Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Rest Of The Story

First I want to say, "thank you" for those of you who are already praying for Lauree and her family. I wanted to fill in some details of the story so that you will better understand what we are praying for. And Linda, if I get any of the details wrong or need to add anything else---let me know.

The other day I asked ya'll to be praying for a friend of mine and her husband and two kids. Here are some fill in details so that you have a clearer picture of the situation. Some times when we talk about someone having a drug problem we tend to not be able to associate emotionally with those people because we feel they need to just "get a grip". Maybe this will help us make contact in a different way and be able to empathize with our brothers and sisters.

Several years ago Lauree's husband worked for the DEA--he was very good at his job and highly respected. He worked with a team of men that were very close and held strong friendships even during the off job hours. After several years , Lauree's not then husband, decided to move on and take an undercover job trying to bust high profile drug rings.
Not long after his move, the situation at Waco took place. His old team was called in to handle part of the situation. For more details on this incident you can visit this site. When it was all over he was called to Texas to bring home the body of his best friend. He traveled with the coffin and delivered it to his parents for burial. Altogether, two of his friends were lost in the Waco incident.
This began a period of heavy depression in his life. Maybe partially because he thought he should have been there. Sounds like a T.V. drama doesn't it? During this next period of his life his undercover job began to really heat up. Becoming part of a group he would then try to bring down, was not an easy job. They began pressing him to get deeper into their operations. Part of that process --- sampling the product they sold.
I am sure that other than what we see on T.V., most of us don't have a clue what our government goes through to try and keep drugs off our streets. But, this man became part of that world. The drugs being sold from what I understand were cocaine and crack.
It was not long before they pulled him out. But, between the depression and the effects of the drugs on his system --he was already going under. He took early retirement and has been being treated for manic depression ever since. Add to that the fact that, from what I understand crack can make you feel like it pulls you out of a manic attack--you have a recipe for trouble.
Now Lauree has only been a Christian for about 2 years. While they were dating and for years before, her new husband was maintaining a clean life style. I met her for the first time while they were dating, she is about two years older than me and I liked her right away. I already had begun to get to know her soon to be husband because he had been attending our church for awhile. It was his relationship with God that drew her to him.
So they married and started building a house. And about two months ago he went into a major depression. Yes, he is being taken care of by a doctor and on meds. They were not working. None of us know what life is like for a person unless we have walked in their shoes.
I do know that God is able to deliver us from any pit we walk, fall or get shoved into. This family needs prayer. A few weeks ago Beth Moore went on a trip and her daughter asked for prayer for her. There were women who stepped up to the plate and she was being prayed for 24/7. Prayer works. God inclines his ears to our cries.
Our men are stepping up to the plate. The time for fighting spiritual strongholds has arrived.
For ten days our pastor has asked for men and their wives to fast and pray. Each day someone and their wife will fast and join the church in pray for freedom for this man, and for God to show our pastor where he needs to go next.
This is our sister and brother in Christ. Our brother is being held captive by the talons of satan.
Our sister is emotionally being shredded by satan. It is time to stand up and fight for them.


If this has touched your heart--please pass a link to this post to your readers. I will keep everyone updated on the victories taking place. If you are willing to fast for one meal or pray at a certain time--please let me know. I will start a list of those people and post it in my side panel. If you left word before that you would pray please do it again so that I can start the list.
Thank you!


CrownLaidDown said...


I will be praying...thanks for giving more details to pray for. Standing in the gap for Lauree and her husband. Not sure what time exactly, but I will pray and fast at a time and date unknown.

Thanks for being that kind of friend to Lauree!

In His Joy,

Nise' said...

Sharon, I am familiar with this kind of struggle all to well. It has touched my family (thankfully, my two brothers are now clean, but still suffer effects) and a friend who isn't.

SunnySusan said...

Prayers going up now

Halfmoon Girl said...

I will be praying for this family at 7 am this morning, and will do so each morning.

You are right- that sounds like a movie plot.