Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Little down home

Here is another little peak into the thing called, Sharon's Brain.

On the way to Franklinton today to see Granny I began to have a little picture develop in my minds eye. The picture was of a pressure cooker. Now for those of ya'll who are not aware of this old time cooking device here is a little info about how it works.

Pressure cookers. If hearing those words makes you think of an unwieldy pot that sounds like it's about to lift off of a launch pad, then you haven't discovered the new second generation of pressure cookers. Gone are the days of seeing steam pouring out of a weight-valve system, the constant hissing and jiggling that makes you think the thing on your stove is a bomb about to explode.

Foods that normally take hours to prepare using conventional methods take only a third of the time to cook. That adds up to both time and energy savings. Also, with the newer, second generation cookers little or no steam escapes during the cooking process.

I remember Mom using this to cook when I was little. I remember seeing the pot with the steam pouring out of the top. I also remember that what came out of the pot was so tender and good.
Something about that time under pressure, heat and steam
infused that meat with incredible flavor.
I remember Mom putting the little cap on top of the little spout. She would turn on the flame and it did not take too long before the little lid started to jiggle back and forth and it made a little sputtering noise. She would set the timer and let that heat build and pressure build and it would cook what was on the inside.
Then when the timer went off she would turn off the heat and let the temperature drop.
Once that little top had stopped moving she would take a hot pad and remove the little cap. And because the temperature was not as hot, the steam coming out was not explosive. She would then put the pot under cool water to drop the temperature quickly
so that she could remove the lid.
And then we could enjoy the finished product.

I started thinking about myself as the ingredient in that pressure cooker. God placing me in situations and allowing the pressure to rise. The area starts to feel confining. The heat of attitudes and actions begin to bombard me. Then like the steam trying to escape the little cap--I start to squirm and wiggle. I want out!
But, just like that pressure cooker requires a constant temperature and pressure to properly prepare a product--God knows the heat I need to prepare me.
Unlike that product in the pressure cooker-- I have the choice to get out of the "pot".
I can scream and yell and complain and God will lift the lid and out I can hop. And then because I love Him and I know He loves me--I then feel bad because the Holy Spirit convicts me. At times that can be worse than the pressure. :(
And I bow my head and turn back around and I bend my knee before the Father and He picks me up and puts me back in the pot.
But, just before He puts the lid back on He looks down and says, "Now Sharon this is going to be uncomfortable for awhile. But this is the quickest way to get to get you to the goal. Sit tight. Remember, I love you and I am watching the pressure and the heat. I promise not to take my eye off the pot or you. Remember the pressure will be the greatest just before you are finished."

Promise me that while I am in the pot you will pay no head to the sputtering and hissing. I will try not to complain as the pressure is building. Encourage me to stay in the pot and sit still. Remind me that the process will be finished so much faster under this great pressure.
Thank you in advance.

My promise?
When I hear you sputtering and hissing I will remind you to sit tight and stay in the pot------ because you will be finished soon too!
Romans 5:3-5


Pastor Lisa said...

This is absolutely beautiful and needed. Thanks. Headed back to the pot now...

Gledwood said...

I don't quite get the last allusion from Romans... but have to admit I didn't look up the verse...
As for pressure cookers, they remind me of my childhood and the constant hissing noise they made... my parents thought they were wonderful.... do they cook so much faster or something?
(I've no idea!!)

CrownLaidDown said...

A great lesson, Sharon! I thought, too, that when we jump out of the pot before we're ready, we tend to "burn" others, don't we?

I'm in the pot with you friend, and I'm praying that we'll get all the blessing and all the lesson from it.
Love you!

Karen said...

Great post, I can totally relate to this! and I have memories of the steam rising and threatening to explode appearance. Yes, this is spot on.

Denise said...

Wow, such a great post my friend. Got to run, and get back in my pot. lol

Karen said...

Hubby is totally camera shy, and I also respect that he doesn't want his pictures in the public domain. I promise I am married and that he isn't a figment of my imagination :-)

SunnySusan said...

Wow Sharon...what a great analogy...yes, I too remember mom's pressure cooker...I was so scared of it.
Now I have a new one and I love it....just used it the other day.

I have been in the pressure cooker alot...not right now...PTL...but ya never know when I will be "stewing"
Love ya

Deborah said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yes I understand,, help me Lord to stay in that pot. love me

Nicki said...

Sweet Friend, oh how I can relate!! OH MY!!! Yes, good illustration!! Praying for you today!! Be victorious!!

Dee said...

How true! Good reminder! I've been feeling tense w/ all the 'stuff' going on here, and I've been trying to rest in Him and not worry about it all. Not easy. D

Ally´s Antics said...

Sharon, this was an excellent post and I like the comment someone shared about that when we jump out too soon we burn others! That was really cool. Yes, God DOES allow the pressure to be on... and He DOES know when we´re done! It´s very hard though because we don´t see what He is doing in us do we? It´s a real question of trust in the storm! Thanks for this... I really enjoyed it.