Monday, July 23, 2007

Missin ya'll

Here are some pictures of our teachers and the classroom.
Me on top left, my sister Jeannie to the top right, and Linda in front.
Below are pictures of part of our room. Our theme this years is Let Your Light Shine--thus lighthouses.

Did you know that each lighthouse has its own particular type of signal?
And of course they are there to keep people away from danger and show them where land is.
Sounds a little like us as Christians?
If we ae doing our job we should be alerting people of the danger of hell and drawing them to safety with our Lord.
This is what first drew me to lighthouses. I saw them first as lonely with a purpose, it was how I felt. There was this strange drive inside of me that I had not seen in many other Christians.
I thought I was the odd one out. Since then God has change my view on a few things.
I think maybe along the way there have been a few people who have stood up for the Lord and felt the odd man out.
I like my particular shine now. It is who He created me to be. He took a lonely, insecure girl and gave her insight into who He had made her to be. And when God said, it is good--I now agree.
So this week we are telling the kids that if they have a light on the inside--people ought to see it in their actions and words. We ought to be a different people.
We ought never put a bushel over our light by acting like the world.
We are using the wordless book colors to teach the plan of salvation. One of our daily crafts is a bracelet that has the colors so that they can remember them.
Also, if you notice the things hanging from the ceiling--they are also the wordless book colors. We will play a type of musical chairs with them later in the week. We will turn on music and let the kids walk around under them until the music stops. If they can remember what the colors mean then they are still in.
They will win prizes from the treasure box of course.

In case you don't know what the wordless book (a story from a book that has not words) is and what the colors are
and what they stand for --
Yellow--it reminds us of the streets of gold in heaven. It is perfect in heaven and no sin can ever go there.
Black--Since no sin can go to heaven then none of us can go to heaven because the Bible says that all have sinned.
Next is red.
Red--this color reminds me that because Jesus loved me so much that He did not want me to have to go to hell to pay the price for my own--He took my punishment on the cross and died for me. We know He did not stay in the ground--HE ROSE THREE DAYS LATER!
White--When I believe that I am a sinner and what Jesus did for me and I ask Him to forgive me and I give my life to Him------ all my sins are washed away-- past, present and future.
Can you get happy about that?
The next color is green.
Green--it reminds me that once I become a Christian I have a lot of growing to do. There are many actions that I learned, that have to be unlearned. God is going to grow me up into the person He wants me to be---if I let Him.
And now we are back to the YELLOW.
And because of the great work of the blood of Jesus--
I can go to heaven when I die!

Well--it is time to go. I'll post some more pictures later.
Miss ya'll.


Karen said...

This is great Sharon. You are missed here! Your teaching sounds awesome, I had no idea about lighthouses having a different signal. May you be blessed and refreshed - showers of abundant blessings!!

My Heavenly Wings said...

Hey,Hey! Yall look like you're having a wonderful time. Tell Jeanie she's going to float away soon if she don't stop losing all that weight. Tell her I've gained all she's lost so she's going to have to tell me the secret in about 6 weeks. Tell Mrs. Linda that I said hello. I love yall!

Shelly said...

OH MY WORD! Can I come play the musical chairs with the colors hanging from the ceiling b/c that is about the most stinking cool idea!!?? LOL!

We miss you too. Enjoying the pictures :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

I remember the wordless book from my VBS days! I will have to make that with our kids.

I love lighthouses.