Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gandma Brumfield

Good Morning!
Isn't today just beautiful? There is a little coolness in the air and I love it. When you are used to the high 90's with humidity in the same area--it makes the 70's a gift from God.
The sun is streaming down through the pine trees and the presence of the Lord is near to my senses. It is a beautiful thing!
This morning I am babysitting one of my grandkids. :)
What, you didn't know I was a grandmother?
Well, according to my man, the girls I mentor are my daughters. So I would guess that would make their children--my grandchildren.
At this time I have three grandchildren.
Jordan, is sacked out in my arms, which means I am pecking at the keys with one hand.
You are right, this won't be a long post.
I just wanted to encourage you to rest in the arms of our Father today. He has promised us rest and peace if our minds and eyes are focused on Him.
I have been reading in the Psalms, at the recommendation of a friend. It is important while in the pot,(see former post) that while we can not see Him we keep our hearts tuned to hear the truth bought to remembrance by the Spirit. When my minds starts to drift and I think I smell smoke-- because after all it is getting a little hot and dry in here--the Holy Spirit will remind me of truth-- if I let Him.
Here is a little something good that touched my heart this morning.
Psalms 119:73-80(the message)
With your very own hands you formed me; now breathe your wisdom over me so I can understand you. When they see me waiting, expecting your Word, those who fear you will take heart and be glad. I can see now, God, that your decisions are right; your testing has taught me what's true and right. Oh, love me--and right now!--hold me tight! just the way you promised. Now comfort me so I can live, really live; your revelation is the tune I dance to. Let the fast-talking tricksters be exposed as frauds; they tried to sell me a bill of goods, but I kept my mind fixed on your counsel. Let those who fear you turn to me for evidence of your wise guidance. And let me live whole and holy, soul and body, so I can always walk with my head held high. Isn't that great? There are so many good truths in this passage.
I love this, "now breathe your wisdom over me so I can understand you"-how intimate is that? In that intimacy we are given wisdom so that we can understand God. So the question would have to be--are you close enough to God to feel His breath?
And what about this?
"When they see me waiting, expecting your Word, those who fear you will
take heart and be glad."
Someone out there is watching me. Their hope is that I will get the WORD.
Kind of like when I go to church on Sunday with the hope that my pastor has been waiting and listening to God that week. And that he has gotten a massive word from God for His people.
People need a Word from us. Sometimes what God gives us is just for us. But, at other times what He gives us is a Word for those who are watching us. And this is one last tidbit that hit me--"
comfort me so I can live, really live;".
So could I say that I have not really lived until I have been comforted by God?
I think according to this, I could. Why would I need to be comforted unless there had been some hurt or some trouble?
So here again I can be thankful in the rough times because I am going to be comforted by the one who is not only going to impart comfort---BUT LIFE!
His comfort will enable me to live life in a totally new way.
The best way.
That's it for now. This post has taken a little while. Stops to check on his mom. A bottle. A diaper change. And now that this is finished it is time to go and pick up Mom and take them home.
So--ta, ta for now.
Enjoy a blessed day in the LORD.


Denise said...

I love the psalms, may you be blessed. I love you my friend.

SunnySusan said...

Ooooh I just love the cooler weather we have been the mid 70's just perfect...we are supposed to get a storm over the weekend..

Psalms are my fav blessed my friend....

Micki said...

Thanks from dropping by to read my stuff a while back. I apologize for not returning the favor any sooner.

Melanie said...

I love the cooler weather- fall is most definitely my favorite time of year!

I've typed many of my posts with one hand!

Dee said...

Ahhhhhhhhh babies! Can't wait to be blessed with grandchildren! Oh yeh, I'm glad to hear that gluttony is beginning to be taken seriously -- hopefully people realize that God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us in our temptations and we CAN overcome through Him! D

Halfmoon Girl said...

I love reading verses in The Message- gives me a whole new perspective on familiar verses sometimes. I like how you challenged us about being close enough to God to feel His breathe. I will go chew on this for a while now...

I am giving you the Halfmoon Most Dedicated Blogger award (making it up on the spot). You call that a SHORT post? And one handed?!!!! You go girl!