Thursday, September 20, 2007

What will you do for Jesus?

Someone asked me the other day about my friend who used to be a Muslim.
If you would like to read the first post where I talked about her you can go here.
I have not heard from her lately. She was avoiding me.
I called her last night on the way to church and her answering machine picked up.
Nothing new. But God told me to call and so I did.
Today while trying fix Keith's computer--she called.
That is the first time she has called me in over two months.
We talked for a long time.
She is walking through a lot of confusion. Satan is manipulating so many things in her mind.
I let her know that I knew that she was going back to the Muslim beliefs. I told her that there should be no secrets between us. I also assured her of my love for her. Bottom line--which I found myself saying quite often--I told her I loved her, not what she did or did not do.
The big difference between Christ followers and Allah followers.
I told her that God felt the same way I did about loving her.
I wish I could go into more details. But, let me just say her heart is not hard. She is not sure where she stands. She misses her culture. That is not wrong.
The most important question I asked her was,
"What are you going to do with Jesus?"
The Muslims just believe he was a prophet and a good man and
that he really did not die on a cross.
Then, of course they believe that He is not the only way to God.
I wish you could have heard her response. The tone of her voice.
It was like a little girl that was lost.
She said, "I don't know".
That brought such joy to my heart. See, she has met Jesus face to face.
I saw fruit. I saw joy. I saw love for brothers and sisters while she was among us.
Please pray that the Spirit of the living God will make her very aware of the truth.
And that when others teach her things that are lies that she hears instead the Holy Spirit.
She is not the only one on the line. Her family comes from a long history of Muslim believers.
It is time to break the chain. We can help.
God is counting on us to step up to the plate and fight for the ones that He loved
more than life itself.
She is a little lost lamb and the Shepherd wants her back in the fold.
Thank you--she will too one day.
What will you do for Jesus?


Denise said...

I will be lifting this dear one up in my prayers.

SunnySusan said...

I will be praying for this lost little sheep....

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