Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This is from Heather's latest post on her cancer battle. She posted about her Dad coming over and helping her cut the last of her hair off. This is what her father commented. It brought and ache to my heart and tears to my eyes. What a precious Dad!
I pray God blesses this family mightily for sharing all of their lives struggles with us.
  1. Dad Says:

    My dear sweet baby
    I know that you have wanted to be set free of the remnants of your “Old hair style” for some time . You know that I have always preferred you with a longer cut, just daddy nostalgic I guess. I sometimes find myself allowing the memories to flood my mind, and wash over my heart of you with your beautiful hair, eyes, and smile. You have grown so much in so many wonderful ways, Today was very hard for me, and I didn’t fully appreciate it until I returned back home, alone. I felt so powerless to protect, and shield you from harm. And I cried before the Lord over you. As I got in touch with my sensitive side, I couldn’t stop thinking about shaving the remaining stubble of your once beautiful hair. As I thought of you, I thought about the verse that says a women’s hair is her glory; that really didn’t help things. And then the Spirit spoke to my spirit and said “Heather is My Glory”… I’ll be quite now and Praise Him, for His Will is perfect.



Dee said...

Ahhhhh...I'm on my way over to read Heather's blog. She's got such a witness! D

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Halfmoon Girl said...

wow, what an amazing family and faith!