Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Girl

As we left church tonight God gave me a little gift. It came from my girl.
They were asked in her class to write down how they should behave in church and what they should do and not do. I enjoyed the answers of my little girl.
Some of the spelling is rough but I want to write it the way she did-she is in third grade.

How I shode behave in church.

We shouldn't play sword fighting with pencils.
We shouldn't run in the sacherwary.
We should listen to Mrs. tim. (this is our pastor and He is not a she--ops! )
If someone gets saved you should welcome them to the family.
When we pray close your eyes and bow your head.
When your dowing someting wrong and you hear a voice and you anor it you should listen.


Each of the things Julia has listed I remember talking to her about.
We tell them not to play in church because they might distract someone who is hearing the voice of God. We tell them not to run in God's house because it shows a lack of respect for God. It is important for them to sit and try to listen to what the pastor is teaching. They may not understand it all but seeds are being planted. And when the Lord move in a miraculous way--I want her there to see it.
The love and unity in our little church is growing. I think God is pleased with our hearts. We want to pass this sense of unity and love to our children.
We are trying to teach our children to love and accept people in the right way. We will be known by our love. And that she wants to welcome people to the family--it shows me she knows she has the right to welcome them to her family. :)
No, closing our eyes when we pray and bowing our heads are not mandatory. But if we are to join others in agreement-it is important to actually hear what they are saying. Sometimes this would help some adults too. :)
I love the last one. This means my little girl knows about the Holy Spirit. Not only does she know about Him but she has heard Him. That is something to praise God for.
She is learning to listen to the voice of our Father.
That does my heart good.

I love my church. They are my people. I share a blood connection with them.
They know me and love me.
Are your part of my family?
If you are not I would love you to be and so would God. I promise I will love you just the way you are. More importantly--God already knows you and He loves you just the way you are.


CrownLaidDown said... that is priceless. It must be put in safe keeping for her when she is older!

I am sorry I have missed commenting lately. I have read your wonderful posts, but have had just enough time to write my own and read a few and then a little demander comes (all four of them) in and I have to move on to the need.
Love your posts, friend!
Love in Him,

Karen said...

What a gorgeous girl you have and what she shared was awesome.

Denise said...

Your girl is precious, and so are you. I love you my friend.

Yen said...

What a beautiful entry! she is such a precious girl you have! :)

Happy TT! God Bless!

MelanieJoy said...

You are right that was a priceless gift! I have had church and church families on my mind for a long time now. May God continue to bless your family and church family.
Much love to ya Sharon! and....


Joyfulsister said...

This post brought back memories of when I was was telling my almost 3 yr old daughter in church one day why she should not run in church..I told her this was the home of jesus and he wouldn't like that...

later she looked at me and said...
But mommy Jesus is never home!!!
Aloha Joyful