Thursday, July 26, 2007

Long, long ago

How many of us have ever gotten caught up in the romance of history and wished you could have been born in a different era? I enjoy history and I used to think that God had made some sort of mistake by allowing me to be born several hundred years to late.
I thought how romantic it would have been to have worn beautiful clothes and been so graceful. Men everywhere who were gallant and would stop and admire your beauty. Someone who would stop and pick up a hanky when it was dropped in an act of flirtation.
Ha Ha!
Then I got to know the real me.
I'm thinking God was really sweet to allow me to be born in the 60's.
Ya'll don't know me except through the heart of my words--but I'm sure you can tell that I have a pretty straight forward personality. I do have some pretty strong opinions and in recent years God has taught me not to quench the Spirit.
Let's just say that I don't think I would have mixed well with yesteryears requirements for women. :)
I remember Beth Moore saying something like that one time.
So I will share my love for the past with ya'll in some pictures--and we will leave it to that.
And for now I will give God a THANK YOU for birthing me into the life I have been given.
Here are some pictures of our visit to the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.
Needless to say-----It was lovely dalin.
If you get a chance go----it will make you dream of yesteryears but thank God for the air conditioning and clothing of today.
Today may be my last post until Wednesday of next week. We leave here tomorrow and head for the mountains to do a little riding.
So until then-- I will bid you adieu, and sweet thoughts until we are graced with each others presence again. (now didn't that just sound so sweet?)
Nothing like a close up to show your true beauty! :)
Just a little info on this house.
It has 43 bathrooms--yes, there were also lots of servants rooms. Can you even imagine the cleaning time?
There were three huge libraries. An indoor pool, bowling alley and huge work out room. No, I don't think any of us females would have been allowed
to use the last room.
There was a main hall for dinning --the table was about 40 ft long.
It has organ pipes in the ceiling area for music during dinner.
There was a breakfast room that seated about 15--fine dinning style.
Paintings by Renoir in the guests bedrooms. Each had its own bathroom of course.
The house was just incredible.
There were Mister and Misses bedrooms (the wall paper in both was fabric) with a huge lounge between the two rooms.
The house could have housed a small nation.
Heard of the Vanderbilt's?
This was theirs.
I could go on and one--I'll spare you.
I wish I could have taken pictures inside the house but that was a no no. The above pictures is my pastor(right) and my hubby(left).
I guess I could wink and say what happens in Asheville stays in Asheville--look what type of sign they are standing in front of.
We did go to the winery-- they still produce huge amounts of wine for resale.
Yes, I did a little tasting---but the only grape product I bought-- was some lotion. The smell lasts a long time and my hands smell edible. What more could you ask for?
We had a great time--enjoy the pictures.
And I'll be back soon.

Here is a thought that I have been pondering---
Do I deal with people with a spirit of humility?


Karen said...

Oh I love history too passionately. I used to long to be dressed in the Henry VIII court style gear the women had, until I realised I probably would have been a peasant woman in that era. Ha ha.

Have a great time in the mountains.

Nise' said...

HI, I just got back and you are leaving... *sniff*. I missed you!
Have a great time and "see" you when you get back.. I am a history lover too! I have been to the Biltmore Estate in NC!

Tracy said...

Your close up only shows me that you have lost some more weight. Your face is definately thinner. It also shows me that you have that same beautiful smile. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. I would love to get to that estate. You know how I love history. You want to know what I think about the humility issue? You have only EVER, for as long as I have know you, told the truth in love, with great passion, purpose, and conviction. There are many facets to consider on the subject of humility. Some of these are: one's personality, mannerism's, delivery or speech pattern, even the way the person on the other end of a conversation takes and interpets things. Is the other person easily offended, sensitive in a certain area, trained by life experiences to be "touchy", too needy? Any of these things mentioned can skew the humility issue. Don't go to or ask anyone but God. His is the only opinion that matters. Trust Him to guide, teach and reveal to you anything that you need to know or learn OR anything that He wants to teach you (or anybody else).


Karen said...

Now IHOP may not be the thing for you, but simply because I read the following link this morning, I thought I'd pass it on to you for information purposes:

CrownLaidDown said...

How very beautiful your daughter is!
Praying for your time!

Kate said...

You take the best pics!

Since you posted a msg to me re: IHOP, I thought you might like to listen to a great online station. It's 24/7 prophetic worship's pretty awesome.
You don't have to download their player as long as you already have windows media player.

Have a great trip!
Many blessings to ya.

SunnySusan said...

What a neat place..thanks for the pics.

Oh, how I love the mountains...have a blessed time.

Love ya

eph2810 said...

I always loved history too - the old castles in Europe always made me wanted to live back in that time of fancy clothing...but then again, I don't think I would have like the personal hygiene - or the lack of it :)
Thank you so much for sharing.

And the answer to your question - Yes, I believe that you deal with people humble :)

Blessings to you and yours - hope you are having a grant time.

SunnySusan said...

Glad you are back girl..missed ya