Sunday, August 19, 2007


For those of you who were and are still praying for Robert--here is a little update.
He has been at a place called Mission of Hope.
He has one month left to finish out his 90 days.

My guys were supposed to go diving this weekend for Michaels Birthday.
A birthday tradition for them.
The first boat had motor problems and so they had to cancel that trip.
They rescheduled with a group in Pensacola, Fla. They were to go out this morning but the waters were too rough and so they came back in and did a little diving in the bay.

On the way back Keith thought about Robert and decided to try and go by and see him. On Sunday's they are allowed visitors from 2 to 4. He did not know how to get to the place and so he started trying to get into contact with anyone who would know how to get there. He could not get anyone by phone. God worked it out and Keith was able to find someone in a parking lot that gave them directions to the place.

They got to spend two hours with Robert who was very surprised because he thougt he was not going to have any visitors today.
My men said both of their hears were touched by the visit.
God is still about doing some fantastic things.
Keith said the Robert he saw and spoke to was not the same Robert he once knew.

How awesome is our God to bring together strangers to pray for their brother--a brother they had never met.
Thank you all. One day when you get to heaven your Father and Robert will thank you for your faithfulness.


Karen said...

That is awesome. What a thoughtful caring hubby you have, reaching out and being there like that. Thanks for the update about Robert too.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Prayer is powerful, isn't it?

Nicki said...

God is good!!

CrownLaidDown said...

What a wonderful way for your son to spend his special time...loving on someone who needs it. Still praying...
Love you much!

Diane said...

I am rejoicing with you and your extended family and friends as you watch God's work in the life of Robert come to fruition!!!!! How beautiful it truly is to see the transformation unfold.

We are watching a similar transformation as our own son is in a behavioral treatment facility in California. We once again visited him for Family Day and returned home simply amazed at the young man that is being God is using this time of healing to restore not just his body, his behavior, his mind....but his very soul.

Thank you Jesus for your never failing love--even when we do not love ourselves....your love reaches down into our hearts and restores us completely!!!! Thank you for the work you are doing in the life and heart of Robert...and thank you for this dear blogger who is sharing your Good News...your transforming power with all of us. Continue to use this for your glory.