Sunday, September 23, 2007

Food for thought

First let me say that this post was sparked in my mind by Victoria at Windows To My Soul.
She is new to me and I have enjoyed reading some things that have triggered some thought.
Yes, I LOVE food for thought.
She posted a video clip that was right up my ally.
Please watch it and then I will finish up with some thoughts. You know I LOVE to hear what's in your heart and what is going on in your mind. Yes, that means you have to press the comment area and leave a comment.:)

Well, what did you think?
I am not down on the big churches. Nor do I have a problem with "programs".
But, don't you think that maybe we have just forgotten --I hope--how powerful the Word of God is and how it is able to stand on its own? I say-- I hope-- because what if the reason we have had to come up with so many programs is that some of the leaders fell in love with the WORDS
before they came to know the power of the WORD?
Pretty scary thought.
What if people in ministry all over become worn out because they are doing things in their own power rather than letting the power of the Word go before them and have its perfect work?

Why discuss this?
Today at church we celebrated the power of the WORD and the Spirit.
This was your celebration too. Remember praying for Robert? Today was his first Sunday back at church since he got home from Mission of Hope in Mobile, Ala. If you do not know his story and are interested- you can click on his name and go back and read his story.
For those of ya'll who joined our little church in prayer--this is your victory too.
I wish you could have heard him today. With eyes clear and a heart filled with passion for the one who set him free--he is a new man. I have never known the Robert I say today. I have known him for about three years and he has always been on heavy meds for depression and a bi polar disorder. Today he is drug free-prescribed and otherwise.
Our church rejoiced as one of our family members was now back home. This was a rough experience for Robert and Lauree--painful for all as at times we thought we might loose our brother. This little adventure with learning the power of the word, prayer and fasting-- has changed our little church. We are a tight family group. We love each other deeply. God is doing amazing things in and among us. We are moving as one!
Gods' words are alive! They are powerful. They are capable of cutting away the dead decaying mess of this world-- so that the healer can truly set us free. It works.
He is not a liar. His words will not come back void.
There is power in the blood and power in His words.
We did not have a sermon today at church. The Lord moved. The Spirit fell. People testified about Gods goodness. People spent time at the altar and people had hands laid on them and they were prayed for and over. Sound like we had fun? You better believe it.
It was getting close to one when we ended, and that is with the smells of home cooked food coming from the back of the church. Today was dinner on the grounds.
God is about something big.
And, if we will stay out of His way--the ride will be incredible.
Looking forward to seeing what other miraculous things Gods words will change.
Put His word to the test--it will be found faithful!
Lifting HOLY hands! \o/


Denise said...

Amen, I am very blessed to have you, and your church family praying for me. I love you my friend.

CrownLaidDown said...

Praising Jesus for Robert's VICTORY! Continuing to pray for him and his GREAT is our God? How very GOOD!

I had a fabulous weekend and will be writing about it is always wonderful to come HOME isn't it? For Robert...for any of us...coming Hom is the best! I look forward to our eternal home...and just know it will be great if it is anything like the welcome home I got yesterday :)
Love and prayers for you and your family, Sharon.

Tracy said...

To God be the glory and the honor and the praise for ever and ever! Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of power and of might. Heaven and earth are full of your glory. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord and blessed is everyone (all of the "whosoevers") who believe in Him and call upon His glorious name. He sent His Word and saved (healed, completed, forgave, restored......) them. God IS love ( He actually, literally is the creator of that saving and merciful thing called love) and all that includes. I will praise and pray, in that order.


Halfmoon Girl said...

great news Sharon. Thanks for the update on Robert.

Nicki said...

Tried to watch this video but it was acting up on me! Glad to hear that Robert was back this Sunday! God is good!! Have a blessed day my friend!

Nise' said...

We love and serve and awesome God!!! Thanking Him for showing Himself huge in Robert and Lauree's life.

SunnySusan said...

I love John Piper....always have...I do think a lot of us "underestimate" God's Word and what it accomplishes in our lives and others....we don't need no stinkin' committee....sorry LOL

Glad that Robert came to church...we serve an awesome God