Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can we talk?

It's been awhile since we have had the time to really sit down and spend some time just chatting.
How about a little chat?
This is a picture that was taken outside of our classroom in Texas. See the plant behind me? It is Rosemary! When the breeze would blow the air smelled incredible. Felt like I should be standing at a stove cooking something incredible. It was growing everywhere.
And no, I don't wear pink all the time--seems like every time I have my picture taken I am wearing pink. I even wore it yesterday when I had my new drivers license picture taken. You know you can't wear white when you have a picture taken--that is left over from elementary school when they tell you not to wear white when you take school pictures. I did take a good picture btw.

It is good to be home. Last night I went to church for VBS and then afterwards went by to see Lauree and Robert. He is leaving today for 3 months in a Christian recovery program. We are amazed at what God is doing in his life.
I thank God for what He has done in this families life. And I thank God for what He is going to do with their testimony in the future. Thank you for praying.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with Julia about the people who broke into our truck while we were in Houston. She lost her purse just like me, both of our cameras were in our purses. [So- no new pictures for awhile :( ]
We were talking about why the people took our stuff. I reminded her that God has a reason behind everything that He allows to happen. So why did He allow this to happen? I am not totally sure yet. My faith has not been made sight yet. Maybe I will never know. But, He did allow it and so I have a certain responsibility now concerning this situation. What is that?
I am to pray for those who come against me.
So, Julia and I have been praying for them.
Last night she said, "Maybe one day when we get to heaven they will be there, and they will tell us they are sorry for stealing our stuff but thank us for praying for them because they became a Christian because of our prayers. And then we will be friends and love each other."
How cool is that?
That is why I feel like this happened. Naive? I don't think so. We know that God is not spiteful.
So--- He did not sit in Heaven and think I am going to have to teach Sharon and Julia a lesson for leaving their purses in the truck.
He is loving and I don't think that lines up with His character.
What if He knew that the time was running out for our thief's? What if He knew He could trust us with this incident? That instead of hating these people we would act out of love and pray for those who had persecuted us? I know that is a lot of "what ifs"--but I need to know that this is for my good. He promised me that. That if I love Him and am walking in His purpose for my life that all things would work together for my good.
Did I get good out of this?
Well, I got a new set of Pyrex from one bank and a set of neat tools from another. Two good things for opening a new account. Yes, not really worth what we went through.
But, we walked away from this situation with hearts that are not full of fear and anger. We walk away with peace because we kept our eyes fixed on God. Sound like a bunch of spiritual mumbo jumbo?
Not for me. Could God so convict and trail these people because of our prayers that they fall to their knees and repent and be saved?
That is what I am counting on. Not the kind of evangelism most of us have been taught--but if that is the way God brings someone into His kingdom--then I am going to walk by faith and not sight.
Another good thing---my little girl will walk away from this incident without a suspicious heart. She will not live in fear and feel she needs to protect her stuff because her God can not handle it. In all honesty don't we think that way sometimes?
Is it God's job to look out for us and the belongings He gave us? Yes!
My first thought after this event were not the most pleasing to God. I thought, "well God why weren't you watching our truck? I put my trust in you and you let me down."
Did He? No.
It was part of His plan for my life.
The Bible says that He who began a good work in me --He will complete it.
He can only act toward me out of love--because He is love.

Remember that when He touches you--it is always from a heart of love.

Thanks for listening to me as I continue to work out my faith.
As usual--comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

It is true "a little child will lead them"
thanks for the blog.

Nicki said...

Oh Sharon.....I love your heart!!! It's so kind of you to think that way about someone who stole something from you! I don't know if I would ever think to pray for someone that way but you are right!!! You just never know what could happen! Have a great day!!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

What a great example you were for your daughter, and she for you, as you both looked at the situation in a godly manner. We can become bitter or be at peace in almost any situation- it just all depends on what viewpoint we choose to look at it from. You can remind me of this the next time I am ranting about something!

CrownLaidDown said...

So glad for your daughter's lesson. These are the kind that are priceless and no amount of stolen stuff can beat it.

I just got home. It was hot today here in colorado in the 90's! So I "glistened" for the first time here :) I don't miss humidity!

TammieFay said...

Though you may have lost some "earthly treasure" you just laid up for yourself treasures in heaven by your prayers and attitude. Girl, God is at work in you to will and to work for His good pleasure (Phil. 2:13). Praise His name!

blackpurl said...

I have had things stolen from me once in Rome and the other time in Kiev... both are alrge cities with professional pick pockets.

I understand feeling the need to pray for the people who took your stuff. I was finally able to do that but it took me a little while to get to that point.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Nise' said...

Awesome testimony of trusting God no matter the circumstances.

Thanks for the reminder that when "bad" things happen to us it is not because God let us down. He is still at work in every area of our lives. The enemy tried to get me to fall for that one because the roommate did not change, but that was not GOd's choice, it was the roomates! God was at work the entire time and still is!!

BunnyGirl said...

Blimey Sharon, what an amazing way to view this. I am stunned by your faith. May God truly bless you.