Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's my Birthday

It is that day again already!
Seems like they are coming around a little more quickly these days.
Hubby got up this morning a fixed breakfast. Very nice. Thank you baby.
I opened some gifts-I had gotten one several weeks ago and some last night at church.
I am big about not opening them until "the day". Sometimes I make it-- sometimes I don't.
I woke to birthday wishes from Coke, Clairol and Carnival Cruise lines(alas- no gift certificate for a free cruise, that would have been a nice touch)--they really shouldn't have. :)
Dear sweet Karen --my tomorrow girl--sent me some sweet things from all the way from over on the other side of the world. I love it girl. I have a "thing" about pens--you were right on tract there. And it will be cool to read something that you thought was great. The chocolate had a rough trip but the rest made it fine. Thank you for thinking of me.
I also have a thing about red birds. They are a visual reminder of Gods love--I did a post about them awhile back. So Linda, thank you for the special reminder-I can't believe you found something like that. I guess if I don't get to go to a mountain hideaway for my birthday--I can enjoy looking at one. I loved it.

Plans for the rest of the day?
Keith is going to take Paw Paw, and I am going to spend some time using the gift certificate Keith gave me. I am going to have my first facial and spray on tan. Now, I have done neither of these before. I am a little nervous about the spray on tan. I have a mental picture of turning into a oumpa loompa from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
I told my pastors wife that at least it will have started to fade before I have to go back to church.
I guess if Beth Moore can do it--so can I.
I'll let ya'll know tomorrow how it went. They say it takes 24 hours to show up.
24 hours of wondering if I have turned into something that sprung from a Florida orange grove. :)
Then I am going to strectch myself a little further and go to lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant with two of my girls. This will probably be more of a stretch for Linda--my country girl.

As for the rest of the day--we will see.
So far so good.
42--not looking bad so far!
Love you guys and thank you for the birthday wishes!


Kate said...

Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day (hope the spray tan goes well!), and many happy returns!
with love,

CrownLaidDown said...

Happy Birthday Sharon!!! I am going to write it on my calendar, so I can remember it.

Sheila Walsh spoke about her first spray on tan...and called it the gas chamber (she was really afraid). She said, do not open your mouth to scream when it begins :) It really was hilarious!

I pray your day is full and happy and just the way you'd like it to be.

Nicki said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are such an amazing godly woman and I'm so glad that God had you born! =) Celerate girl!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you are having a wonderful day.

Blessings to you!

Nise' said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Sharon!!! Enjoy your day!!

PS: the family did remember my birthday!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday beautiful one, may you be sweetly blessed today and always. I love you.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you! May you be blessed, refreshed, encouraged - may God reveal new and wonderful things to you that make your heart soar. Look forward to hearing how your tan and facial go. Relax and enjoy!

Cindy said...

Happy, happy birthday, sweet friend. Praying you feel very loved today.

SunnySusan said...

Happy belated Birthday to you my friend...soo sorry I missed your day...I know you are having fun fun fun....Take a pic of that tan you got....

Pastor Lisa said...

Hope you had a great birthday! I was offline for a few due to AT&T conducting maintenance in my neighborhood. Anyway hope you enjoyed your day!

Patty said...

Happy Belated Birthday! What a day, a facial, tan, and lunch with your girls and Tracey making the surprise visit!! That was priceless. I am going to a Greek Festival today and I am not sure about the food. I will have to post about it later today. Mexican is my favorite.
Have a blessed weekend.

Ally´s Antics said...

We don´t know each other well, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and Im glad you had a good facial and that youwere able to be with your girls and with a really good friend....

Melanie said...

Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I'm a bit late in my wishes- it sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

I just realized that I missed your birthday! So sorry!

Hope it was good and that you have a wonderful year!