the next day.

And yes, I could have waited but here is the close up of the new me. Nothing like and up your nose shot--but my arms are only so long. But be glad I am not posting all the pictures I took.
One picture with my glasses--- which I am having to wear because my eyes are having problems with the mess in the air.

And here is the picture without the glare from the glasses.
I will be going back to the orthodontist in three weeks to pick up my retainer--oh glory! ;(---
till then all I have is a permanent retainer they put on the inside of my bottom teeth.
The first thing I put in my mouth was a piece of sour apple gum.
My lips are still getting used to no metal--but we will survive!
Love you guys.
Off to fix a huge pot of loaded potato soup for church tonight.
I will get caught up on reading posts soon-its been really busy lately.


Vicki said...

Don't you just love birthdays!? Such a joyful time. Didn't realize you had look MAH-VE-LOUS, btw. My daughter just got braces...she's 26.

Blessings on your week!

Nicki said...

Beautiful sweet sister!! LOVE IT!!!
Happy Birthday Julia as well!! Baby is now 10??? WOW time does fly!!

Denise said...

You look great sis.

Anonymous said...

Our dd's are the same age and yes! Double digits is a big deal. Go figure! What a fun tradition for a a birthday. Congratulations on getting your braces off too. It might seem a little odd at first, yes?

Mary said...

Wishing your Julia a belated Happy Birthday. Ten is awesome. My youngest grandson is ten.

Congrats on getting the braces off.

Have a great day.

CrownLaidDown said...

Look at that lovely smile of yours...just beautiful!!

Love ya friend,

Karen said...

Oh that cake has made me feel hungry. I'm glad all the family came together for Julia's birthday. Sharon, you have your Mum's eyes. You know, I am praying grace, grace to you.

Halfmoon Girl said...

You look beautiful. Such white teeth as well as straight! Glad you had a nice time celebrating your daughter's birthday all together.

Ally said...

Hey Sharon, it´s so nice to see you.... a face behind the blog... I love it. You look great. I am glad to see your son. Know you are in my prayers with DDay coming up. You are special and I glad that we have "met" via blogland!

Cindy said...

Sharon, you are so cute! You have a BEAUTIFUL smile!

Happy Birthday to your girl!

Pastor Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I can relate to buying clothes for a girl this age. All the changes ours took us through at that age it's a miracle she survived and I still have hair! LOL!

Andrea said...

I remember the excitement of joining the "double digits." Looks like you had a great time.

Nice new look without the braces. Congrats!!

(it's nice to know what you look like!)

try2bAsunbeam said...

It's always nice to have a face to gho with the name! I pesonallt disdain pictures of myself--love pictures of everyone else, though!
Looks like the birthday was a lot of fun!
Thanks for your encouragement on my post. I did reply to your question over there!
Thanks again, I feel I have met a lot fo really caring people in bloggerville....

MelanieJoy said...

Oh, I remember the joy of the braces coming off! I believe the first thing I ate was corn on the cob =)
Glad your daughter had a great Birthday!!

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

What a beautiful smile you have!

Deena said...

Gorgeous gal! Simply gorgeous!

dewey said...

YEAH!! I know that you are so glad to have the braces gone even though the retainer is right behind. HA! Least you are finished with the big step. You look GREAT! Oh yeah, your teeth do, too. It was worth the time in braces.

You have been beautiful to me from the first time I saw you as a brand new bundle. Now your spirit has only enhanced the outer beauty.

Have a blessed week-end with all of your busy time.

Love you, MOM

freetofly said...

Hey there! I wanted to check out your site, bc you came highly recommended by Karen! Love your site & Congrats on the braces coming off! I had the a few yrs ago! Aren't they a blessing?! Happy B-day to your daughter & I love your thoughts on the armour of Saul. I iwll be dropping in!

Congrats on your award!
Maria (aka freetofly)

Nise' said...

Happy Birthday Julia! Love your beautiful smile! WEAR your retainers opps... I am not talking to my kids...

Dee said...

RYC: Thank you again for your well wishes for my surgery tomorrow. I AM nervous -- I can't wait until the next 24 hrs. are over with...but I am singing Psalm 121. Denise (Edge) reminded me of it. Keep praying! Oh yeh, don't panic if you can't visit my blog every day -- that's okay. Don't stress! Now that we're both at the same weight, let's get rid of this extra weight!!! D